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What kind of tree are you?

What Kind of Tree Am I Online Art & Personal Development Video E-Course

My popular & inspirational course is now available with immediate year long access with email facilitation. Work at your own pace. I guide you gently, step by step via videos facilitating your journey, rich in Personal Development for those who love to grow & develop during their life time.  The work I offer helps those who find it difficult to Say No. You may find you grow in confidence, feel more Relaxed and at ease in your own skin. You may not care so much whether others Like you but you may find they Respect you Much More.  Whatever you need will be discovered as you paint and I am here to support you with my gentle, compassionate approach.

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Intuitive Art

FREE Taster Intuitive Art


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My FREE 4 Week online Taster of Intuitive Art for Soulful Seekers offered in my Forum

You may be a Caring Professional in search of Self Care or CPD, you may be an Artist feeling stuck, you may be somebody who enjoys art and creativity and curious about my Offering.  What many discover is that what they most need shows up in their Art... in their Doodles... and I am a very supportive companion at helping you to discover whatever you are seeking.

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Intuitive Art Monthly

Intuitive Art for Personal Growth

This ongoing group is for those who have undertaken my Free 4 week Taster of Intuitive Art and who wish to continue their exploration of Intuitive Art and Personal Exploration of life.

Choose to belong month by month. Come and go as you wish.

Just £10 a month you will have my ongoing support, knowledge and experience.

Share whatever you are creating, how you are feeling about your Creative Process and upload one Intuitive Painting per month for exploration with me.

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Patchwork Tree

FREE The Patchwork Tree

A FREE, Mixed Media & Personal Development ecourse. Create a richly, textured Patchwork Tree painting whether you're new to mixed media or would like a new project. Texturing with colourful tissues & gesso, then creating The Patchwork Tree (as shown in the image).  As I create I chat about how our Life shows up in our art. I cover mild OCD, mild anxiety and how being Real and Authentic reduces Stress.  Also available as an Online Group. 

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Beltane Blossoms

Beltane Blossoms Online Art Video E-Course

A Painting & Mixed Media ecourse. Gentle, step by step videos demonstrating how to create this beautiful Tree.  No need to be artistic to take part, just a willingness to embrace the process.  Relax & enjoy creating 'Beltane Blossoms' to proudly hang in your home.  I created this painting of our stunning Cherry Blossom Tree which blooms during Beltane, a Gaelic May Day Festival.

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Worry Tree

Worry Tree Online Art E-Course

Keep Calm & Paint A Worry Tree!  Do you Worry?  We all have some Worries don't we?  It's what we DO with our Worries that matters though.  Lying awake all night worrying or sitting preoccupied at work worrying isn't a way of dealing with our Worries effectively.  Worrying continually simply creates more anxiety. The Worry Tree is a Painting & Personal Development ecourse.

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Summer Wildflowers

Summer Wildflowers Online Art E-Course

Summer Wildflowers is for everybody. Whether you are new or experienced to painting and creating. Allow me to lead you gently and easily through your creation of Summer Wildflowers step by step.

Everything is pre-recorded so you can work at your own pace and use colours that just light you up for only £10.

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About Me

Whether you wish to paint more intuitively with soul & joy or you’re seeking out your Truest Self then I am the person you are looking for to guide you.

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