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Learn how gritty, self-expression Unleashes your Real Self & Transforms Your Life!



Discover the Parts of Your Self, old and New!

Deeply reflective & joyful process

Learn how to create spontaneous, Intuitive Therapeutic Art for Well Being

A fun, relaxing, Therapeutic experience for YOU!

Suitable for pens/pencils/oil pastels/watercolour/acrylics

Welcome to a Brand New, Self Confident YOU!

Two downloadable Comprehensive PDFs

What I do, Why I do it and How it can Help YOU!

Bloom Unashamedly


Print & Hang or Save to your Device

Download my Inspirational Midsummer Goddess Art & discover her message for YOU!

Print or use as a Screensaver - just for YOU!

A Deeply, Expressive Process full of Juicy personal growth!

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Plant your Luscious Hopes & Dreams!

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Learn how to make a beautiful Hand Tied Posy

for Relaxation, your Home & as Gifts

You CAN Do this!

An Inclusive, Art Project, Curated by Kassi


Get my Trees (FREE Gift) to print off or trace & collage!

My Invitation to Be Imperfectly You and Learn about Perfection as a Defense

Create meaningful, authentic, intuitive art, rich in 'story' with your non dom hand

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Psychotherapist providing Self Expression for Change & Growth.

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