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Hi there,

How are you today?

It's a lovely cool, breezy day today which is lovely for my hot, menopausal bod!

I feel so excited, happy and proud of my latest online group experience.  We are a small group of amazing humans all creating our 'Tree of Letting Go'.  The connection, warmth, empathy and support is wonderful to witness and as each person's unique Tree emerges it's like celebrating a new birth in the world.  Wonderful.

Here is what Susan said  "I have completed a few of Kassi's e-courses and have thoroughly enjoyed them all.  The Tree of Letting Go is no exception; the series of video clips is easy to follow, encourages self expression and is suitable for absolute beginners (which was good for me!). It is exceptionally good value for money.

I particularly enjoyed 'tuning in' to my body to decide what the trunk & branches should look like. The strong, upright trunk gave me a feeling of strength, the wide open 'arms' of the branches spoke of the joy of being able to let go of the 'baggage' that they held.

The group interaction was so interesting & insightful. There is a great camaraderie.  On completion of the course I couldn't believe the painting was my own work! I had painted my very own 'Tree of Strength'.

I felt very proud of my painting, but I wanted the course to continue. Thankfully it can! I still enjoying seeing the posts continuing from the others in the group.  ...And I can paint more trees of letting go, to let go of more!  The course lasts 12 months. I wonder what the next tree will be called...  Thank you Kassi for another excellent course." 

It's wonderful for me to witness too.   When I look back to 1996 and the huge excitement I felt as I realised that my love of Art complemented my Counsellor training so beautifully. I excitedly created 'What Kind Of Tree Am I'  offering it locally to Teachers, Nurses, Counsellors and Parents.  

Most hadn't painted since school and arrived at my studio feeling scared and wobbly with wide open eyes of fear, they were amazed as their unique Tree emerged, telling moving life stories connecting with themselves and others, as my process offered deep healing through the expression of making their Tree painting.

If you are ready to Let Go of much... and would like to create your Tree of Letting Go please just ask.  I am offering another small online group the experience beginning Saturday 13 July.  If you aren't available to begin that day, it doesn't matter.  It is self paced and never any rush.  On the 13 July I will upload all the videos and prompts into the group and you can work through them at your leisure.

All you need is a canvas (around £5) or piece of hard board, some acrylic paints in colours that light up your Soul.  Glitter if you fancy some sparkle, an old plastic knife or palette knife, a bristly brush...  you don't need much to participate!

If you would rather do this with me one to one in an online group just ask me, I am very approachable, friendly and I will say Yes and support you through the birth of Your Tree of Letting Go.

You can choose to let go of anything.  Let Go of Saying Yes to everyone, Let Go of being a taxi service, of smiling when you don't want to, let go of giving and caring when you are so depleted yourself you need to take care of yourself.  Let Go of perfection...  we can each let go of whatever is most important to our unique Self.

What I offer changes lives, I know this for certain.  The feedback says it all.  Visit my testimonial page here on my website to see what everyone has been sharing about their experience of my passion...

Many people have shared with me that they held back for months before giving my ecourses a go and then regretted the time they had wasted....

What do you have to lose?  I am here if you want to chat,



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Tuesday, 23 April 2024

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