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hi there,

How are you?  Thank you so much for your loving messages, I appreciate every one of you.  

Here I am, almost at the end of another Year.  I have lots to share with you, some of which I am not quite ready to say, but I will be back very soon.

I've been taking stock the last few days, reflecting, considering...  what has gone well and not so well.  Some of you have already noticed my new domain name here!  I've been letting go of lots including my old business name 'barefoot creative' and have now taken full ownership of who I am and what I offer reflected in my website name

This evening I have spent time going through all of my photographs taken this year.  Hundreds and hundreds of images.  I asked myself if I was to store these under a 'Category' or 'Theme' could I come up with a word to encompass them and then the word Inspiration popped in to my mind.

The photograph at the top is particularly inspiring to me.

I love these Trees.  I love the Street that they live and grow in.

St Andrews is a beautiful, historic Scottish City with stunning ruins scattered everywhere.  The Castle drops down the cliffs to the Sea filling my heart with pride and passion.  The University with all of its scattered, yet connected buildings, Churches, stained glass windows of St Leonards Parish Church, so much to look at, to be impacted by emotionally.

But I like to look upwards...  I love looking up at these Trees in South Street, especially now, in Winter.

I love their Insistence!  They continue to grow in spite of being cut back year in and year out to accommodate the bustling street of today.

Their insistence reminds me of me - and very possibly, reminds you of You?

How many times are we cut back by events, situations, other people?

So I guess as I look at these amazing Trees and admire their Physis, I see myself, my life, I acknowledge my insistence to live and grow, no matter what.

How has your Year been?  Have you taken any time to reflect and acknowledge?  Please share your Year with me, I love to hear from you and as you know, I always respond personally.

Back very soon,



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Friday, 19 October 2018

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