As you did before, I invite you to relax deeply as you begin to create your branches by breathing deeply.

Who knows what your branches will look like. There is no right or wrong. Go with your gut and see what emerges.

You may have collected twigs, branches or moss from outside to lay on or glue onto your work.

Trust that whatever you do, is exactly how it is meant to be... Go with your process, I find it never lets me down.


Here I share part of my personal development story with you...

I remember the first time I allowed myself to just 'do' and 'be' while I painted. It was such a freeing, releasing process. I laughed and cried all at the same time. My arms and hands were full of energy, tingling and enlivened.

I realised I was 'Letting Go'. I was in the middle of a release, a psychological 'shift' from a life long 'prison' of living cautiously, being responsible and in control. I had tiptoed around people and issues for years! How sad to think I hadn't been spontaneously and joyfully living all this time.

All I know is that when I finally freed myself up to paint those branches wildly crying and laughing it was an amazing and enlivening experience. I Loved it and wanted more and more spontaneity in my life!

Life Changing

No more tiptoeing around. No more apologising for taking up space on this glorious planet.

My branches of that Tree spread far and wide, above and below... they were multi coloured and I loved them.

Those branches released me from a Belief I had carried with me that 'speaking truthfully to others might hurt them'.

How Did This Shift Come About?

I'd created branches already and felt very dissatisfied with them. I wanted different branches. I was disappointed. So I asked myself to describe the kind of Branches I most wanted... I demonstrated immediately with my arms and they went Everywhere! I then invited myself to just create them that way... 'everywhere'. I pushed myself through my barriers and finally Let Go! Wow.

What an amazing feeling...

I invite you to take risks, to free yourself up... to let go of whatever holds you back.

My Old Branches had represented my old way of being, my Belief about Not Speaking My Truth.



As you are producing your Kind Of Tree painting, it is equally fine to simply create without delving into each part if you do not wish to. If you create Intuitively from your Gut you will be expressing from a deep part of you, to your self.

What you produce, will 'say' so much about who you are and you will 'get' this at that unspoken level.

Going through the process of creating and connecting with your picture can be enough to make a strong connection or shift (change) take place. It is as if your picture and your Self have an unspoken dialogue.

Something unconsciously - automatically - happens deep within. Words are not needed.

If you would like to delve more deeply visit the Resources page. Use as few or as many 'prompts' as you wish.

When you are ready to move on, click here to visit the Foliage page.