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Learn how to Let Go of all of that brings you Stress & Discover how my Unique Expressive Art heals in so many ways,  

propelling You towards greater Confidence & Self Esteem, Assertiveness, Inner Peace & find answers to your Problems.

It also offers a Mindful experience, reducing Anxiety, Stress & Low Mood, elevating Self Care & Well Being. 


No matter which of my courses you do, each one contains empowering, exciting Prompts & Videos

I am here & available to help even if you don't know what you Need.  Reach out via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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As you Collage a beautiful Patchwork Tree, learn about  

Stress, Anxiety, OCD, Relaxation, Breathing, Feelings & Emotions!

Jam packed with creativity and self care!

Discover how your Fingers & Unconscious work together,

revealing & sharing who you truly are

Learn How to create your very own Shine Brightly Tree

Discover what your Tree's message is for You

Discover the amazing messages your Tree has for You.

Honour who you are, learn to listen to & trust yourself

Included is a FREE optional 30 minute conversation with Kassi

Experience a Mindful Inner Peace as your mixed media develops

BONUS Course & FREE online conversation with Kassi

For just £45 -  Full Value £129 !

Release Stress, Lift Mood,

Free yourself from Perfection & have Fun

whilst creating a gorgeous Painting

Let Go of your need to Plan & Control.

What we have need not remain this way forever. We have choices in art ...& life.

An exciting, expressive art course combining music, intuitive painting & writing reflectively.

Dance, sing, paint and reflect!

Welcome to my Creative, Therapeutic World of Art

Connect deeply with your younger Self

through collage, colour & texture

Learn how to create a Negative Space painting, whilst developing

my Intuitive process, reduce Stress & have fun

Learn How To Reduce Stress & Anxiety
with Kassi's Unique, Portable Expressive Arts Approach

Going Deeper Than Words...

Expressing our experience through colour & texture

releases us from the discomfort of carrying it within us

What would you like to Let Go of?

Create your Tree of Letting Go and discover all it has to offer you! 


I wonder what messages you will receive

through this exciting Expressive Art adventure

Connect with yourself as you never have before!

Did you know you are a Community of Selves?

Come & explore who you are through colour and texture!

Release Feelings, Self Soothe and Feel Better

using paint, texture, colour and tuning inwards to our body wisdom

Welcome! Learn how to create a Mixed Media Collage Intuitively,

deeply Layered & Expressive. Honour Your Life Story in my Creative & Therapeutic World of Art