She Turned Her Darkness Into Colour

She Turned Her Darkness Into Colour


Welcome, I’m so glad you have made it here.

I have a feeling you’ve chosen to participate because somehow, whether known or unknown to you, you have a Sense that you Need - or are Seeking - something? 

Perhaps you heard a whisper from within? “This is what you’ve been looking for… just go for it!”

You might whisper back: “but I am not an artist


Well, you’ve come to the right place

We simply use art materials as a ‘vessel’ to express ourselves,

My Unique Approach does the rest


My potent, Experiential, Expressive Art Approach encompasses 20+ years of Counselling & Psychotherapy, Mentoring, Training & Group Facilitation blended with my life-long love of Expressive Art

I have included an eBook - my FREE Gift to you - to download &/or print for your own personal use.  I created this as a Resource and Reference to accompany you as you work through my wonderful online experience.


When I create an ecourse such as this, I go through a comprehensive Process which I film in full and then edit down into a series of Videos gently inviting and guiding you through my unique Process.  What you see on video is me actually creating the process in the moment .  I have no plan to work through, it all develops intuitively. 

As you work through my videos and reflective prompts between each video, get creative alongside me and dip in and out of this eBook to gain a fuller understanding and experience of what I have created & all it offers to you.

I generously share my Approach and my own Personal and Reflective Journey to help you understand my Approach by placing it in to a context.

I invite you to consider and reflect on what is happening for You as I do, during your own journey through this experience.  Your own Stories, events, memories, people & history are likely to float around in your Awareness. These are opportunities and potential to dig and delve a little, or a lot…  

Self Paced, available for a Lifetime - and if you wish you can hire me  to accompany you

You can add me at a later date any time you wish


If you engage with my Approach, you Will Benefit in the ways you most Need


Your Art will be completely Unique to you.  It won’t look like anyone else’s.  Every piece of art made using my Approach is completely unique to each of us, rather like our DNA.  Your art will be bursting with Symbols unique to You and your Grief, Loss & Transformation. 

You are your own Expert


Your art will be a Unique Expression of Your Grief, Loss & Transformation.

If you choose to make another piece of art through this process at a later date, it will be different again, depending on what is around at the time for you. You can create again and again, gaining more, in different ways.

I am warm, approachable and responsive


If you would like me to Accompany you through your journey or have a Process Conversation at the end of it, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and book me. 

You can book a one-off conversation for 30 minutes, 1 hour or 1.5 hours, as and when you wish. We meet securely on Zoom, a secure online platform, via video or their ‘chat’ facility to type back and forth to each other. I will never obligate you.

I bring everything I have ever learned Therapeutically & Creatively to all of my

Connections with those I work with and Accompany, to offer

Inspiring Conversations that are Life Changing.


 all of this for £149.00

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