Talking, Sharing, Opening Up, Expressing feelings...  it all sounds so simple and it really can be, when we are in the presence of another Human who understands how difficult it can be to bypass all the Don't, Should, Must & Ought messages we were taught.  'don't be angry/sad'  'you should be grateful/happy'   'you ought to be there for everyone' etc.

Well meaning relatives, care-givers, authority figures want us to Behave Appropriately in the World.  They feel sure that if we say please, thank you, are gracious with others, get good grades and use the green cross code this will stand us in good stead.

These 'conditions of worth' however, get in the way of our happiness, spontaneity, relationships, how we parent our children and how we speak to ourselves silently inside our Mind. 

Unfortunately, all of these can cause anxiety, stress and depression.
Kassi Martin Counsellor in Gretna
Those who tend to work with me are Responsible, Hardworking, Giving, Caring Humans, often Teachers, Nurses and Counsellors who have a tendency to feel overwhelmed and close to burn-out but who keep going regardless of the Stress levels they feel.

Your Mind may often feel crammed to capacity with work and family problems or the Needs of Others.  You feel you 'ought' to help solve their problems or take care of others.  

Being The Strong One who is leaned upon may be a familiar and long-standing Role you have had, possibly since childhood caring for a parent or care giver.

Counsellor in Gretna, Scotland
Where do caring, giving Helpers go when in need of support?
I have considerable experience offering Counselling in Gretna, Carlisle and online via Zoom.  Each session lasts 60 minutes for £50.

Experiencing Counselling for the first time can offer a huge release of pressure that has been stored up inside the Body and Mind causing headache, tension and body pain.  It can lead to feelings of stress, anxiety and low mood.

When we have continued to be Strong for many years we can feel overwhelemed at times and become closer to burn out.  Our nervous system needs plenty of relaxation, rest and nourishment to remain flexible and responsive. 

When we are overwhelmed, our nervous system operates at Survival Level most of the time.  We feel depleted, often tearful and unsure what to do for the best. 

Sharing our life stories and being heard and understood by a Counsellor who has been trained to listen in a focused way, can be life-changing.

After spending years of bottling up feelings, emotions and events it can be a huge relief to share our stories and begin to really hear ourselves. 

A Counsellor can offer us ways to fully hear ourselves, make sense of our differing parts of Self within and consider what we want for our life. 

I am an Accredited Counsellor with BACP and have provided Counselling for 18 years professionally.

Counsellor in Gretna, Scotland
I work from my peaceful, calm office space in Gretna, DG16 and Carlisle, CA2.

You can book a 60 minute session as a one-off, or we can meet weekly, fortnightly or to suit you.  

Daytimes, Evenings, Weekend appointments are available. Each 60 minute session is £50 which can be paid via paypal, cash (in person) or bank transfer.

If you would like a free chat initially, without obligation, please contact me to arrange this.  Call/text 07876222790 or complete the contact form below.

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