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We can often feel clogged up, overwhelmed or stressed with fatigue, headache, big feelings and not know what to do with this.  Well sometimes we might reach for caffeine, chocolate, wine...  but I would like to share how we can release energy, feelings, emotions, an event... through painting.  

I made a video and wanted to share a little about the process in case you would like to give this a go.

With lots of swirling thoughts and feelings in my inner world, I felt overwhelmed and stressed.  I decided to release myself from this in the best way I know how - by painting.

Tearing a large sheet of wallpaper lining, using my Intuition to tear how much paper I needed, I made a start.  I used masking tape to attach the paper to a firm board to work from.  Wallpaper lining is sturdy and really inexpensive offering metres of paper for around £3.50.  

Without Rules, without Knowing, without Planning...  I began writing words and drew a Wilting Flower which once I saw, resonated deeply.  Wilting.... I needed water, sunlight, time to recover.  Until I saw this image, I did not know what I needed.  I sighed deeply.  Acknowledging.

I was surprised by my words however I accepted them fully without judgement, without defensiveness.  I believe this is vital to our growth, to our healing.  To deny, to reject our words and images simply puts us 'off the scent', sending us fleeing from our truth.  Our Inner Critic can be brutal...

You will see in the video I do a lot of Finger Painting as I work.  Using my fingers to connect with the paint and paper feels really great for me.  I feel like I am really 'in there'.  If the colours are expressing my feelings and troubled thoughts then I feel more connected to them as I work.  

When I facilitate in the studio I invite the group to allow their Inner Toddler out to create.  With no Parent figure present to Prevent or Control this offers an incredible space for Potential.  All the usual 'shoulds, musts and oughts' are forgotten and our Inner Toddlers can play and be spontaneous.  We pretend we are Aliens from another planet with no concept of what paint or sponges or brushes are generally used for and we can splosh, splatter, throw, dab, drag, pour...  an incredibly freeing and releasing experience of Letting Go!

There was a time when I did not know what I was creating until later, when I spent time reflecting, writing creatively or chatting with others.  Today as I create, stories emerge in the moment, feelings, emotions, situations, relationships, work stuff...  I am so much more aware and able to 'know' what it is I am working with and I love that I have this ability today.  Things come to me so quickly, I have many 'a-ha' moments as I work.  It is exciting!  It is Freeing!  I find I can go much deeper.

I was curious about the 'two halves' - the left side; greens and blues, the right side; purples and pinks, which on reflection I realised were my two homes.  The left side my Grandparents house and the right side my family home.  The cool blues and greens offered calm and control.  The pinks and purples were choatic and exciting.  Always so much going on at home with stage clothes being made, band practice, sometimes being allowed to stay up and sing too.  Horse riding, cycling, music - but chaos.  This is where I get my 'Anything Is Possible' attitude, high energy, positivity and creative Self.  The Blue and Greens offered me a grounded, centred Self that could Be Strong for myself and Others when necessary but came with Control.

The swirling 'S' shapes began to emerge and I realised these symbolised people, relationships - of the past.  I was shocked to see the Coppery colour S appear in the bottom right quadrant.  I thought this was over!?  I realised that the familiar pattern, the enactment needed attention.

I noted the two purple S shapes to the right of the copper S was me, moving away from...  shifting....  gliding smoothly to new horizons. 

Finally it felt complete and I stopped.  I spent some time writing about my experience and the image so I would not forget.  I also knew what I needed to do!

and so...  how about you?  Are you feeling curious, inspired?  Might you do some doodling or painting?  You could simply carry a notebook and black gel pens around with you to doodle.  You could buy a roll of wallpaper lining and get cheap acrylic paints or use a box of pastels or charcoal.  You don't have to 'know' what your creativity is about.  Simply being creative will lead to feeling better, less stressed, more whole and relaxed when you take a little time to do this.

Please feel free to take a photo of your doodle or painting and email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I will respond!  I love to hear from you.

I have a new group offering a free space to get creative if you are interested get in touch.  I now have a secure forum spaces where we can share and explore in total security.

Look forward to hearing from you



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Tuesday, 23 April 2024

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