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Time Flies

Time Flies

hi there

How are you doing? Summer is approaching here in my small corner of the world. There are blossoms and buds everywhere which is so uplifting to see for me. We have had the occasional sunny day dotted here and there too.

At the beginning of this year I promised myself that as soon as the spring blossoms were ready to sprout buds I would take daily photographs of my cherry blossom and a nearby deep pink hawthorn until they were both fully in bloom. I thought it would be lovely to watch each stage of their development and put a little slide show together. However I didn't have time and missed the opportunity. I really would like to do this next Spring!

I often wonder how I found the time to work for that big old organisation that I used to commute to. Time flies by and it certainly has of late.

It's been an interesting few weeks. I was offered an exciting job which I contemplated for about five minutes and then reminded myself of my pledge to my self care and 'having a life' goal. Then I almost jumped back on an old roundabout relating to some previous training when they brought out new policies relating to exams. Almost hooked me in!

I have been making some important adjustments in my business. Knowing that I was way off (my original) track and wishing to get back to the important stuff. Part of these adjustments has meant moving premises to a more Art and Creative Centred building so I can be truer to my self and what I do. This was a big decision - and hard to make - but very important. I had toyed with it a number of times before but hadn't taken the final step. Now I have. This feels much better. More congruent. More on this next time when I have actually moved in...

My plans are moving forward for my little art studio space in the garden. This is very exciting and I already have a number of women who are interested in coming to events I will be holding here later in the year.

...And I appear to have been painting a lot which I have been loving. A great deal gets processed as I work. It is very meditative. It has helped me to become much more focused and I have put together two new courses which has a great deal to do with Intuition and Body. I feel very excited about this - it feels really 'right' - really 'me'.

Since I haven't put any of my art on here for a while I thought I'd share a recent painting. This is one of about five I have recently enjoyed creating.

...and a request to you. I am looking for three more people willing to try out and give feedback on one of my ecourses. If you are interested, the first three people to email me with their name, email address and a few sentences about themselves, I will send you the details about the ecourse and how to access it. Thank you :)

This feels like a catch-up sort of post today. Catching up with you and also catching up with my self. I plan to take some time to rest and take stock of where I am at present as well as taking new strides towards my future.

thanks for visiting me here

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Tuesday, 23 April 2024

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