Painting My Pain

Painting My Pain

Express Your Pain through Colour & Texture & Experience The Benefit

I believe we all experience pain at one time or another, however sometimes we become stuck in our experiences and find it difficult to process and release these life events.

As an Expressive Artist I understand the importance of resolving painful experiences we hold on to internally, having experienced chronic pain and somatic fatigue myself. 

Painting My Pain in Colour and Texture allowed my pain to melt away giving me relief for days.

I offer You this experience so you can express pain in your life, whether this is emotional or physical, in a way that is empowering, mindful and self-paced and in a way that feels comfortable and intuitive, so you can explore new ways of processing your feelings.



Experiential Learning means Learning by participating, by experiencing, being gently guided & encouraged.  As you create through my Approach, you will learn so much without realising you are being taught.

This is not a 'Classroom' experience. You may not have come across anyone who Teaches as I do.  I am real, gentle, open, warm and caring.  I never talk at you nor tell you what to do

I offer, suggest, reflectively prompt, tentatively encourage and gently guide you... whilst I create on video and share my creative process as I work

By modeling my way of being, the way I talk and relate with myself and how I reflect, acknowledge and accept myself teaches you how you too can relate with Yourself in ways which reduce anxiety & stress, lift mood, make you more accepting of yourself and therefore more confident, raising your self esteem. 



During my gentle, warm videos I invite you on your very own Journey of Discovery alongside me.  Participants feedback that they feel as if I am alongside them, as if we are in the same room together as they watch my videos they sense my accompaniment.


You will get…

I share my own thoughts, experiences and process whilst  ‘painting my pain’

You are invited to do this as I do, but in your own way. 

Your Painting will be totally unique to You - our expressive art is as unique as our DNA.

Each video is accompanied by a Reflective Prompt should you wish to engage in these whilst  ‘painting your pain’

Discover ways to further connect to your art including a Creative Discovery Conversation with me, Kassi, securely online.


Here's what Toni said;

"I really did not know what to expect when I decided to give this a go.  I have lived with chronic pain for many years and I felt mixed - I thought it would be pointless but was also keen to try it as I often feel so desperate with my pain.  I was surprised and learned a lot about my Personality - having a tendency to take on Responsibility for others - that I was partly creating a lot more pain myself!  I did notice how relaxed I became when I painted and somehow maybe it was seeing the colours of my pain, it did feel a lot less than usual.  I have carried on painting a few times a week and that has been very useful.  I paint my pain and my pain eases.  If I don't paint it, I try to 'get rid of it' and notice it grips on harder.   Thanks Kassi"    Toni


For £99 you get Life Time Access to express and discover what your painting is saying to you with safe, gentle support from myself, to process what you uncover when embarking on Paint Your Pain.

You may experience the urge to paint another, which many do, having benefited so much from painting the first.  You could have a special Scrapbook of Pain Paintings...


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About Kassi...

I'm a Psychotherapist inviting Spontaneous Self Expression through mixed media art, intuitive collage, creative writing and therapeutic, experiential groups.

I model my Abundance of Empathy, Love & Acceptance which positively impacts everyone I interact with. People feel held and cared about, prized, honoured and respected by me.


I LOVE how Creativity makes space for our Inner Child to be Seen & Heard,
raising Confidence & Self Esteem as we Share Our Stories through Art 

I Believe my never-ending Fountain of Love & Creativity is my Gift to You and the World

No matter how wobbly you feel, You CAN make Art too 
and I can Teach you How in my Loving, Relaxed Style of Teaching

You can develop Self Acceptance, Inner Calm, ease Anxiety, Stress & activate your Innate Capacity to Self Heal

In 2008 I created What Kind of Tree Am I? an Inspirational Tree Painting process which was a catalyst for all of my other online Art courses which I am So Proud of!

I Teach How your Fingers, Intuition & Innate Body Wisdom has the capacity to Heal at a deep, Unconscious level Without The Need for Words

and How you can Relate with yourself, to transform Self Criticism, Doubt & Fear into Self Acceptance & Inner Calm

I Celebrate everyone as Unique and Individual on their own Journey



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Psychotherapist providing Self Expression for Change & Growth.

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