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Bathing in Dewdrops

Bathing in Dewdrops
hi there

How are you? The gales and heavy rain have gone, hooray! How are things in your corner of the world?

I've had a lovely, magical early morning start to my day. Well actually it began REALLY early just after midnight in fact. Did you see the full moon? It's been amazing and last night, sitting up in bed, typing by Silver Heart Fairy Lights above our bed, I looked out of the window and there she was. Glowing, creamy and peachy. The whole sky was swirly with light. I did take lots of photographs but they just don't capture what I saw.

When I woke up my first thought was how are the House Martins doing building their mud home in our spare bedroom window.

They arrived a couple of evenings ago and started to set up home. I don't know if you have ever had House Martins before? It's just a temporary arrangement for a couple of months. They are so hard working and conscientious. Tiny little black and white birds. They build a layer at a time of mud, let it dry overnight and then build the next layer and so on.

I tried to video them at work earlier however my appearance startled them. Looking down at me, into the bedroom, as if to say who the heck are you? The last House Martin family that lived here became used to us. We could tap quietly on the window pane and they would all take it in turns to peer out and down at us. Such a delightful experience.

I will keep you updated. Once their babies are born it gets rather noisy and a little messy. They keep their home very clean but this is bad news for our windowsill. It's a bit like the olde days when people threw all their 'waste' out of the window to the streets below. The higher up your home was, the better. We just improvise with a plastic bag to catch all their waste now we know how it all works.

So my gorgeous dog and I set off around the big field behind our house next. It's full, really full, of buttercups. There is a lot of yellow around in wild flowers this year with dandelions and buttercups. As I wondered along in the dewy grasses, I passed the huge old tree where we as kids used to make rope swings from. Obviously that tradition has continued..

I felt amazed when I thought how much my life and priorities have changed, and so dramatically. Turn the clock back four years ago and I would have been flying along the dual carriageway towards the other Coast to work. I crossed many boundaries en route from Scotland into England. From Cumbria into Northumberland and then into Tyneside.

A top priority then was to be on the road by 6:20 am and at my desk, signed in to Iaptus by 7:35am. Coffee steaming beside me, checking ALL the messages and new patients who had been booked in since the day before. That doesn't seem real now somehow. It Did happen though and for many years...

My priorities today? Well, a relaxing start to the morning, listen to the birds in my garden, write out three things I'd like to achieve today, a long walk around the big field with my doggy best friend who this morning was soaking wet in the long grasses, bathing in shimmery dewdrops. Then breakfast in my favourite, friendly coffee shop. Wow, how did that change in priorites happen?

I knew back then things weren't right for me. I had known it for a long time. I knew my Soul was being squashed and squeezed into a tiny little space that wasn't habitable.. I knew my heart was deeply unhappy and I longed to be free to provide Therapy, my way, My Intuition was bawling at me to hear it as the hynotised, compliant part of me marched on with what 'must be done' - earning a living. I was afraid to take those steps towards freedom and contentment.

Magically, I am now free. I continue to develop the kind of Therapy that I believe in. I'm happy. Very. and extremely grateful.

thanks for visiting me here,

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Tuesday, 18 June 2024

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