Painting My Pain

Painting My Pain

Paint Your Pain

As humans we all experience pain at one time or another, however sometimes we become stuck in our experiences and find it difficult to process and release these life events.

As an Expressive Artist I understand the importance of resolving painful experiences we hold on to internally, having experienced chronic pain and somatic fatigue myself. 

Painting my pain in colourful paint and texture allowed my pain to melt away giving me relief for days.  When we 'express' our experience onto paper or canvas it releases it from inside of us, offering us relief.

I now offer You this experience so you can express pain in your life, in a way that is empowering, mindful and self-paced and in a way that feels comfortable and intuitive, so you can explore new ways of processing, and discover new thought patterns surrounding your inner feelings.


You will get…

8 videos where I share my own real time thoughts and process whilst  ‘painting my pain’

Prompts and dialogue, should you wish for extra guidance whilst  ‘painting your pain’

Discover ways to further connect to your art including a creative process conversation with me, Kassi, online.

And so much more


Here's how one of my previous participants describes an expressive art experience,

‘This is the second course I've done with Kassi and I have enjoyed it so much. Honouring my inner child has opened a door I hadn't realised was there and it has lead to more doors opening. I am left with a feeling of gentle growth and curiosity. This course has deepened my trust in me. I am listening to my intuition and giving my feelings priority. I'm looking forward to doing another painting with this same process Honouring My Inner Child.  Kassi is a wonderful facilitator and has been a companion for my inner child as she lead us through step by step.’ - Andi 


You can begin to Paint Your Pain for just £49 right Now!

For £49 you get a whole year’s access to express and discover what your painting is saying to you with safe, gentle support from myself, to process what you uncover when embarking on Paint Your Pain.

You may experience the urge to paint another, which many do, having benefited so much from painting the first.  Having 12 months access gives you the opportunity to produce 3 or even 4 paintings, offering superb value at £49, I’m sure you’ll agree! 


Just click the Sign Up button at the bottom of this page, enter your regular sign up details and pay securely to access your expressive art course immediately.  Check your spam and junk for my email

If you are not completely satisfied with your 12 months course content just get in touch within 48 hours of your purchase for a no quibble guarantee!

Not only do you gain a whole year’s access to Paint Your Pain art course, I’ve also included the following bonuses.

BONUS 1  -  12 months access to WILDflowers art course completely FREE! (Worth £49)
- discover the release in letting go
- lay to rest the need to Be Perfect
- free yourself and have fun

BONUS 2  - When you purchase Paint Your Pain you can experience a FREE half hour online Conversation with me, Kassi, to talk about any aspect of your painting process.  This is a hugely therapeutic experience to chat with me in this way.  It is worth £25 but you are getting this as a FREE Bonus.  When ever you feel ready for a chat, send me an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange this online, secure chat.

BONUS 3 -  Exclusive access to my online community group…

- connect with me in real time and other participants
- share photos, your journal revelations and your experience in real time
- support one another on this journey in a safe, welcoming community waiting for you


So that’s a whole year’s access to Paint Your Pain art course AND Wild Flowers expressive art course plus exclusive community membership with others embarking on their expressive art journey AND a FREE half hour conversation online with Kassi any time you feel ready for just £49, all you have to do is click the sign up button below!

See you on the inside!

With excitement & joy for your creative journey ahead, 


Duration: 1 year
Price: £79.00