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Welcome to my Themed Intuitive Mixed Media Course

Journey of Self Discovery...  Transformative...  Soulful...  Reflective...
Insightful...   Introspective...    Seeking...   Exciting...
I was inspired to create this vibrant, exciting mixed media course (plus bonus course) following a chance meeting with Emily who had a stall at our World Market. Emily had quite an impact on me and my fingers were itching to get in to my art Studio where I created three exciting new pieces using Inks, Acrylic Paints, craft paper & glittery media and which led me to create the free bonus course included. 

Participants speak of a wonderful experience, creating Art and self discovery through their creative process.

To participate as a Self Paced course - just £30 Total - join my FREE Facebook group to share and connect with Kassi 


Include Kassi's Facilitation & Exploration via 2 emails for just £75 Total - join my FREE Facebook group to share and connect with Kassi
Intuitive Mixed Media Art Course Online from Kas Martin
My Theme was inspired by the incredible colours of India from Emily's stall.  You are invited to create your own version of my mixed media or choose a Theme which inspires you personally. 

Birds, Butterflies, Mexico, Botanicals, Trees..  You may simply wish to create and be surprised as your own Theme emerges intuitively from your creative process.  So  exciting!

One participant says:-
"this has been, and still is, an exciting adventure which has challenged me to come out of my 
self-imposed comfort zone, filled with negative self talk, into a world of bright and vibrant 
colours, freedom and playtime.  I'm thoroughly enjoying myself with this, both the creating of 
my picture - I keep looking at it and thinking; 'did I really make this?' and the reflecting with 
Kassi of my thoughts and feelings as I've progressed through the course." 


I have 10 videos with Prompts - including an exciting FREE Bonus Course of an extra  5 videos with Prompts which gently guide you easily through the process of creating a unique, vibrant mixed media which you will love, frame and hang proudly in your home. 

My creative and exciting Prompts offer you various concepts from intuitive art and personal development.  Explore 'Boundaries' which impact us all in so many ways.  You may find my conversation and prompts helpful. I also invite you to consider your Inner Critic and 'Endings' too.  

You can join my Free facebook group to connect with me and share photos of your mixed media as it emerges. 
You may be interested in my Prompts and wish to explore some or all of them in your Journal, in my free facebook group or through email contact with me.  When I am included in a Participant's exploration, this offers in-depth personal growth and self awareness as well as a more confident and joyful You.
When we create Art we discover ourselves and our lives in there. Memories, stories, hopes and dreams can emerge before our eyes offering us a deeply rich experience whilst creating.  You could work in your journal and write about the whole experience and/or share in our free facebook group.  Details of the facebook group are given when you sign up.

With a whole year's access to my course material and the opportunity to join my free facebook group where you can share images, journal entries and connect with me

OR include me personally in your process through 2 x Emails which will make your whole online art experience rich and personal.  I reply thoroughly and fully to both emails. 

With your beautiful painting to frame and hang at the end of the process you will be reminded of all you learned and experienced each time you gaze in to your Painting.

I appreciate my price may suggest poor quality however please be assured my work is of excellent quality and very generous.  I release each new course at an introductory price which increases to its full value as time passes. 

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Motivating, Encouraging, Calming, Inspirational, Humble, Natural Ability To Put Others At Ease, 
Kind, Understanding, Wise, Comforting, Helpful, Loving, Patient, Colourful, Empowering, 
Insightful, Warm, Nurturing, Supportive, Compassionate, Thoughtful, Generous 

If you have questions email; I will never obligate you.

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