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My Resewed Heart - an exploration of Intuitive Art


hi there,

How are you? I hope all is well in your corner of the World.

I have another exploration of art to share with you.  This painting was created by La Tana who is Italian with superb English language.  I speak English, but not Italian. Between the two of us we create a wonderful, rich dialogue as we explore La Tana's painting "My Resewed Heart"

La Tana brought two recent and very important paintings to our Online exploration, unsure which to explore. This is where we began.....

Kassi:  It's lovely to see both of your paintings. Do you know which one you would like to explore?

La Tana: At this moment, I really don't. Can you start from which one you prefer exploring?

Kassi:  I'm happy to be patient and let you choose. Can I help you with choosing?

La Tana: Yes please

Kassi:  I wondered if maybe you feel so happy and excited with both paintings it's very hard to choose?

La Tana: Indeed! it is Kas, I am happy and satisfied with both of them, uhm, perhaps the Heart much more than the Self Portrait

Kassi:  I too would be very excited and happy if these were mine! So I wonder, are you feeling more pulled towards your Heart painting to explore first, or still not sure?

La Tana:  Yes, I'll go with that!

Kassi:  Ok great, and we will definitely make time to explore your Self Portrait at some point soon too.

La Tana: Thank you

Kassi:  Shall we begin? I have looked at your painting again and really enjoy how I feel when I look. I wonder how You feel as You look? Only if you wish to share...

La Tana:  Oh thank you! I love to look at it, I feel a warm satisfaction as if I elaborated something but I don't know what exactly. I didn't think of anything to paint, "only" followed how I felt, step by step. For example, I didn't imagine putting some old pictures there.

Kassi:  It sounds a very enjoyable, unplanned, unfolding process which seems to say much, but you aren't sure what?

La Tana:  and to copy the photos to add there, then to connect all of them with woollen yarn, and choose an amount, but I knew what I need and want, at an unknown level

Kassi:  Just checking... Your Unconscious seemed to know exactly the amount of woollen yarn to use to connect everyone up within your painting?

La Tana:  That's right. this is the process that made me feel as if I elaborated all feelings relating to the pictures, does it make sense?

Kassi: ...because you stayed free and following your impulses, this allowed you to elaborate in the ways that you did?

La Tana:  You got it! But the elaborating process has not been done by "logical" thoughts. Yes, you're right, I follow an unknown perception. Probably the main enjoyable fact was that: feeling free to follow a new track.

Kassi:  The feeling free seems vitally important for you?

La Tana:  Yes, it is Kas, the freedom to be guided only by my intuition

Kassi:  The freedom to be guided by your intuition feels very fruitful for you.... and your Painting demonstrates this so beautifully

La Tana: Thanks

Kassi:  I get a sense of you feeling much more free when you Paint now...? You can really trust your intuition and be guided by it?

La Tana: Yes, it seems Kas, I was thinking of this change and for me it's due to your videos and the encounters with you.

Kassi:  I am so glad that this has supported you to paint more freely and intuitively.

La Tana: and your Facebook group where we can share, I love sharing our paintings.

Kassi:  I am so glad that you enjoy this La Tana. It is my Passion.

La Tana: We can see that! This is important to me because I feel well supported. I perceive you as an authentic person and practitioner.

Kassi:  I am glad you can see that in me. To me that means my insides match my outsides. Congruence is important for me. Can I say something about your painting?

La Tana: Of course I am very curious

Kassi:  When I look at your painting there is so much richness to see... I feel like a child surrounded by treasures and I feel so eager to just dive in and explore the treasures....

La Tana:  Thank you. That is important for me. Thanks for seeing this.

Kassi:  My eyes fall upon your 'Heart' in the centre, it feels "cushioned" in a softness... I hope my words are ok for you?

La Tana:  Interesting, could you say more about 'cushioned'?

Kassi:  Sure... "cushioned..." I look at your Heart and it feels secure and safe lying upon the "green" and this is solid yet soft... This may not resonate with you so please don't make it fit.

La Tana:  I won't, thank you, but your 'seeing' is very interesting. I can keep something of me, please don't worry

Kassi:  May I ask you how you feel as you see your Heart?

La Tana:  I feel a point of light

Kassi:  A point of light.... could you say more?

La Tana:  uhm, as if it lights up everything around it by a warm and deep glimpse and this light is mirrored from the pics

Kassi: When you say this light is mirrored from the pics - do you mean the photos of you and others that are included in your painting?

La Tana: Yes

Kassi;  I am wondering if you would like to say anything about those in the pics? There are a few different faces...

La Tana:  All the pictures regard my birth family when we all were younger, there is my Mum above my Heart and my Mum with a bike, then my Father with my oldest Sister, unfortunately dead, and my Brother, then there is me at my Holy Communion with my two Sisters, then me in a field, me with my loved cats and dog - my parents have died of course

Kassi: I am sorry to hear your parents have died. Thanks for sharing your family pics. Can I ask how you feel when you see your family's faces looking out from your painting?

La Tana:  I love to see all of them

Kassi:  And only if you would like to answer.... and possibly a funny question, how do you know you love to see their faces in your painting? For example... is it an inner knowing...? Or maybe you get signals from your Body that lets you know?

La Tana: Lovely question! When I look at the painting, I feel complete. a sense in my body and within me.

Kassi:  Feeling "complete" sounds a very positive way to feel? I get a sense that your family together is very important? I keep wanting to use the word "belonging" for some reason but can't explain why... so I will say it in case it is important and you can disregard it if it isn't important

La Tana:  I think the word 'belonging' is right, it fits what I feel

Kassi:  I am glad I trusted my intuition on the "belonging". Only if you wish to... would you like to say more about the feeling you sense in your body and within?

La Tana:  I try to say more. When I look at that, I perceive a warm feeling and something in my inner body that's perfect. I feel happy to be all together there.

We bring our exploration to a close until another day...

Kassi:  If you were to check in with your body and whole self... where would You feel most pulled towards in your painting right now?

La Tana:  I will check..... Now, the Heart and the whole painting

Kassi:  Ok great. I love that you can go to your Self for the information. It feels important.

La Tana:  I want to tell you that until the weekend it was here in my studio, but then I felt the need to put it in the room where they all are, and to start a new one as if it ended something for me and I was able to go on with whatever I want.

Kassi:  How interesting. Feels almost like something "shifted" or "cleared" giving you a fresh start, a new beginning?

La Tana:  Yes, it's right, as if painting that, I elaborated something inside me and now I'm ready to go ahead, but not through a logical thinking,

Kassi:  Yes... I believe I understand that process. To "know" but not a Thinking/conscious Knowing but more a bodily felt /intuitive Knowing?

La Tana:  wondering...

Kassi:  wondering?

La Tana:  In the sense that I tried to listen to what I feel

Kassi:  That sounds really important that you listen to what you feel...?

La Tana:  it is, but much more than an intuitive one as a very deep knowledge

Kassi:  Hmmm, would you like to say more about this? It feels very deeply in you?

La Tana:  Yes, it is and it isn't easy to express that by words...

Kassi:  I call this "bodily felt sensing". It comes from the work of Eugene Gendlin who created Focusing

La Tana:  Very interesting Kas, I will take a look at that. I feel like now I can say 'Oh now I am fine', but in Italian we have an idiomatic sentence that means 'Ok, now all is put in order''

Kassi:  For a moment, would you like to say your Italian phrase for this and then notice how you feel in your body?

La Tana:  much better because it feels 'right'.

Kassi:  I am wondering if you would like to go to that Feeling and share it?

La Tana:  not easy, I will try... you know the sensation when you have done heavy work, not sure at the start you were able... and through difficulties, doubts and willingness to leave on ...

Kassi:  ah.... kind of feels like a huge mountain to climb and you doubt you can do it...and then after you have finished, it feels like you have done some very satisfying work?

La Tana:  you finished that work and you feel empty but really satisfied and a posto, all is in order

Kassi:  a deeply satisfying feeling when you have done it...?

La Tana:  and you feel you are in the place where you should be

Kassi:   yes!

La Tana: like as if I was the painting and there is all of Myself

Kassi:  I think in my language this is what I call a bodily felt shift... ? "complete'?

La Tana:  that's right "complete" is the right word

Kassi:  ah great.... and I wonder if we are both now experiencing a similar 'complete' feeling now we have reached an understanding of what you are explaining?

La Tana:  I do, and you?

Kassi:  I believe I do too. it is a lovely satisfying... 'just right' feeling... in my belly

La Tana:  to me, it is a joy sensation and to do so many things!

Kassi:  it sounds like a very satisfying completion on many levels?

La Tana:  Yes it is

Kassi:   and your painting seems to have really given you something very big, precious... a satisfying completion and you are now ready to move on to your next painting?

La Tana:  yes it is, as if I let there something from me and I know that's safe, so I feel safe as well

Kassi:  ah..... this feels really 'good'? I am really glad to read that you feel safe. I wonder what feeling 'safe' feels like for you? from your Body?

La Tana:  I feel safe when I'm totally here and now with a person or in a place, does it make sense? I think it's all connected... when in the past I started to paint because I needed that...

Kassi:  yes... connected to your self in the moment... and to anybody you are with in that moment too...?

La Tana:  could I go back to your chat with Alex Baobab about the two types of painting?

Kassi:  absolutely yes, please say whatever you would like.

La Tana:  the inner Judge didn't allow me because I didn't paint in a formal way, all came out from me and I didn't know what I was going to do. That chat you had with Alex was very useful for me... so now I feel safe to paint whatever I like and safe in your groups and happy to share with all there

Kassi:  I am delighted that the chat I had with Alex Baobab was so helpful for you

La Tana:  really very helpful and enlightening

Kassi:   It feels like it has freed you up to paint anything you wish, without censoring yourself

La Tana:  that's right - what happened

Kassi:  I am really glad

La Tana:  I think I found people similar to me and with whom we can comprehend and even you gave me a tool for understanding what I felt

Kassi:  'Belonging' is a very important thing for Humans I believe.... and I am glad you have found this, us, my groups, my process, so very helpful. Can I ask about the "Tool" you found helpful in understanding your feelings

La Tana:  uhm, previously I kept all feelings in myself... and all my perceptions and sensations... without consciousness of that I felt was a necessity to express those... so that brilliant chat and the other one before, helped me to elaborate my own sensations and to address them in a right way for me. because you were speaking of what I felt, particularly Alex when spoke of her feelings and Jung ...

Kassi:  So if I understand correctly... it sounds like you received some kind of "permission" to know and feel and share your feelings and sensations?

La Tana:  so I felt there is a space here where I can be. Not really a permission more a mirror

Kassi:  Ah yes making our unconscious, conscious ? This sounds so important for you. A real Becoming? Fully Becoming You and know all of you?

La Tana:  that's one, and also sharing your feelings and sensations, you made me recognize mine

Kassi:   I am glad this was all so useful for you

La Tana:  Yes, I can say that Kas

Kassi:  Wow. This feels very special.

La Tana:  to me it has been

Kassi:  I feel so touched and honoured that you have been able to experience all of this and You have been impacted so positively

La Tana:  Thank you - you both deserve happiness from me because of that. Thank you for this enchanting chat.

Kassi:  I am just so happy you have got so much from our chat.

La Tana:  Thank you Kas too.

La Tana is a f2f and Online Counsellor and who also offers a combination of Counselling with B & B in Italy where you can relax deeply and recharge your Soul.

You can find La Tana on facebook: Https://

I hope you have enjoyed reading our exploration and if you are curious about how you too could feel inspired by me to create intuitively whether a painting, a Doodle or a sketch and then choose to have your creation explored by me, online, please get in touch. This can remain a private experience with me or you could share it from my blog if you wish. 

You could paint my beautiful 'Shine Brightly' mixed media Tree for just £15 for a whole year's access and then explore your painting experience with me if you would like -

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