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To get to the point, my interest in human personality began in childhood where I observed my family with confusion and stress in a screwed up system. A group of humans struggling to make it through life. Conditioned by patriarchy, stressed with inner conflict and similar to most other families worldwide.

Working in Mental Health, Higher Education & Not-For-Profits, I observed parallels to my Childhood. Different humans in screwed up systems, trying to make it through their careers.

I was more resourced with theoretical perspectives to make sense of my experiences, but needed to break free of systems where colleagues, myself included, were all trying to get the better of each other whilst stabbing each other in the back. They were projecting their family system onto the workplace, their relationships and friendships and the world in general.

I replicated my childhood, marrying young, locked in an abusive relationship, worse still bringing a child into the world. We can only follow the patterns and conditioning we are raised within - unless we Develop & Grow.

In my mid 30's my stress and anxiety was so bad, I stumbled into Therapy by chance. I learned A Lot!!! OMG a whole new world opened up before me. 'Why did nobody tell me all this stuff before now?!?'. I was enthralled by all I learned and wanted to put a whole new show on the road - so I did... I began training, and being a Workaholic, I did it to the UTMOST of my ability (of course!). I trained for 9 years initially, receiving personal Therapy throughout and embraced every moment of Change whilst my family hated me, therapy and all I was becoming.

I wanted this for EVERYBODY so began sharing my learning, facilitated and taught at every opportunity, one to one and in groups.

Which led me back... to my love of Art making and forward to all I have built so far, here on my website. Just to be clear: I am Very Proud of all I have created so far. It has taken guts and energy.

I am a raw and gritty, prolific creator which tended to bring judgement. Now I don't give a damn, I am free to be myself and through my Unleashing of Shackles, I offer the same to others - predominantly Woman. I've blended EVERYTHING I know, created MANY Therapeutic Coaching Art Courses for Adults to express their life stories and experiences using my therapeutic, raw & gritty approach which I have created over many years.

I felt compelled to invite Woman to explore and share their stories through my approach in groups then online.

I have integrated everything I know as a Therapist, Coach & Artist to Unleash those who want more freedom from conditioning and patriarchy.

I have expertise in: Perfectionism, Self Esteem/Confidence, Trauma, Boundaries, Resilience, Intuition, Psychosomatic Experience, Burnout & Sexual Abuse.

My extensive library of Therapeutic Courses continues to grow and is now available in one affordable package.

I am a Life Book Teacher, contribute to Art for Earth, Art Bundles for Good and Art Medicine Festival.

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What You Could Experience through my Approach

Please know beginners to expressive art can participate in my work easily. You can learn how to intuitively sense into Symbols, Colour & Texture in ways that words often can’t. You will be shown how to express all your gritty, raw truth whilst easing your foot away from hovering over the brakes of everyday living.

You will learn 'experientially' through actively participating in my online courses and hopefully by connecting with me in my free online community. You will develop self acceptance, reduce criticism, doubt, fear and transform life. My Approach reduces stress & anxiety and raises confidence and self esteem.

I teach you to trust your innate Intuition & Body Wisdom, to Hear & See yourself with empathy offering deep healing to you, as you create. Your unique individuality will be celebrated by me on your own Journey through Life.

Art allows a deep connection with Oneself. It improves our Mental, Physical & Spiritual Health. The way in which we relate with ourselves can make or break us and I model a way of being which brings healing. My therapeutic, raw and gritty art approach impacts our relationships with us, at home, at work and in the wider world.

I enthusiastically embrace my own Personal Therapy and Coaching. I am committed to becoming unleashed with the intention of holding space so others may also become unleashed.

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Online Creative eCourses from Kassi Martin

Above is just a snippet of some of the amazing art that You have created on your journey to becoming YOU.

Visit my Testimonials page to find out about others experiences of working with me.

My Blog reflects ways to help you Relax, Re-Energise & feel Inspired.

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