Terms & Conditions

Disclaimer - An Important Reminder when undertaking any kind of Art & Personal Development:

In purchasing my Creative Personal Development ecourse you are agreeing that:

Creating Art for Personal Development can and usually does reach deep places within us.  It is important to take good care of your self.  If any issues arise which cause you discomfort or difficulties in anyway, please seek help in the way on usually would by speaking to your GP, Nurse Practitioner, Counsellor who can listen and support you.

You are agreeing by participating in this online process that you will take complete responsibility for your self and will contact your support network should you feel the need for support during or after this experience.

Whilst my Background is in Counselling, I am not offering nor providing Counselling in this context.

Due to the nature of these video ecourses, all sales are final and no refunds will be given.

Regarding Health & Safety using creative materials & products:

As you will see from my videos I freely use acrylic paints, glues, gel mediums and other art materials and products which I often get on my skin.

By purchasing an ecourse you are aware that it is Your responsibility to read all the product information, including any hazards, before you select/choose so that you understand the possible reactions that the manufacturers specify.

You agree that Kassi Martin is not accountable nor responsible for any reactions or illness caused from your use of any materials or products you choose to take part in this ecourse.

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Whether you wish to paint more intuitively with soul & joy or you’re seeking out your Truest Self then I am the person you are looking for to guide you.

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