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hi there

How are you doing?

It's been a little while since I wrote a more personal post and have a yearning to say hello and check in with you.

Taking Stock & Feeling Grateful
I've been taking stock of late and feeling very grateful. Every now and then I reach a sort of Milestone on my life journey. I can't separate my personal life from my business as they are both so deeply connected, like sisters. I guess I have just crossed another Milestone and have found it very satisfying and humbling all at the same time. I am beginning to really sense who I am and what I am capable of. It feels very exciting. Intuitively I know there is so much more joy to come.

Rite of Passage
I have a feeling my Menapause is connected. A deeply wise Being from within has emerged and taken the helm. It is Me of course, a new phase of my life has begun.

My often purple/red face, burning hotly with palms to match makes me think about years of repressed Anger. My sudden allergy to fragrances of every kind bringing instant headache suggests how people and things have got up my nose over the years. No more 'putting up with' or 'settling for' may be an indication of something much more enriching to come from now on.

A Brave Self is boldly leading the way through to the next Milestone. There is No Going Back and I am so grateful for this Rite of Passage. Women today are speaking out and sharing their stories, life experiences, menapause included. This word was rarely uttered aloud, just 'mouthed' as if the foulest language for centuries. If I can help other women through this I will and often do. Generally a 10 year window of time (why does nobody tell us!) where we can crash and burn - literally - and I did both. However there is something wonderful to gain as we come through this life changing process, I not only feel it but now believe and know this.

Finding My Voice
As my friend Carol so aptly says 'thank you for saying exactly how things are Kassi.'. I believe when we reach this Rite we are no longer prepared to pretend. We no longer fear stating our truths. We can own our opinions, share our feelings and let go of the anxiety that somebody might disagree or disapprove of us.  I won't collude.  I won't be used. I trust my Intuition and if I get a 'bad' feeling or sense of something, I will listen and act upon it.  This is a promise to my Self.

I think we can become more fully congruent when we at least allow ourselves to know our Truths. I suggest to others that they initially Whisper These Truths to themselves if they don't feel able to speak up and aloud. Always let yourself know what you truly think, believe or feel even if you don't say it. One day you will surprise yourself as you challenge aloud, confidently and calmly.  Your Truths will flow easily from your lips and you will feel truly good about who you are becoming. Your anxiety will ease and your low mood will lift.

I will no longer be silenced.

Hiding My Light Under A Bushel
I believe we are taught to feel shame around our Passions and Gifts. We are taught we 'must' not say aloud what we can do well. We 'must' not brag or boast. 'Brag' and 'boast' invite a sense of Shame in us and I believe are used to control us when small to encourage a more socially acceptable; bashful, shy, reserved and meek way of being. But how does this serve us or others?  What if we ditched 'brag and boast' for 'sharing' - how different does that feel? 

Why don't you share your gifts and passions with me, I would Love to hear all about them from you! I know when I talk about my passion and gifts I feel so happy and enlivened. I also know what I am not so gifted at and happy to share that too.

I seem to have a gift for helping people realise their Dreams. I have been lucky enough to connect with those who desperately wanted and needed to make big changes in their lives but when they dared to whisper their hopes and dreams, came up against an angry spouse or passive parent who escalated their behaviour to get them back in their box. So called 'friends'/others who have put us down for daring to dream big.

So many of you now have your own Art Studio, are creating regularly, daily... some are running your own groups, selling your art, writing... singing... feeling happier generally. We spent some time together briefly and then you flew the nest - your Truest Selves - and I am so happy to have spent a little time journeying alongside you for a while.

When I hear how you are doing and all that is happening in your lives - and I allow myself to really know that in some small way I have helped - I Love it! I feel so grateful to have crossed paths with you. Thank You.

Many have been caring professionals like myself in nursing, counselling, teaching, social work... serving the Public in some way. Hugely giving, loving Humans and sadly very burnt out. I believe many of us who feel exhausted, disillusioned, lost, alone... we have one Default Position - that 'Go To' place - and that is to Work Harder... Give More... simply resulting in more burn out, more depression and a steeper fall.

I absolutely know now that things can be very different. We don't have to twist and contort ourselves into certain shapes and sizes to fit in, to gain approval, to belong... We can find a way to Self Love and Self Accept and feel hugely happier and more content, self sufficient and without need for approval of others. Get in touch if any of this resonates, just hit return and I will reply to you with compassion and gentle care.

I've been having a bit of a clear out lately, letting go (again) of all sorts of stuff. I found so much in the process of throwing out. I am a bit of a hoarder where art materials are concerned and found some gorgeous craft papers, tissues, Golden Paints I had forgotten I had stashed in a box! What an amazing find. For those of you who use the Brand 'Golden' for acrylic fluids or more heavy bodied paint will probably catch hold of my excitement when you read how I uncovered those forgotten gems.

I've been creating lots too. As is my usual way, I don't only create art to feel joyously happy - such an amazing thing to discover how happy creating art makes us feel, but it truly does... and nor do I create art to look at a finished painting, but I create art most of all to find out more about myself and to grow in some way.

Embrace Me
The image above is a Work In Progress. This Mixed Media has offered so much and all the personal development that has emerged is why I am sharing this post with you today really as it helped me to reach this latest Milestone.  I had an awesome moment when all of my collaged background became veiled with a beautiful cloudy tissue showing me that I do not need to have 'all that archaic stuff' in my face, up front and in full view, 24/7. Wow. What a moment when I uncovered this and things have felt so very different for me. A lot of my historical stuff has now receded to the back of my mind where it belongs, in the past.

Embrace Me will become a Soulful online Art Class but this time sharing the whole process of how and why I create art intuitively, bringing me closer to a more Whole and Complete Self which of course offers You this too.

I have enjoyed the process so much, allowing me to grow more deeply than ever before. Every part of the painting says so much about where I have come from and where I am now. For those of you who have been reading my Explorations of Intuitive Art with others will have a much greater understanding of how my approach to Intuitive Art is so healing.

If you would like to put your name on the Waiting List to hear about this new Art Class do let me know. It doesn't sign you up but it keeps you informed about what is coming up. There will be an Early Bird price for this one with a whole year's access to the course material and an online group where we can share our creative process as it emerges along with feelings and thoughts if you enjoy that compassionate group experience.

I've been working on my website of late and would like to invite you to take a look around while you are here and let me know what you think.  Try a Free Intuitive Art taster with me, one to one. Just get in touch and I will organise it.

Please consider forwarding this email on to a friend, a colleague or relative who gives and cares just like you do and feels the familiar drained, exhausted feeling.  Forwarding my emails on spreads Kassi-Love around the world - and it's Free.

Thanks for visiting me here,

Physis - forging ahead regardless
A Strong Spirit That Won't Be Changed


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Tuesday, 26 March 2019

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