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The Capacity to Say Everything Without Words

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It was the most amazing,mildest, February I've ever known here in Scotland. Our usual frosty ivy hedge has been basking in brilliant sunshine!  ...and today it's March. 

It seems incongruent to see clumps of Crocus yet feel intense warmth on my body from the Sun.

I've just been sharing my passion with a group of hardworking, responsible, caring professionals who are coming to create the Tree of their Life in my studio soon. I felt so excited and passionate about it I thought I'd spread some of the joy and contentment here because I have a brand new version available from my website.  It's at a very special, introductory price!  

One of the biggest and best parts of the whole process, apart from the soulful creative experience is 'hearing' all our Tree has to share with us.

Seems a wild concept that a Tree painting can 'speak' to us and yet it really does. It offers us so many wonderful, meaningful messages as it emerges.  I'm lucky enough to have witnessed hundreds over the years and every single one is unique and utterly precious for the painter as well as my own!

Take my recent Tree of Life.  The most powerful message I received was from the 'upside down woman in the branches'. She was lying there in the Fetal position surprisingly with a new born baby on her tummy.

Here is an excerpt from my journaling which I share fully throughout the course with you...

"I feel quite mesmerised by the Upside down Woman in the Branch and I believe she is holding a new born baby on her tummy. I'm having quite a reaction to her. I want to make her prominent and 'seen' and also want to keep her almost camouflaged. Another Impasse.

I tentatively have a dialogue with her:-

Me: Hello upside-down woman sleeping in the branch
Woman: hello (whispered)
Me: You look like you're sleeping?
Woman: I am (whisper) I've been here a while, waiting to be seen... by You.
Me: Oh How long have you been waiting? (I feel completely taken by surprise.)
Woman: Forever. Until now. I knew you would discover me - I just didn't know when.

I now find myself stuck for words. I feel she has a plan for me and I am not aware of what.

Me: Who are you?
Woman: I am You Kas. I am a sleeping You in a birth canal waiting to be born. I won't be born until you are ready. I am a brand new beginning whenever you are ready. This little one here, she is another brand new beginning for your future when ever you need her, we are here for you when you're ready..
Me: Thank you. (I feel enthralled and can barely breathe with excitement.)
Woman: Whenever you are ready I am here.

What an exciting prospect all this feels. My dearest friend and I often talk about living til we are 120 years old and how we have so much we want to do with our lives.

I feel suddenly energised and filled with a spaciousness I haven't felt for a long time. My Tree paintings tend to bring me amazing nuggets like this."

If you feel drawn to try one of my courses but some part of you is holding back, get in touch. Have a chat with me via email. I will never obligate you.

I have a fabulous Tree Painting process - a Free Gift - called Autumn Tree from my Art Courses page

Maybe it feels difficult to grasp how my Tree of YOUR Life could offer you something life changing and fulfilling?  What I offer here is offered with integrity. I would not offer something I did not believe in and trust to be a very positive and valuable experience.  So many have undertaken my process.  I am so lucky to have witnessed these over the years.

So much happens when we create. We express our stress, our emotions & feelings, relaxing us deeply. It is a Mindful process where you can lose yourself in your creativity, offering huge benefits for our stress levels and Health.

As we create we find answers - possibilities arise within us making life feel more manageable.

Create The Tree of YOUR Life evolved naturally all those years ago when I was searching for something meaningful and satisfying in my life and work. I felt disillusioned and overly Responsible. A painful place to be.

I created a brand new life and business through my own Tree Painting process and now I offer this to You if you want it.  If you have an issue you are struggling with, it can work for this too.  Get in touch, let's chat.  I genuinely believe this can help you.

Those who paint with me haven't painted since school days. I believe our Art 'speaks' for - and to - us. There is a mirroring which happens naturally between our Art and Self. An unspoken dialogue which has the capacity to say 'everything' without words.

We can experience an incredible connection within. We learn much about who we are and deepen our self understanding. It is an incredible gift to give Yourself.

You can learn how to Trust your Intuition as opposed to Thinking & Planning which tends to invite our Inner Critic out to criticise us, painfully impacting our Stress levels, Anxiety & Mood.

You have an opportunity to learn about and manage your Inner Critic during this course if you want that. Expressive Art can lead us to a more Confident, Happier, Calmer Self Acceptance. I find life pans out well when I trust my Intuition.

You may wish to work in a richly layered way as I do using craft papers, oil pastels, pastels, glitter, ink and paints, exploring with openness and curiosity in your journal. I share my own creative process through my videos.

If you prefer to work with crayons, oil pastels perhaps or pencils that is also fine. Some have undertaken my course using charcoal, others in Pastels.

' I learnt such a lot about myself. Boosted my confidence. Made some massive life changes because of it. Changed job. Starting singing lessons. Learnt how to 'let go'. If you're looking for answers and confidence or even just fun, look no further. I also have my lovely tree painting which I have proudly hung on my wall. I had never painted before this Tree of Life course and never thought of myself as creative. Kassi introduced me to creative me.' Hazel

Materials:  This doesn't have to be an expensive project.

I created my latest on Wallpaper lining.  You could work on hardboard or Acrylic Paper or Canvas Board.

Choose a size that feels just right for your Tree. This isn't a thinking thing, but a sensing thing. Trust your gut.

Choose Acrylic paints in colours of your choice, paint brushes, a jar for water, an old rag, glue.

Craft papers, old wrapping or tissue paper, old greeting cards, inks, oil pastels/pastels,

I believe you will have an incredible, joyful experience as you Create The Tree of YOUR Life.

"I took Kas's online Tree of Life course on the recommendation of a friend, I'm so glad I did! I haven't done any painting for over 30 years, not since I was at school and my biggest concern was making mistakes and messing it all up. One of the things that the course taught me was that 'mistakes' are oftentimes precursors to something very special. A great metaphor for life! Kas is kind, generous, hugely compassionate and insightful. The course is fun, occasionally challenging (in a good way) and enlightening. I hope to be painting for many years to come. Highly recommended." Kim

If you have questions please ask;  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I will not obligate you.

If you are ready to participate - where you will have access to my course for a whole year (and you may find yourself making more than one Tree painting) for just £99.99 - here is the link

Oh and you can connect with me personally in my free facebook group, share photos as your painting evolves and share your experience as it unfolds. I am very responsive, empathic, insightful and generous.  If you would like to work with me one to one online as you create your Tree, you can do this.

I feel completely certain you will gain so much from my course.

If you feel there is anything I can help you with, please don't hesitate to get in touch,


Instagram;  @kassimartinart4all       facebook;  @kassimartinintuitiveartist 

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