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Physis - forging ahead regardless


hi there

How are you? 

Spring is truly in the air is it not? Our garden is filled with moment by moment new growth forging forth, upwards and outwards. It just cannot, will not, be halted.

Our Daffodils seem to have sprung out of nowhere. I didn't see their shoots, they were just suddenly there, all gorgeously Yellow and proud, waving in the wind.

I love how those Daffodils just do their thing, year in, year out. Nothing can stunt their Physis. The Wind, Snow, Rain, Hail nor Frost... can hold them back. If Wind threatened to blow them to the ground or Rain suggested they hang fire for a couple of months just in case they drown in April's downpours, would Daffodils hesitate? Would they feel all wobbly in their Bulbs and consider giving this year's appearance a miss? No! Never, they would forge ahead regardless.

Imagine if we humans had this same steadfast ability? Wouldn't that just be beyond amazing? That we would flow out of our very own birth canal all soft skin, blood and mucous - ok so not a fantastic image for the squeamish, yet factual - and then begin to grow and develop ...no holds barred. No fear, no threats, no concerns, no anxiety, no 'what if's'... no fearful messages getting in our way. We would simply Become.

Wow! Just think about that for a moment. Really let the idea flow inside of you and observe how you feel at the very thought of growing and developing, no holds barred.

If you would like to take that a step further... the Feeling(s) or Sensation(s) you have in response to the above; describe them to your self... they could be anything. Trust them, your Feelings and Sensations cannot be 'wrong', they won't let you down. I believe they are there to offer you wisdom and information.

For me, I sense much Tingling around my hips, back, stomach and arms. I feel excited at the very idea of Not Being Held Back - Without Restriction. How about you?

As I let this develop within, I get a sense of Enormity and Endlessness of the Universe inside of me. What an experience, the spaciousness... I love it!

So I ask, why can't I be just like the Daffodils? I too have Physis, that innate ability to grow and develop. We all do.

I actually believe I, you, us, we can all be just like the Daffodils, growing wildly and without fear or hesitation... but what stops me, and many of us... is our Inner Critic. Such a debilitating creature within, such a powerful hold over us, so deeply rooted inside our Youngest parts of Self.  Fearful, Determined, Powerful Messages from generations before us.

Wow, can you sense the power of our Beliefs. Phew... rather like that image of the Elephant chained to the ground, shackled by one leg. That chain had been there from babyhood, preventing it from escape. As a baby it couldn't flee. As the Elephant became fully grown and more powerful than any chain that held it, why didn't the grown Elephant just break free and walk away?

Because the Elephant believed it was not possible. :-(

I believe our Inner Critic has the same kind of hold over us. We truly believe we cannot do 'that' thing, we truly believe we will be laughed at, or talked about, we truly worry what others will think about us, that we need to be thinner, taller, braver, more beautiful, more intelligent, more capable... we believe that we will spoil that 'thing'... Huge, chunky, chain links, holding us back, deterring us from fully becoming and being.

All of these messages are sent down the generations before us, twisting and contorting ourselves to fit in and belong in our society. To ensure we conform and behave in acceptable ways - or else!

I appreciate that following the Green Cross Code is wise and not committing murder is an absolute... however, all the other stuff our Critic throws at us day in, day out, is often debilitating. In the past my Critic had the ability to make me Freeze completely in less than a second, unable to move left or right... just Stuck there still, with fear unable to do a thing. This is not living!

And like the Elephant once grown, we do not simply shed our shackles, we carry these Beliefs and our Inner Critic around within, sometimes for the rest of our lives. How sad. How limiting. How they can destroy our confidence and stunt our potential.

I wonder if you notice your self being interrupted by your critical voice within? I notice for me, my Critic is more active when I am with somebody else or in a group. When I am alone, I have much less bother with my Critic these days. It certainly has not always been that way however.

How about you? How do you and your Inner Critic brush along together? Are you aware of your's? Does it impact your every day life or is it just an occasional problem?

Intuitive Art is a wonderful approach to tackle our lack of confidence and Inner Critic bullying tactics. It has allowed me to push through barriers I didn't realise I had. My confidence has grown enormously. I don't care so much about what others may think or how I will look... I take risks and push through, strengthening who I truly am and loosening the grip of my Inner Critic and my past.

If you would like a free Taster of Intuitive Art online with me, one to one, please let me know. This is a genuine offer and worth £99. Free of charge for now without obligation whatsoever.

All you would need is some paper and pastels or oil pastels. Alternatively paper/canvas and acrylic paint. Whichever suits you best.  You and I could meet together in a Secret facebook group. No forms to complete. No waiting lists.

So far those who have experienced this with me have found it exciting, challenging, rewarding and often, life changing.

If you would like to try but perhaps your shackles and chains are holding you back from breaking out and becoming more You... this could be the moment to send me an email and request your free taster session regardless. I feel sure you won't regret it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is where you will find me. I am responsive, warm, gentle, nurturing, very compassionate and empathic and will do my best to offer you a wonderful experience.

I can't keep this Free offer open forever but it is available to You right this moment.



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Sunday, 19 May 2019

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