Just in the same way as before, I invite you to let go and simply tune in to your gut instinct... your inner wisdom... the intuitive part of you that we are all born with, that just 'knows', and allow your Trunk to emerge.

Drop any Plans or preconceived ideas you have for your Trunk...

Whatever happens, as you create, just trust, accept and remain curious.

Take your time, there is no rush…

Below is a video of me creating my Trunk if you would like to watch.



As you are producing your Kind Of Tree painting, it is equally fine to simply create without delving into each part if you do not wish to. If you create Intuitively from your Gut you will be expressing from a deep part of you, to your self.

What you produce, will 'say' so much about who you are and you will 'get' this at that unspoken level.

Going through the process of creating and connecting with your picture can be enough to make a strong connection or shift (change) take place. It is as if your picture and your Self have an unspoken dialogue.

Something unconsciously - automatically - happens deep within. Words are not needed.

If you would like to delve more deeply visit the Resources page. Use as few or as many 'prompts' as you wish.


When you are ready, visit the Branches page to move on.