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How are you doing?

It's such a beautiful day here, much abundance is all around in the form of buds, shoots, colourful flowers bursting from their birthing pods.

I did an amazing visualisation exercise this morning following my wandering barefoot on our damp grass, gazing with wonder at everything in our garden.

I imagined what it might be like to be a Seed and follow its journey to flowering - that simple, yet a profound experience! You might like to give this a go and please let me know how you get on if you wish, I love hearing from you.

I began as a pale, green oval Seed, placed into a small hole in soil by loving, rough, outdoor hands. Suddenly I began sprouting flimsy yet determined creamy white Roots. Down, down and outwards my Roots went into the warm, moist and richly fragrant soil.

As my Seed self, I felt a pushing and sensed a growth of my Inner Seed bursting forth. Suddenly my Seed Shell split open unable to contain the new growth developing within and a pale green shoot sprouted out, incredibly driven upwards. It didn't look about for signposts, or need any encouragement - it just forged ahead without question.

It didn't take long for this Sprout to strengthen and lengthen and suddenly it popped out of the soil.

Immediately a new experiencing began. My new Stem felt sunlight, warmth and gentle breeze all around me and this incredible spaciousness that was as huge as the Universe. I, the Sprouted Stem, continued moving, teeny weeny spurts of growth. Such a driven experience, natural and flowing without question. This did not happen for praise nor reward. My Stem was just Being and Doing its 'thing' without care.

There was no hesitation from my Stem. No fears, no 'what ifs', no 'should or ought I...?' just a strong, confident, driven, determined, moving process. I was in the moment with no thoughts of what I would become. It was more about 'this is Me, right now, enjoying every moment of my being'.

I didn't have any concerns about becoming the 'right' kind of flower. I wasn't interested or concerned about judgment regarding my shape, size, colour - no; "will I turn out the way I 'should'.

I was simply Being and got on it with it. Wow! Imagine that freedom to simply grow and become? Free of concerns. Free of judgement. Just Free to Be. Imagine a world like this?!

Then suddenly my little Bud at the tip of my stem began forming a different, fuller shape, developing bit by bit and when the moment came, the bud opened and out came an amazing Pinky Purple Flower which sort of yawned and stretched open gradually until it had completely emerged.

It seemed a constantly flowing process from the moment the seed went into soil to when the Flower opened. Of course this isn't the final stage of the Flower's being, it still has to continue on its journey of its life cycle, however I stopped at this point and brought my attention back to myself. What could I learn from this visualisation?

I seemed very quickly to sense that part of myself that can Be and is like that Seed on its journey to Flowering. I allowed myself to really sense that Place within me and stepped right in there to that way of being. I felt spacious, calm, confident, at ease and free. I felt free of judgement and oppression. No rules or values. I sensed that whatever I did would be simply 'right' for who I am.

Very aware however that this is not my usual space that I reside in or function from, I allowed myself to gaze in the direction of my 'more usual' way of being.

Immediately I sensed another part of me. A striving part of me that is headed in a particular direction. She was slightly blinkered, not fully seeing the whole picture (how interesting). What I noticed most however was a real pulling back, as if she had invisible elastic ropes dragging her back, slowing her down. I was still moving forward but not with ease. It took huge effort, enormous energy and determination to keep going. It was cramped and full of rules, beliefs and values on signposts everywhere. There were many 'things' grappling for my attention, clogging up my space and flow... I felt as if I was wearing concrete shoes that couldn't be removed.

Surprisingly then, another part of me stepped forward. This part was drained and looked fearful. This part spoke in tired tones... this part of me was the part who believes she Must take responsibility and juggle 'everything' she had been told she Should do to be a 'good' and 'proper' person. My goodness! I felt so sad to see that part. So young and afraid, continuing without question. Doing So, Soooo much for so many! Oh My, my heart was aching for her.

"Why are you so burdened?" I asked her.
"I'm just doing what is expected of me," she replied quietly and without question.
"Life doesn't have to be this hard," I told her.

She looked up and stared. Although she didn't believe me I definitely sensed Hope in her eyes.

I took her by the hand and told her that she had done enough for one life time. No more... Time now for her to live. Time to loosen off those shackles placed on her from earlier times and older relationships.

I felt remarkably calm as I led her towards the spacious area I had stepped in to at the beginning. All That Space.

To try to describe this space for you; it is like an enormous atrium of transparent walls. Pale greens and pinks everywhere with sparkling crystal effects all around. Lots of shimmery light shafts are glowing in and bouncing soft colours about. Inspiring. When I look through the transparent walls I see trees, plant life, flowers, blue sky, sea, birds, animals... it seems endless in terms of luscious space and beauty.

My Atrium feels empty yet full. It feels like anything I need can be accessed from this space yet it can't be seen as it would clog up the walls like ancient library shelves filled to capacity.

This precious space is mine and I will not allow myself to lose this sense of a new way of being. I want this So much for myself. I believe it has always been an option for me, available to me, I just hadn't discovered up until this morning when that simple 'Being A Seed' visualisation led me to it.

There is a loss in this new discovery of course. All the years I lived the way I did, it's quite a realisation.

I'm so grateful to have stumbled across my 'Atrium' of pale greens and pinks with sparkling crystals however.  To know I have this way of being available to me feels like discovering incredible Treasure.

I hope you have a beautiful day and I'd love to hear about your experience if you try my Seed visualisation. 

thanks for visiting me here,



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Sunday, 19 May 2019

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