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I've been quite busy of late. Most of my 'busy' has been about finding ways to convey what I do and why. Something I find this tricky to succinctly explain so I thought I would tell you about my Intuitive Soul Cards which explains quite well.

Each of my Intuitive Soul Cards are created from a piece of art I have made.  It may be a small area of an overall painting for example, the Roots of a Tree.

If you look up to the top of this post I have one of my Intuitive Soul Cards up there; The Girl In The Golden Onesie.  This image above is a small part of  a Painting.  This image 'says' so much about one particular Part of Me, about my life, my personality, my inner world, my history.  You may recall reading a blog previously regarding this image called White Wolf, Running Girl and The Golden Onesie..

When I create, or participants create with me, I/they are always invited to create Intuitively. This means they are going to express their deepest Self from their Unconscious Process, that part of us we aren't aware of.  When we create intuitively, spontaneously, playfully, without thinking or planning, then we create from deep within, from a place of not knowing,, not thinking nor analysing but from a place of being how we feel, moment by moment, without questioning -  just going with our impulses, intuitively and staying open to what emerges on canvas.

Every time we do this we are taking a step closer to becoming more complete, more Whole, knowing ourselves more fully, allowing ourselves to grow and become.

Whilst we create in this way, it offers us much. We may notice 'marks' on our canvas, areas that grab our attention, colours that fill up our heart and mirror our Soul. We become more self aware.

Some areas of our painting can feel curious, exciting, dark, troubling, disturbing, enlivening, inviting us within for exploration if we are ready and willing to go there and discover what there is to know.

When I really look deeply in to my paintings, I notice and then ask questions such as:

"What is that mark that looks like a squashed man playing a violin?"

"What is that area that is enmeshed greys, purples and magenta and hints of pain from my past?"

"What is it about those Roots of the Tree that swirl and twist in such intricate ways?"

"Ooh my stomach sinks when I look at that mustard and green area"

I may not know the answer, not immediately... and even if the answer never comes, this does not truly matter.  What matters is that I made the mark, I created those intricate, swirling Roots, I 'see' the squashed man playing the violin and the image 'speaks' for and to me... with or without words. The image 'says' everything. The image is a part of who I am, where I am from, what makes me, Me. My Beliefs and Values... those Shadowy areas deep in my Unconscious that I may not wish to know or to own or that I only see and detest in others.

The more I can allow myself to create in this way, the more I can become more fully who I am, the more I can really know and accept Myself.

"...but why does this all matter Kas? Why do I need to paint and see what is in my deepest Self?" you may ask.

My answer is simple; If I can know and be fully me, then I can feel more whole and complete. I can accept more fully who I am ...the good ...the bad and the ugly. With this comes a wonderful Acceptance and Inner Peace in my experience. Less Stress, less Anxiety, less Depression, fewer Inner Critic attacks.

People notice and tell me they enjoy how accepting I am. The way I don't care if my windows have bird poo on them or my laminate flooring has a fluffy ball of dog hair floating along the surface as we sit together and chat. They enjoy being in my Accepting company of just being me which supports them to be who they really are. We can let down our defenses of having to "be" certain ways, to fit in for fear that we may bring about judgement from others.

I believe this level of Acceptance and Freedom comes from really knowing and being willing to know, who I am. I find me in my Art. I help You find You in your Art.  Every time we create, we get closer and closer to our real, whole self which I believe brings about a more 'at ease' way of being in the world.

"But why create Intuitive Soul Cards Kas?" Great question! If we have our own Intuitive Soul Cards - which can be a digital collection or printed - we can look at these images daily, we can feel comforted and soothed by them or be reminded of all the different Parts of ourselves. Like parts of a jigsaw, all making a whole, complete Self.  If I suddenly feel a bit wobbly and randomly select three or four of my Intuitive Soul Cards, I then find me in there.. I feel validated... I feel grounded... I find peace...

When I look at the image of Running Girl in her Golden Onesie up there it reminds me of my need to 'escape', to run freely down the hillside and away from overly giving to others from time to time.  She reminds me I need to do this to feel happier and more complete when I do 'escape' for a while.  Or I look at another Intuitive Soul Card which  may remind me of my Beginnings, my Mum, my Gran, I feel soothed, calmed and supported by their Love.

So creating Intuitive Soul Cards brings me much and will bring You much too.  They will bring you to You. To a rich, full, whole Self if this is what you would like.

I will be back very soon with more about what I do and why. In the meantime please ask questions or share what you feel or think.  You can comment or email, I will respond as always; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Take care of You 


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Monday, 22 January 2018

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