Paint Shine Brightly

Hello & Welcome to "Shine Brightly" a beautiful mixed media painting experience

Allow me to gently guide you through my step-by-step creative process of my gorgeous and deliciously colourful Tree Painting 'Shine Brightly'.

Follow me as I calmly and gently guide you through my process or if you like to experiment and play, you are encouraged to paint using colours that make you feel joyful and to trust your Intuition - that innate gift we are all born with - to allow your very own version of Shine Brightly to emerge.  This is your choice, I support you to go with what brings you most joy. 

I have 9 self-paced videos with no pressure to 'perform or perfect'. In fact I would say the exact opposite is true.  I am very aware of how the stresses and strains of our every day lfe impacts our nervous system leading to many unpleasant symptoms, aches and pains. Many research studies have proven that Art Courses Significantly Improve Mental Health & Well Being.

This painting experience is about trusting our intuition, being playful and spontaneous with paint, fingers, brushes and allowing our Heart and Soul to feel joyful.  I have a gentle, calm approach when encouraging others to Paint.  Once you begin to let yourself go and be playful, you may find yourself sprinkling glitter and feeling braver as you create with me, lovingly guiding you.

As soon as you sign up you will have a whole year's immediate access to your Art Class.  You may discover a huge passion for painting Trees - just like me!   

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I now have a facebook group for those who are participating on my ecourses and you can connect with me in the group, share photos of your painting as it emerges, share experience of your painting process and connect with others in the group (with no pressure to do this unless you wish).  Details of how to join the facebook group are in the sign up process.

A Testimonial: 'This course has been a journey for me both in my learning to express myself through paint and colour and in my inner journey as Kassi gently guided, and continues to guide me, through my feelings and all the different things that have been coming up for me as I paint my tree. It is a wonderful course and Kassi is so patient and helpful. My art has really burst into life, after being very tentative at the beginning, and I have learnt to let go and trust my intuition. It's also about having fun and I am really enjoying it!'

Connect With Me in person via email
Although this art class is a self-paced, you could email me with photo(s) of your Tree as it emerges along with any reflections, thoughts, feelings & emotions. I really enjoy seeing your paintings and hear how you felt as you created your art.  I am very supportive, enthusiastic and positive with everyone who participates in my classes.

If you would like me to fully Respond to you with up to two emails during your painting experience, enabling you to explore your Tree creating process and discover more about who you are, develop your self awareness through your Tree, we can do this together for £35 which you can choose during sign up if you wish.

Materials You Could Use:

Canvas Board or Hardboard (pre paint it white)
Acrylic Paints,  Glitter (optional),
A small piece of 'Music' craft paper, a bird or butterfly perhaps
pva school Glue
Paint Brushes (a sm, med, a large, a fan brush),  A Foam Paddle
a Jar for water, a cloth, Protect your workspace from spills

If you have questions please don't hesitate to email me without obligation to

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Whether you wish to paint more intuitively with soul & joy or you’re seeking out your Truest Self then I am the person you are looking for to guide you.

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