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WILDflowers Free Gift

WILDflowers Free Gift
Loosen Up & Let Go 

Release yourself from the need to be Perfect & get things 'Right'.
Experience freedom, joy & deep relaxation when you loosen your need to 'control'.

When I created 'Wildflowers' I wanted to find a way to Let Go. To release my 'need' for neat, tidy, 'perfectionist' ways which cause us Stress, Anxiety & Low Mood.

Wallpaper Lining or Acrylic Paper
Acrylic Paints - a mixed pack or individual tubes
Acrylic Inks (optional)
a palette knife (plastic will do)
a selection of paint brushes including a Fan brush
Protect your environment with old newspaper & wear old clothes!
What You Will Gain:
...Release your feelings and emotions through colour and texture as you create.
...Free yourself from the 'rules' we carry around inside our conflicted Mind.

...This is a practical, experiential invitation to Relax, Loosen Up, have Fun & Experiment.

...Whenever you look at your Wildflowers painting, you will recall all you learned.
...Join my FREE facebook group, share images of your painting as it emerges and connect with me and our friendly group.
...Discover how confident and 'free' you feel as you let go!
Duration: 1 year
Price: Free

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Whether you wish to paint more intuitively with soul & joy or you’re seeking out your Truest Self then I am the person you are looking for to guide you.

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