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Expressive Art For All

Whenever my Mind feels scrambled, busy, overwhelmed or stressed, I always return to my love of art materials & paper, relaxing me deeply and transforming how I feel.

Tearing, gluing, adding colour & texture, expresses my Emotions, Feelings & Thoughts which transforms my Mind to a calm, relaxed state.

The healing power of Expressive Art offers a Mindful experience that releases us from Anxiety, Stress & Low Mood.

I bring my 20 year background in Mental Health Counselling, Higher Ed. Training, Mentoring, Group Facilitation & Life experience.

Anxiety, Stress, Emotions & Feelings are expressed on to paper or canvas, offering a sense of release, peace, joy and deep relaxation whenever we create art. Somehow we can find answers we are looking for, possibilities open up before us.

It almost didn't happen however. Aged 16 I desperately wanted to go to Art College but was sent to Secretarial College instead where I could learn skills that would 'earn me a good living'.

In 1996 I realised with excitement my love of Art complemented my Counsellor training beautifully. I created 'What Kind Of Tree Am I' and offered it widely. Most hadn't painted since school. Amazing, unique Trees emerged telling life stories and offering healing through the expression of art making.

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Expressive Art Offers Great Possibilities

Through the process of making Art and listening to our inner voice, we can develop greater self awareness, Intuition, Self-Acceptance and Confidence as Tensions melt away.

I believe we are all Artists, creative in the core of our Being. Art is a mirror, it speaks To us and For us. It teaches us what we most need to know. Making art helps us to peel back the layers of Adaptation & Conditional Worth to become happier and calmer within.

Art allows a deep connection with Ourselves and this is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. Self acceptance and how we talk to ourselves can make or break us. When we begin to truly see and hear ourselves, this impacts our relationships at home, at work and in the wider world.

I believe this helps improve our health and the World bringing with it Soulful, meaningful Expressive Art that touches others deeply.

My art courses offers You the opportunity to express your inner truths and your honest thoughts and emotions as they arise. You are invited to do this with Self Acceptance and a gentleness towards your self.

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Above is just a snippet of some of the amazing art that You have created on your journey to becoming YOU.

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