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Online Art and Personal Development Courses from Kas Martin

Whenever I make Art I create Intuitively and Vibrantly with a Soulful, Gentle approach to creating, towards Others, to Facilitating and to Teaching. Intuitive Art has helped me and many others experience life-change. The healing power of my approach to Intuitive Art is incredible. Those who have experienced my approach, have felt many things; Happier, Relaxed, Less Stressed,or inclined to be a Perfectionist or Please Others which is exhausting, depleting not to mention Soul destroying.

I spent a lifetime contorting and twisting myself to fit into work, friendships & relationships. I'd lost sight of my Truest Self long ago . How exhausting it is to be what others want us to be for them.

I knew I was Seeking something. I hadn't realised it was my real self I was searching for. Through Art and Intuition - our incredible, innate Sense I believe we are born with - I set out to find my Real Self.

A powerful, potent combination. Empowering, freeing, revealing... leading each of us another step closer - sometimes a giant leap - towards a more Whole, Complete Self.

I uncovered my truest Self through Intuitive Art and now help others discover more of who they are through their Art.

Online Art Therapy Courses from Kas Martin

My Intuitive Art was birthed!

I transformed my kitchen into an art studio which evolved into my beautiful garden art studio.

I painted Hares galloping blindly through dark, moonlit forests, played music that spoke directly to my Soul. I appreciated I was Escaping the old, the archaic, galloping through forests, heading for 'home', in search of Me.

Through my Intuitive Art I found my Freedom and discovered my Passion and Gifts. I can express who I am and best serve those I work with individually and in groups.

I developed one day group experiences, 6 week online group experiences. Travelling to Scotland wasn't easy for many who now undertake my offerings online, any time of day or night. I offer my courses in amazing, inspiring and life changing online groups usually over 6 weeks, allowing you to manage easily around your life, family and work wherever you are on our glorious Planet.

What I offer you

Online Creative eCourses from Kas Martin

Whether you wish to create more Art in an Intuitive way deepening your Paintings with Soul or Seek out more of who you are through Intuitive Art, I am the one to help you make this happen.

Many of us are told we are not artistic, experiencing shameful moments in childhood which rob us of our creativity, spontaneity, confidence and intuition. I believe we are all artists. As we paint, our emotions and stories emerge. A dialogue between ourselves and our image happens, words are not necessarily needed.

When we Let Go of the need to 'Know' and simply Trust that all the answers we are looking for are inside of ourselves, we change, we grow, we can simply Be.

I offer insight, spontaneity and confidence. You will discover how my blend of Intuitive Art is inspirational and life-changing whether in my studio or online.

Online Creative eCourses from Kassi Martin

I have a number of unique, inspirational art classes available as self paced experiences with a whole year's access to each. Please bear in mind you can include me in your experience if you wish, I am kind, compassionate, insightful and will be a gentle guide and facilitator if you would like this.

You may like to paint my Shine Brightly Tree - a lovely step by step painting class where I lead you gently through the creation of your very own Shine Brightly Tree. 9 Videos and 9 prompts, luscious paints, glitters, craft paper... follow me step by step or allow your natural creative process to evolve - however you would like to do this is fine with me.

If you enjoy working with mixed media and delving deeply into who you are you will probably love my Intuitive Collage class. I share openly about my own process through a series of videos whilst inviting you to also explore and create your very own unique intuitive collage. Rich, deep, soul searching art! What a combination.

Alternatively you might like to delve into my Themed Intuitive Mixed Media class, again with a year's access once you get the bug you may well be making these all year! I began small and moved on to much bigger and have absolutely delighted in this whole process exploring Boundaries, Endings, and Inner Critic as I worked. There is also a Bonus Course in there too! All for the same price. My Bonus course leads you through the creation of transferring your painting(s) onto hardboard and preparing it for framing.

My unique and most popular Paint The Tree of YOUR Life online art experience is now available with a year's access and email support through the 6 stage process..

visit my art class pages to see everything that is available for you.

Online Art Therapy Courses from Kassi Martin
Expressing Who I Am
Online Creative eCourses from Kassi Martin

Visit my Workshops page to find out what is happening Live in my art studio.

...And Then

I released my Intuitive Art into the Universe. You came, you experienced, you grew, you became more You.

I can inspire you to Paint Yourself as Trees, Goddesses, Warriors, Angels. Share our stories through Art, dive deeply inwards until you discover an amazing spaciousness and freedom within. You can Let Go of the archaic rules you lived by, Let Go of your Inner Critic. Discover how Intuitive Art helps you find yourself. Art heals Stress, makes us Confident, makes you whole. Intuitive Art is the key.

Above is just a snippet of some of the amazing art that You have created in your journey to becoming YOU.

Visit my Testimonials page to find out about others experiences of working with me.

My Blog reflects ways to help you Relax, Re-Energise & feel Inspired.

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Whether you wish to paint more intuitively with soul & joy or you’re seeking out your Truest Self then I am the person you are looking for to guide you.

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