Honouring My Inner Child

Honouring Your Inner Child

Welcome to my experiential, personal development course for those who embrace Self Discovery through Intuitive Art.

She was a galaxy, not one planet.
She was a forest, not one tree.

She was an ocean, not just one river.
But the world had told her to close and be a small as could be.
But she woke up one day, longing for that little girl.
Who knew she was living in a small corner and not her entire inner world.
And so she slowly unlocked each door, deciding she wanted to play, live, go wild, no longer hide.
And that little girl was finally free, the one who carried a dancing universe of galaxies, forests and oceans inside.   S C Lourie

When I created Honouring My Inner Child I had no idea how my experience would unfold. I have attended Inner Child workshops and Training days but this felt different.

'Kassi, this has been the deepest experience and most definitely better than any Therapy I've ever had.  Thank You xx

I wasn’t 'doing' it as part of my Training curriculum or because it 'ought' to be done. I was choosing to connect with my Inner Child using Intuitive Art, a way of working at depth, experientially, where my painting would express what I possibly don't have words for as yet.

Working Intuitively and with Art brings about an incredible, touching, honest, ...not always comfortable, experience.

Even if you haven't created since schooldays you can particpate with ease and joy.  I will help you get back in touch with your Creativity and Intuition that we are born with but often 'lose' or 'deny' as we are growing up, 

I believe we are all creative.  History and Research teaches us this.  Think back to Cave-person days - all that amazing Self Expression etched into Cave walls, speaking of life back then, without words. 

Art, self expression, creativity is all deeply healing.  Making art is a healing Medicine.  For us to know ourselves more fully, allows us to heal.  There are so many ways in which making art heals us and just by simply creating with me, you will discover this for yourself.

'...this isn't just a course Kassi.  You're right.  You call it a 'journey' and an 'experience' which I couldn't understand until I began - now I really do.  It's been an emotional experience. I feel love for little me that previously was a sense of distance and disapproval. I feel such a sense of Self Acceptance that has never been there for myself before.' 

I didn’t want to simply tell my Inner Child's story, I wanted to connect deeply with her.  I wanted to meet her with compassion and empathy and to acknowledge her journey.

I realised through my experience of Honouring My Inner Child that previously I knew her story in a cognitive, 'thinking' way.  I felt many things for her, but I hadn’t allowed myself to really connect and really know her.

On reflection, I had spent time judging my Inner child, viewing her with Critical and Cultural eyes, analysing her Theoretically, focusing on what society would call 'weaknesses'  but I had never truly met with her from my Heart.

Now you too have the opportunity to Honour Your Inner Child through my gentle, compassionate, creative process.

You may wonder how you can do this through an ecourse. I have been creating ecourses for a number of years now and those who participate gain so much from the experiences they have.  Visit my testimonial page to read more...

I have created a series of Videos and Prompts to help guide and support you through this online process.  You will be able to watch most of my own journey as I share my process moment by moment with you and through my sharing and prompts you will feel inspired to also dive in and follow me step by step or allow your innate creativity to flow. 

Many who have worked through my ecourses have said that my videos replace my physical presence and that they feel very connected to me even though they have noever met me in person. They feel I am there alongside them. 

I am also available to you through my free facebook group.  This is a gentle, compassionate and supportive group where we can meet, share our paintings as they emerge and share our experiences.

You may wish to add the Creative Process Conversations if you would like a more personal, in depth, one-to-one experience with me, online.  You can add this optional extra either during sign up or at a later date.

If you aren't certain yet if you would like to include me in your processing, please  send me a Free email once you have begun and I will respond to you - free of charge.  You can then decide, in your own time, if you would like to add the Creative Process Conversation option.  Each time you purchase a Creative Process Conversation you will then be able to email me twice at any time you wish, during your course experience and I will respond fully to both emails. If you would prefer a more 'immediate' experience, we can chat on zoom - a secure, free, downloadable app that allows us to connect and chat in the moment by typing messages back and forth to each other. 

You can email me here;  kasintuitiveart@gmail.com

For clarity... 
You can do this as a Self Paced ecourse with a year's access and join my free facebook group to connect with me if you wish for just £49.00. 

You can email me once you begin, or whenever you wish and I will respond free of charge.  

If you enjoy connecting with me this way, you can add the 'Creative Process Conversation' at any time you wish.  We can connect via email or Zoom and chat (secure, free app)

I offer Empathic Understanding, Compassion, Wisdom, Life Experience, Creativity, Acceptance, Curiosity and Self Awareness. 


  • You can have photo(s) of yourself as a child - any age you wish (optional)  
  • A piece of hardboard around 12” sq but you can work on any size board you wish
  • A Journal or Notebook & Pen(s)
  • Craft Papers, wrapping paper, old greetings cards
  • Tracing Paper  &  Pencil
  • PVA school glue or Pebeo Gel Medium  &  a Glue brush
  • White acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes (assorted) 
  • Palette knife or an old credit card
  • Approx 6 acrylic paints of colours that light up your Soul 

As with all my courses; Honouring My Inner Child is released at a low Introductory price and then gradually will rise to its full value of £199.00

Please don’t let my Introductory price deceive you.  As with all of my courses they are deeply rich, creative experiences which invite you to create Mixed Media and explore who you are and how you live in a way that you probably haven’t before.

Deeply rich, creative, expressive arts to help deepen your awareness of Self and live a more satisfying, joyful life.

I bring my own powerful brand of Personal Growth to You in a unique and truly amazing way. 

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