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Humans Have So Much In Common With Snowflakes


Hi there

How are you doing? It's snowing!

I woke up very early this morning when my Beloved popped a piping hot water bottle at my feet. Ahhhh what lovely gifts he brings me, thoughtful man.

Then he whispered  'The Snow has arrived."

An internal tug of war began.  I so wanted to look out at the snow and I so wanted to stay snuggled up with my hot water bottle... decisions, decisions.

Following my impulse, I jumped out of bed, pulled on my fluffy purple painting jumper and opened the window wide. Giant flakes, floating downwards, soft and fluffy by the million.

Have you ever noticed how still, quiet and mild it is when it snows? It certainly seems to be my experience of Snow. The only 'noisy' part about snow for me is if I am walking in it and hear the crunch, crunch, crunch of each footstep as it sinks into the layers of snowflakes. Can you imagine that sound? Imagine the feel of it? I have such a strong sense of both sound and sensation as I think about this. Our Mind is incredible being able to sense such things, I think.

I made a video of the falling snow before the car tracks of parents and teachers heading to school smudged the pure white with varying shades of grey.  Then leaped back into bed, gratefully.

My friend messaged me to let me know that she wouldn't be coming for coffee because of the snow.  We began having a messaging conversation about Snow.  We exchanged videos and photographs of our snowy gardens, one of her cats and she marveled at how loud the birdsong is here outside our house whilst we were snuggled up in our cozy beds. 

I lay in bed feeling like I had a Snow Day Off School. Did you ever get sent home early from school because of the snow?  My whole day spread out ahead of me even though I have about 20 videos to edit for my new online Intuitive Collage Class.

It still felt like I had the day off though, no amount of video editing could steal my relaxed feeling of an unexpected day of play.

About an hour later I was sitting up in bed with delicious coffee, my kindle and journal beside me just in case I wanted a break from Snowflake Watching, wearing fluffy purple painting jumper and fingerless gloves.

'How can every snowflake be unique? Who has checked this?' my incredulous Inner Child demands full of doubt and wonder.  I google this and discover that 'even though two snowflakes may form in the same cloud, their different journeys to the ground will affect their shape and size, giving each its own unique identify.'  Wow!  Humans have so much in common with Snowflakes.

I had a quick flick through facebook friends posts and noticed how upbeat everyone appeared to be feeling about the newly snowed-upon-land outside their windows. A simple word 'Snow!' followed by red hearts and excited faces of glee all lined up in rows. How uplifting to witness all this joy.  Maybe Snow could be bottled and distributed to spread excitement and happiness?

I realised my glee was emerging from the archaic depths of my Inner Child. I wondered what Little Me had to say about Snow so I gave her a pen and my journal to write in. I used my non-dominant hand and that really helped her come out further. Seems like glistening, hard 'slides' constructed by children to 'glide-along-sideways' were top of her list of Snow Joy followed by building a Snow Person with Twig arms.  Her best memory was of being 7, allowed to play out late in 'pitch black sky of night' (her childlike words) with the kids from across the road. They didn't all play together usually but the yellowy lamp light and extended play time 'because it was snowing' lit up the icy paths and she and her friends skidded along wildly, calling out with excitement, everyone having fun and feeling happy.  I do actually remember that night very well (chest filling with emotions).

My video editing is calling me and I must make the journey from here to the shower... another five minutes would be lovely, I don't want to waste this hot water bottle!

I am feeling very excited about my new Intuitive Collage course which is why I am editing videos. It will be online and self paced so anyone can take part. It begins in March. I have video'd the entire process of creating my latest Collage, with lots of personal sharing as it arose in me as well as gentle guidance for those who will be participating. I made this one on Khadi Paper, Indian cotton paper and gorgeous to work on although I've made many collages on hardboard too and they frame beautifully.

I don't know why I am always amazed at how this Intuitive Collage works. I select torn out images and various bits and pieces from old magazines, colouring books, wrapping paper, old greetings cards, ribbons, buttons, craft papers and so on without any plan of what I am about to create - and what unfolds, Every Single Time, is Me, my life, my personality, my relationships, my passions, everything... it's all in there glued together before my eyes. Such a therapeutic experience too. I love to write in my journal as all my discoveries emerge in my collages.

I have a few boxes I add materials to regularly.  I began by saving things up, like the buttons from an old cardigan. Ribbons. Scraps of wrapping Paper from a gift. So many lovely patterned craft papers available. They go such a long way and offer so much choice. Old stamps... The other thing I love for collage is Tissue Paper again from gifts. So many pretty colours and patterns from metallic hearts to big, bright daisies.  Sometimes I buy it when it's in the sales.  When I begin to glue these different materials together on a piece of hardboard or paper they look amazing! So intriguing... inviting me inwards for deep reflection into my Unconscious where parts of us lay quietly waiting, sleeping, unknown... old forgotten stories float up into awareness, pets from childhood, friends, experiences...  I just find it so exciting!

Now I have filled my heart and soul with the excitement of Intuitive Collage, I am going to venture out of my cozy world of Warm-Bed and make a start.

Be back very soon,


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Tuesday, 18 June 2024

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