WILDflowers Free Gift

WILDflowers Free Gift
Release Your Inner Wild!
Let Go of the need to be Perfect and trying to get things 'Right'.
FREE  GIFT  (worth £49) includes optional free 30 min conversation with Kassi 

There are many benefits in creating your very own WILD Flowers painting.

"I really needed to find a way to LET GO of my Perfectionism,
so I could reduce my Stress levels & those tension headaches!"
We carry lots of ‘rules’ within us that create inner conflict. Trapping us and stifling our… well our inner WILD!

As you begin to experiment through colour and texture, you will begin to relax, loosen up and have fun.

All you need are the following materials…
Wallpaper Lining or Acrylic Paper
a small mixed pack of Acrylic Paints
Acrylic Inks (optional)
a plastic Palette knife
a Fan paintbrush
Glitter (optional)

The benefits include Mindfulness, Inspiration, reduced Stress & Anxiety.
Susan says  "Kassi has many courses & all of them sounded appealing to me. I was struggling to choose, so again I played safe & opted for a free course; ‘WILDflowers’.  I felt excited to start & immediately watched it through from start to finish. I jumped straight in with the paints & found it hard to leave it long enough to let the paint dry! I had it finished in a few days!  This enthusiasm & energy in itself, is quite something for me at the moment. It felt like a breath of fresh air.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process; the Wildflowers course, the self reflection in my journal, Kassi’s positive feedback & suggestions for further thought, and the optional Facebook group of like minded people. It has provided me with opportunities to reflect on my beliefs, strengthened my understanding & acceptance of myself & enlightened me to the affect that colour has on me.
In our busy world, taking time to create has never been more of a priority.  We've never been so connected via technology and yet we have become so disconnected from each other and especially ourSELF.

That is why honouring time to create for yourself, for your well being, is so important. 
The beauty of Expressive Art is we can tap into our inner voice, experience a mindful process and harness the healing powers of creative therapy.
Gaining self-awareness and truly taking the time to see and listen to ourselves, allows us to improve all areas of our lives, meeting our inner most needs with intuition and confidence.

What a precious gift, to experience the beautiful process of expressing our thoughts and feelings in such a way.
You can join my free community to connect with me if you wish, share your experience and pictures.
You can email me if you would like about anything that is emerging for you throughout this expressive arts experience.  I love to hear from you on your unique, creative WILD Flowers experience. 
When you look at your painting hanging beautifully on your wall,
you will recall all you have learned.
Please do share a photo with me, I love to see all the unique paintings made through this experience - and you can book your free half hour conversation with me at any point during your painting process.

With excitement & joy for your painting journey ahead,
Duration: 4 months
Price: Free