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THE PATCHWORK TREE Mixed Media for Self Care & Well Being

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Welcome to my Free Mixed Media & Personal Development painting class the Patchwork Tree for those new to mixed media and painting.

Allow me to introduce you to creating a textured mixed media Painting - a joyful process. For me, there is nothing like creating texture and using Mixed Media to create a Painting.  
Texture for me is a reflection of our real lives. Nothing goes perfectly smoothly, our lives are Textured.

When you discover how joyful it is to create Texture in this way, a little messy, uncontrolled, creased and definitely not matching, you may well find yourself loosening up from any controlling ways of behaving in terms of Neat & Tidy Perfection which to my mind causes us stress, anxiety and unhappiness.

Clear or White Gesso / PVA School Glue
Palette Knife or an old credit card you no longer use
Coloured/Patterned Gift Tissue
Hard board - 12"square or a size that 'feels right' to you

Acrylic Paint:
I use a small amount of pale blue, yellow, turquoise, violet, magenta, silk purple (lavender), fluorescent green and pale blue. A sponge. A few paint brushes. A jar for water, a rag. Something to put your paints on like an old piece of cardboard would do or a silver foil food platter. I also use two acrylic inks in Yellow and Turquoise but these are not essential, you could use paint if you are keeping to a budget.

My videos are calm & gently paced. As I create my painting, you will feel inspired to create your own.

I hope you enjoy your experience and please share images of your painting.

This art class is FREE of charge and you have access for a whole year.

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By participating in this art class you understand that this is intended as a Creative & Personal Development tool and that you agree to take care of and take responsibility for yourself.

As we create and paint, just in the same way as we experience day to day living and relating with others, unresolved issues, feelings & emotions can and do surface offering us potential for change. Sometimes these experiences can be challenging and it is useful and sometimes necessary to have somebody you can share this with to reflect, learn, resolve and grow. Please ensure you have a GP, Nurse Practitioner or Counsellor who can listen wisely and support you through unresolved work if required.
Regarding Health & Safety using art materials/products:
You agree to take responsibility for your health and read all product information, including any manufacturer's warnings.

About Me

Whether you wish to paint more intuitively with soul & joy or you’re seeking out your Truest Self then I am the person you are looking for to guide you.

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