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Kassi - Psychotherapist & Therapeutic Artist

I’m Kassi a Psychotherapist & Expressive Artist. Over many years, I have developed my own Unique Process which I call Therapeutic Art.

I’m on a Mission to make Therapeutic Art accessible to EVERYBODY because not everybody can access Psychotherapy or Art Therapy. We don’t have to be stressed, anxious, depressed or traumatised to need Therapeutic Art, however, I believe everyone can benefit from the wonderful, healing power and catharsis of my unique Therapeutic Art.

I have worked widely as a Counsellor, Trainer & Personal Development Facilitator in the NHS, Education & Higher Education. I've had my own Consultancy for 22 years.

My Life experiences led me to seek out Counselling which I embraced with enthusiasm. Filled with excitement and passion from my own Therapy, I undertook the mammoth Professional Training to become a Counsellor & Psychotherapist which was demanding, challenging, rigorous and fulfilling.

The incredible 'Need' that I sense around our Planet for those with Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Grief, Chronic Pain and other Disturbances inspired me to find ways in which I can be helpful to others.

I am passionate about Autonomy, Self Expression, Authenticity and all the benefits this brings to our whole Health. I believe through 'Conditioning' in childhood, we lose our Core, Real Self, a loss of great magnitude, which brings about Anxiety, Stress, Depression and Pain.

Breaking free of Conditioning and becoming your most Authentic, Autonomous Self is an incredible experience. We are born with this capacity. It's all there at the very beginning of Life yet it is 'taken' from us through 'Conditioning'.

We become what others want and need us to become. They need us to 'fit in' and adapt so the Family 'System' continues as it is already organised without disruption or disturbance to its archaic structures which tend to be 'set in stone'.

I believe through all the trials and tribulations of everyday life, we grapple, stumble and fight in an attempt to find our way back to the Self we were born to become.

Every disagreement, tricky situation, wound or relationship we have experienced is our attempt to return to our Truest Self.

This is my Passion; to ease and facilitate that journey back to who you truly were born to become.

A prime aspect of my existence is that I intend to be Helpful to others in their every day lives, whether that is through my Online Therapeutic Art ecourses, Sharing my Stories and Blogs, or my Psychotherapeutic Consultancy; online & in person.

My commitment to my own personal development journey is huge. I Love being in the Client's chair as much as the Therapist's. I'm very particular who I hire to work with me, and won't settle for second best, because I intend to be the very best I can be, for You and for my own Life.

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Amazing Possibilities

There are a number of ways in which you can experience my Offerings.

You could participate in my Free online Therapeutic group experience Honouring Our Stories which will offer you the opportunity to experience me Free, and Live in a zoom group. You can find out more about Honouring Our Stories on my Courses page. When you sign up (Free) you will be placed on the wait list for the next available group. Currently it is VERY popular and a bit of a List.

I've developed my Unique Therapeutic Art Approach which brings together Every Single Thing I know as a Therapist, Artist & Human to Awaken, Heal & Transform and help others live happier, less stressed Lives.

My online, self paced courses are an invitation to you to Express Yourself fully and Relate with yourself which will ease your Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Pain. You will learn, without trying, how to ‘speak’ Intuitively through Symbols, Colour & Texture in ways that Words can’t.

You will learn 'experientially' which means 'by actively participating' in my Therapeutic Art eCourses. You will learn how to develop Self Acceptance and Relate to yourself in a way which reduces criticism, doubt and fear, transforming your way of being into self acceptance, love and ease. You will notice the difference as your stress and anxiety reduces and your confidence grows.

I teach others to Trust their Fingers, their innate Intuition & Body Wisdom to Express their Truest Selves and Heal as they Create.

I celebrate everyone’s Unique individuality on their own Journey through Life.

Through my work I enjoy educating others Experientially in my own unique, creative way, facilitating Growth & Change for those who want this, whilst painting unique art that speaks of who they are, without the need for words.

Art allows a deep connection with Oneself. It improves our Mental, Physical & Spiritual Health. It develops Self Acceptance and how we Relate with ourselves which can make or break us. When we begin to truly see and hear ourselves, this impacts our relationships at home, at work and in the wider world. It brings meaningful Expressive Art that touches others deeply.

I offer You the opportunity to Honour Your Stories as they arise. My Reflective Prompts invite Self Acceptance and a gentleness towards your self which raises Self Esteem and Confidence, reduces Anxiety and Stress and lifts Mood and so much more.

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Above is just a snippet of some of the amazing art that You have created on your journey to becoming YOU.

Visit my Testimonials page to find out about others experiences of working with me.

My Blog reflects ways to help you Relax, Re-Energise & feel Inspired.

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Psychotherapist providing Self Expression for Change & Growth.

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