Let's make a start creating your Background. Whatever materials you have chosen, are perfect for you.

Below is a video demonstrating how I created my Background with acrylic paints. It is simply how I felt at that moment.

Your background is going to be how You feel in this moment, as you create it. This cannot be wrong, or right for that matter... it just is, exactly as you express your self in the moment.

Don't worry if you don't know How you feel, just create, let it happen before your eyes! Take a nice deep breath in through your nose, and all the way out through your mouth. Relax. Look at your materials and just pick up the 'thing' that most interests you and explore with it on canvas, or paper...

Scroll below the video you will find more ideas and suggestions to ease you into creating your Background.


Relax.... take some lovely, slow, deep breaths in through your nose and then release out through your mouth until there is nothing left inside... and repeat twice more, returning to your usual everyday breathing.

Creating isn't a 'thinking' activity. It's about 'Doing'. It's about being in the moment and following your impulses. Going with your gut, your Intuition.

It can be helpful to get back in touch with a younger you. Back to the days where you might see something and grab it with curiosity and delight to it.

When you are ready, just let your hands, your eyes, your inner wisdom start to get some paint onto your canvas, paper or whatever you are using.

Do it in whichever way feels right to you. If your impulse is to do purple or black sponge splodges - just go for it! Treat this as an invitation to have fun, to play, to explore. You may like to use your fingers. Probably best to put some E45 or other barrier cream on to protect your skin.

Take as much time as you need....

Next is a video Reflecting on my background. Below that is a note for you about Reflecting on your's.



As you are producing your Kind Of Tree painting, it is equally fine to simply create without delving into each part if you do not wish to. If you create Intuitively from your Gut you will be expressing from a deep part of you, to your self.

What you produce, will 'say' so much about who you are and you will 'get' this at that unspoken level, an unconscious level.

Going through the process of creating and connecting with your picture can be enough to make a strong connection or shift (change) take place. It is as if your picture and your Self have an unspoken dialogue.

Something unconsciously - automatically - happens deep within. Words are not needed.

If you would like to delve more deeply visit the Resources page. Use as few or as many 'prompts' as you wish to help you delve, question and get curious. Breathe deeply, stay relaxed and as open as you can.

When you are ready to move on, click here to visit the Roots page.