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What Kind of Tree Are YOU?

hi there!

How are you doing? The Summer Sun is back and I love this time of year for sitting out in my garden till Very late, moon aglow, fairy lights and candles lit.  Last night, the stillness and warmth around 11 pm in our garden was just beautiful.  I could have stayed out all night!

I'm really looking forward to my next Studio event 27 July, when a small group of us are going to be painting our emotions. Those sometimes funny sensations that roam around our Body without warning! Catching us unawares and causing us to feel an incredible array of sensations from 'brick in our chest', 'lump in the throat', 'floaty, distant Mind' or even a 'whirling, churning tummy'. Exciting!

This group is full however I will be offering it again in an online group for those of you around the world who can't travel here.

ALSO... I have Important News....
I want to let you know my online personal development painting course What Kind of Tree Are YOU is finally going up to its full price of £99 - which is still amazing value for money.

It has been on Celebratory Offer of just £25 for almost a year and the time has finally come for it to be sold at a more Real value.

You have until Friday evening to buy this wonderful personal development tool offering you a whole year's access and many CPD hours if you need these for your Professional Body.

The header image is a small part of one of my 'What Kind of Tree Are You' Paintings which speaks so deeply about my Responsibility part of my personality.  Creating and writing in my journal about this Tree was so useful in helping me be more self aware in how I gave above and beyond and how to rein that part of me back in.

You could very easily log 10 hours of CPD for your Professional Body by undertaking this ecourse.  Our CPD tends to be a very costly business and I know for me I have spent thousands of pounds over the years re-training, adding to my tool box of skills. A two day weekend group, plus travel and accommodation can really add up. 

For those of you who are Therapists, not only will you undertake a personal journey through What Kind of Tree Are YOU painting process you will also learn lots of new creative approaches to your Practice.

For those who are not Therapists but love to Grow Personally you will benefit in so many ways from feeling a more, Whole and complete Self, developing your Self Awareness and your will pick up great tools to support you in your every day life and relationships. 

If you are interested, you can also explore your Tree as it emerges, with me via an exchange of emails - please let me know if you would like to find out more about this 'add on' experience to your eCourse. 

Many people have undertaken What Kind of Tree Are You either in person or online over the years with me.  Participants are often amazed at what arises in them as they are gently guided through my unique process.  

I also offer this experience in a 6 week online group for £249 which offers a very meaty personal development journey.  Feedback strongly suggests that this offers so much more than years of personal therapy.  So if you have been on the Fence for a while about whether or not to buy What Kind of Tree Are You? now may be the time to go for this before it goes up on Friday night. 

It's easy to sign up.  Just choose the E-course page here on my website, select What Kind of Tree Are You and complete the sign up there. 

If you have questions please ask, I tend to respond to emails very quickly. Take good care of your self, 



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Sunday, 21 January 2018

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