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What Do You Mean, Why?

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Hi there 

How are you?

You probably noticed I make lots of Expressive personal growth experiences.   

WHY? You might wonder...

Well, because I am absolutely compelled to do so.  It feels impossible for me NOT to transform my imagination and creativity into an online experience for people just like You.

I'm one of those people who just fire off idea after idea, every day.  It's endless.  It's seriously exciting for me and I will be eternally grateful for my gift.  I'm even really good at coming up with super ideas for others to follow their Passion or make their own ecourses for Their Thing!  I'm a hugely encouraging person, supportive and enthusiastic.  I have huge hope for everyone.

You'd probably laugh with eyes popping out of your head if you had access to my "Reminders" file on my phone.  It's Bursting to capacity with ideas.  Like my latest ecourse, about to be birthed in the next few days.  This one is all about seeking out Parts of Self, exploring our Community of Selves and getting to know ourselves better, tweaking our dashboard (our personality).  This has been a very exciting process.  Fun.  Satisfying.  Interesting.  Why would I not want to create this?  How could I ignore a spark of imagination and just let it sink to the back of my Mind and be lost or forgotten?  No way!  I'd be rejecting myself.  If I get a great gut feeling about an idea I am totally compelled to Birth it and LOVE every moment en route - even the hard parts - like editing and editing videos for hours and writing the meaningful, detailed Prompts to spark your thoughts and challenge you.

People say "don't you ever stop dreaming!?"
Er, honestly? No, I don't.
"Don't you ever get bored of all these wild ideas!?"
Never! No! I welcome them all.
"Aren't you just absolutely exhausted creating all this?"
Not at all.  For me, it is exciting, enthralling, affirming, fun.  It changes me too as I work through the process myself.  It impacts me moment by moment, I've learnt so much and changed hugely since beginning all this.

I'm truly proud of my Unique Approach.  This came from me.  It was born out of my innate, intuitive process.

I'm compelled and driven to create courses out of my ideas!  I love doing this.  It's my Passion.  It's like my need to drink water and breathe oxygen.

Even if nobody ever bought an ecourse from me again I wouldn't stop creating these online art adventures. I couldn't stop!

People say "where do your ideas come from?"
Well, me... inside of me.  Trying to sense "where" precisely... it's somewhere in my upper body, my upper back and chest and my Mind is involved too.

I can be wandering along and suddenly  Bang!  Pow!  An idea strikes.  I check in with how I feel...  great excitement usually fills my chest and front of my Mind and I just want to get back to my studio - That Moment - and start.  It's so exhilarating.

Or I could be in a shop. I might see something, or a headline on a paper or someone might write an email to me and say;  "how can I tame my Inner Critic Kassi?  I feel gagged or stuck... or lost...".    I think "ooooh! Tame Your Inner Critic! What a fabulous title that is for an ecourse!  Within minutes I have loads of ideas firing off up in my Brain and I just want to get started.  It's like having an itch that Has to be scratched.

The other way I make an ecourse is when I'm in my studio and I begin creating art with absolutely no idea what may happen and suddenly I am aware that this process I am in will be a wonderful ecourse and address for example;  Grief & Loss or Lack of Self Esteem or How To Explore Our Shadow Side or How To Share Our Deepest Personal Stories and often it ties in with one of my ideas on my phone reminders.

I do my utmost these days to film everything I create because 99% of time what I create WILL help others. If I don't video the process it's very hard to recreate it with intention.  Making something spontaneously and intuitively is just magical, authentic and deeply life changing.  It changes me as much as it impacts You.

You possibly don't know this, but I have helped those who have their Story to share and their Passion to Birth. They're Leaders. Some are coming through Menopause and finding themselves and their Purpose.   Some have had Big Dreams for many years but denied, hidden.... whilst whizzing around the old treadmill.  

I've helped people who are trapped in dead end or exhausting jobs and want to find what is meaningful to them.  They want to put a whole new show on the road as Eric Berne suggested.

I also work with people one-to-one online and in person to address a therapeutic issue.  They may have a sense that their Inner Child is Unwanted, Grieving or feeling so Lost and Forgotten they cannot connect with their Inner Child.  This impacts their own Parenting and relationships with their own children.

They may have unresolved Trauma. Grief they cannot process. It could be anything. Perhaps they repeat a pattern in their Relationships and continually feel rejected or abandoned.

I offer my work to everyone.  For those who want to see, hear, connect with their Truest Self in ways they never have before.

For those who wish to develop a relationship with themselves which will be rich, loving, compassionate and caring.

For those who know there is "something" that they just can't quite get hold of yet...

For those who are curious.....what on Earth is Kassi's Expressive Art thing all about!?  Well, we don't always know until we begin. And once we begin our life tends to show up on our canvas in full colour and texture depicting Everything...

So I guess this is Why... I do what I do.

How about you?  Do you ever wonder why you do what you do or if what you do is what you truly want?

Feel free to connect with me - I'm Kassi and my email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Take good care,


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Tuesday, 23 April 2024

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