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Welcome to Intuitive Collage for Healing & Well Being
Intuitive Collage offers us an incredible tool to express our inner parts of Self that we may not yet have words for as we create a beautiful, Soulful collage we can frame and keep.

A deeply relaxing & meditative process resulting in a beautiful Mixed Media Collage which will 'say' so much about you and your World 

Even if you haven't created since schooldays you can particpate with ease and joy.  I believe we are all born Artists.  History and Research teaches us this.  Think back to Cave-person days - all that amazing Self Expression etched into Cave walls, speaking of life back then, without words. 

Greek God, Apollo taught how making Art is in itself healing - A Medicine. Making art allows us to know ourselves more fully, allowing us to heal and by creating Intuitive Art with me you will discover this for yourself.  You will know it very deeply within.

I provide plenty of Personal Development Prompts throughout for those of you who wish to reflect on your creative process and understand what is emerging in your Art.  This is a choice to engage with my Prompts, absolutely no pressure.

I have 9 gently paced videos sharing my own Intuitive Collage-making process.  You will be calmly guided through the creation of your own unique Intuitive Collage that will speak deeply of You and Your Life without the need for words, unless you wish to delve and share. 

Some participants write in journals, some explore with me personally, one to one,  and some share in my free facebook group.  Lots of choice and freedom to do this the way that feels 'right' for You.  

This is an Intuitive process which will flow from you as you follow my lead and follow my prompts.  We let go of 'planning' or 'thinking'.  We cannot possibly get this 'wrong'. 

As well as a beautiful keepsake, there is the satisfaction & joy we feel as we create,  reaching a peaceful, meditative flow-state, offering healing for our Mind, Body & Soul from the stresses & strains of everyday living.

Here is what Tracy said about her experience:
'I enjoy all of Kassi’s courses and this was no exception.  
My intuitive collage unfolded very naturally through a very well guided set of prompts and questions and demonstration videos.
I found myself being totally committed to the production of my collage and to the messages that arose as a result of delving deep into the layers of images and colours. I couldn’t stay away from my collage too long and each time I re-connected with it, I became totally absorbed in the process. It was a very healing experience.
Kassi supported me in the interpretation of my collage too, especially where areas of the collage had trouble speaking to me. Kassi uses a variety of strategies which enable you to interpret your visual work in a non-threatening, non-judgemental way that supports your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing. Both laughter and crying (the latter I am particularly working on) are allowed to be welcomed.
I am always interested in Kassi’s courses as I know that I will further deepen my awareness of my sense of self and grow in ways that not only I will benefit from but also the people and the world with whom I engage with will too.'

Intuitive Collage requires no skills and only a few materials.  It's a beautiful process, tearing, cutting, gluing, working Intuitively, trusting our fingers to lead the way.

Selecting images from magazines, photocopies of photos of your Self at any age and loved ones, craft papers, buttons, birds, butterflies & hearts, ribbons ...any craft materials you have to hand that simply appeal to you in the moment is all you need.

Trusting our Intuition develops our self esteem & confidence. We feel happier, more satisfied, less stressed.  We develop Self Acceptance of Being in our own skin which is profoundly healing & life changing in itself.

Materials You Could Use:
Khadi Paper or Khadi Notebook approx  9" x 10"

Alternatively, hardboard (from any DIY store)

Gel Medium (as a 'glue') alternatively PVA school glue
Gel Pens or Uni Posca Pens (optional)
photocopies of photographs of yourself or loved ones throughout time
Wrapping paper,  Greeting cards,  Magazines,
Colouring In Books for Adults
Ribbons,  Buttons,  Beads,  Glitter
Craft Papers
Glue Brush & a couple of Paint brushes
2 or 3 Acrylic Paints that appeal to you

As you watch me create and share my own Intuitive Collage you will feel inspired to begin creating your own. I will offer you a way to get started on your own Process. 

You may wish to write reflectively about your insights, feelings and thoughts in your journal as you work. It's a truly satisfying experience and sometimes one Intuitive Collage just isn't enough - I've made many and each one offers me superb insight into who I am and how I live my life.  

All for just £30 with a whole year's access

You may wish to join my Free supportive, compassionate Facebook group where you can connect with me and others, share images of your art as it emerges, Feelings or painting process.  I am warm, encouraging and gentle with lots of compassion and great support.

You may prefer a one to one, personal experience with Kassi
Choose the Email option (during payment or at a later date simply email me to organise this).  You can have your first email free and then choose to add on the Exploration Emails after I have responded to you without obligation. 

You can email image(s) as your creation emerges and share your experience of creating your Intuitive Collage with me, with thoughts, feelings, emotions, experience to enrich the whole process.  I will respond to you fully twice.  

At present I am offering this option at a hugely discounted price however, as time passes and demand increases the price will go up to its full value.

I offer Empathic Understanding, Compassion, Wisdom, Life Experience, Creativity, Acceptance, Curiosity and Self Awareness. 

If you are a Counsellor or Psychotherapist and require a CPD Certificate please contact me with an image of your final Collage with approx 1,000 words reflection.  I will email you a Certificate for your records.

If you have questions please don't hesitate to email without obligation

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Due to the nature of these video ecourses, all sales are final and no refunds will be given.

Health & Safety;  By participating you agree to read and adhere to instructions for use on any art materials you choose to use for this course.

Personal Development;  This course is not meant to be in place of medical treatment. This is complementary to any other treatment you may be undertaking.

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