Paid E-Courses

What if you could become more Creative in your Counselling Practice & Life?

Would you like to develop Creativity in your Toolkit, but previously believed you had to be 'an artist'?

I offer Experiential, Expressive Art eCourses for Personal Development, easing Creativity into your Practice

Combined with my life-long love of art making,
I bring 20+ years experience as a Counsellor, Creative Therapist, Trainer, Mentor & Group Facilitator 

You may have a Caring Professional Role such as a Counsellor, Leader, Artist, Art Therapist, Coach or Teacher

I can help You to develop your own Expressive Art Workshops too!

Experience Expressive Art as a vessel for your own Personal Healing, whilst developing Skills to add to your Tool Kit



As you Collage your unique Tree, learn about Stress, Anxiety, OCD,

Relaxation, Emotions, Creativity & Self Care

2 x £50 Payments - Total Investment £100

Learn How to Create & Dialogue with your art, developing personally & professionally through my unique Approach

3 x £50 Payments - Total Investment £150

Learn new Creative Skills & Tools for your Practice & Life

Discover the Messages your unique Tree has for You

5 x £50 Payments - Total Investment £250.00

Develop your Intuition & Create an incredible Mixed Media whilst developing Personally

3 x £50 Payments - Total Investment £150

Would you like to experience my very unique Approach to Expressive Art?

Come on in for a Free experience 

Learn how my Unique Expressive Art Approach enhances your Life & Wellbeing

through Music, Intuitive Mixed Media & Reflective Journaling

Connect deeply with your Inner Child through collage, colour & texture

7 x £50 Payments - Total Investment £350

18 Hours of CPD

Learn how to create a Negative Space painting,

whilst learning about my Expressive Art Approach

An Expressive Art experience offering tools to Soothe, Calm & Distract

Going Deeper Than Words. Expressing our Experience to release us from discomfort

3 x £50 Payments - Total Investment £150 - Lifetime Access

Do you cling on tightly? Would you like to Learn to Let Go?

3 x £50 Payments - Total Investment £150


Honour Your Stories & Connect with your Body Wisdom 18 Hours of CPD

7 x £50 Payments - Total Investment £350

Did you know you have a Community of Selves within You?

Come & explore who you are

2 x £50 Payments - Total £100 - Lifetime Access

Learn How to Release Feelings, Self Sooth & Feel Better Fast using Art,

6 x Videos & Prompts to inspire you

Learn how to create a deeply Layered Collage to Honour Your Story

5 x £50 Monthly Payments - Total Investment £250.00

Honour Your Stories of Grief, Loss & Transformation

5 x £50 Payments - Total Investment £250

Explore The Gift of Anger

Experiential, Expressive Art - Awaken, Heal & Transform

3 x £50 Payments - Total Investment £150

Discover the Essence of Your Core Self, Soul or Spirit

12 Hours CPD & FREE eBook

5 x £50 Payments - TOTAL £250

a Mini eCourse - Potent, In-depth Therapeutic Tool for Counsellors & Therapists

Objects & Projection