WILDflowers Free Gift

WILDflowers Free Gift
Learn How to Let Go of Perfection & Reduce Stress whilst creating a colourful, fun Wildflower Painting in colours that just light you up!
My FREE Inspiring & Motivational GIFT is worth £49
I bring 20 years experience as a Creative Therapist & Expressive Artist, helping people like You reduce stress & anxiety, feel more assertive & confident.
There are two individual courses within this one.  The first is my most recent in vibrant colours and the second one is softer, more pastel colours but You are encouraged to create in any colours you wish.
Saranne says;  "When I found Kassi, I was feeling very downhearted and stressed. I felt I 'should' be happy and grateful to have such a good life. A Car, Home, Married, Financial Security.  My children were older.  I felt I had to do everything to keep the family running smoothly and had a responsible role in a large Organisation. I found it hard to say 'No' and was a People Pleaser.  When Kassi suggested I paint, I thought it was a joke!  How could painting help my Stress? But it helped a lot. I learned to relax and found I could think with clarity.  I learned what Being Mindful really means. I began to see how I pleased Others and tried so hard to be perfect.  I started to make changes with Kassi's help and began to find time for me which was a first since becoming a mother.  I also discovered I love painting and have a little art collection round my home.  Every time I look at my art it reminds me of what I learned! Now I can't get enough of Kassi's courses."
I LOVE to Encourage people like You to Let Go of all those Stressors which get in the way of Happier Living.
Since birth, you've been trained to become the most perfect version of a Human your Caregivers always wanted. You carry hundreds of Rules  around in your Head, creating inner conflict, stress & anxiety as you negotiate your way around everyday living. No wonder there is so much stress, anxiety and depression in today's world.
When we're young and impressionable we learn lots of these 'Rules' at Home and School, such as:-
Say Please & Thank You, Smile! (even if you're sad), Remember your Manners, Hurry Up, Be Perfect, Don't Speak Back! Eat your veg, Hit Back Harder, Be A Doormat... the list is long and everyone has their own unique list belonging to each family.
Some things on your 'list' may conflict with others.
Rules, Beliefs & Values are the bane of our life, causing Stress, Anxiety & Depression.  This can also lead to pain and dissonance within. 
A friend recommended Kassi to me. I was a little apprehensive and chose one of Kassi’s Free courses.  I figured I had nothing to lose. I found the videos & Prompts for Reflection really informative & extremely helpful. I’ve not painted since school, so I followed step by step. Kassi provides non-judgmental, support. This was priceless. I felt supported & cared for.  Kassi has many courses & all sounded appealing to me. I was struggling to choose, so again I played safe & opted for a free course ‘WILDflowers’.  I felt excited to start & immediately watched it through from start to finish. I jumped straight in with the paints & found it hard to leave it long enough to let the paint dry! I had it finished in a few days!  This enthusiasm & energy in itself, is quite something for me at the moment. It felt like a breath of fresh air.  I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process; the painting, the self reflection in my journal, Kassi’s positive feedback & suggestions for further thought, and the free online community where I can connect with Kassi. It has provided me with opportunities to reflect on my beliefs, strengthened my understanding & acceptance of myself & enlightened me to the affect that colour has on me." Susan
It Actually Doesn't Matter which of my courses you choose, each one will lead you towards  Yourself.  Each course opens up doors that lead you where you need to go.  My intuitive and insightful Prompts will help you explore 
I am a Expressive Artist & Creative Therapist.  Through my videos I offer you a whole other way of relating with your Self.  You will pick this up simply by watching & listening to my videos.  This is a huge Gift to Yourself.
Whatever you do in your art making is a doorway in to who you are and how you live.  A finger painting will offer you so much, even a doodle!  Try it...  doodle something, take a photo and send me it in an email and I will get back to you.
As you work through my course, you will discover little tweaks you can make to bring about happiness, freedom and less stress in every day living.  For example, simply ditch the words 'Should', 'Must' and 'Ought' from your everyday language & notice the amazing, positive impact this has on you.  Try it, for just one week... and feel the difference.
Just imagine finding yourself breaking free of those little ways that hold you back from being calm, relaxed, stress free and happy...  WOW that is invaluable!  How can we put a price on this?  Oh yes... this is FREE!
Please don't miss out on this amazing Free opportunity.
My creative, expressive approach to life has helped me and many, many others who engage with my unique Approach - and this is just a taster.  I have lots of other amazing stuff for you to try if you're interested.
How Do You Get Started?   
Simple, just sign up below - sign in with your username & password and you will find two Wildflower Courses within. 
No catches, completely Free.
You can use any colours you want. That is something else you will discover - I don't limit you, I encourage you.  I won't restrict you, I offer spacious freedom to play, to be spontaneous and to grow in any way that your Truest Self Needs. 
If you need help finding your Truest Self I am the Woman for You.  Those who find me are usually searching for a the Key to their Truest Self - not the Self they were told to be, a Nurse, a Teacher, a Hard Working Mum... but maybe a Singer, a Writer, an Artist, someone who travels the world.  Could be anything. All those things we were told we cannot be?  Well  personally I believe anything is possible.  If you want it, you can have it! 
Who Is Kassi Anyway ...and What Does She Have that can help with all this?
Along with my life-long love of being Creative, I bring 20 years experience of being a Counsellor, a Creative Therapist, a Mentor & Trainer to Counsellors & Creative Therapists. 
I excitedly embarked on this new part of my journey in 1996 when I realised I could combine all the incredible psychological knowledge I was learning with my love of Expressive Art - and Better Still - Helping Others.
This is my Passion, my Gift to the World   Art, Therapy & Helping Others change, tweak, grow, reduce stress & feel happy.
What Kind of Tree Am I was my very first Expressive Arts Course.  Everyone loved it.  Especially Me! I put myself through my own experience and then felt incredibly excited, proud & happy as I watched people begin to discover themselves.  They uncovered loads of unwanted historical stuff and then revamped themselves in a more up to date, freer way that made them grin happily and do hand gestures to their Inner Critic that had held them back all those years.
Over the last 20 years I've helped many, many people in many different ways. 

Other Benefits include;
Mindfulness, Inspiration, Reduced Stress & Anxiety, Self Inquiry, Making Change or Tweaking Your Dashboard Oh! and you will have a beautiful  Wildflower painting at the end of it - possibly even three or four!
Jacqui Says:  "Kassi, your courses have helped me to redisover my love of making Art and are helping me to fight the negative voices that tell me I'm not an Artist.  They have also introduced me to an amazing tool for self reflection and self understanding.  You are so gentle and affirming in your approach and I love that you continue to support us as we progress on our journey with this. Thank you." 
In our busy world, taking time to create has never been more of a priority.  We've never been so connected via technology and yet we have become so disconnected from each other and especially ourselves

That is why honouring time to create for yourself, for your well being, is so important. 
The beauty of Expressive Art is we can tap into our inner voice, experience a mindful process and harness the healing powers of creative therapy.
Gaining self-awareness and taking the time to see and listen to ourselves, allows us to improve all areas of our lives, meeting our inner most needs with intuition and confidence.
You can join my free online Community, connect with me in real time, share your experiences and pictures.
You can email me if you would like about anything that is emerging for you throughout this expressive arts experience.  I love to hear from you on your unique, creative WILD Flowers experience. 
When you look at your painting hanging beautifully on your wall,
you will recall all you have learned.  It's a superb memory aid.
Materials You Could Use…
Wallpaper Lining or Acrylic Paper
a small mixed pack of Acrylic Paints (please don't spend mega money on this if you are just beginning)
Acrylic Inks (optional)
a plastic Palette knife (you could use an old credit card instead)
a bristly Fan paintbrush
Glitter (optional)
I feel Really excited about all the potential this holds for you <3
Duration: Lifetime
Price: Free