In The Words Of A Song

Self Expression through Music & Art

Listen...  Create....  Write Reflectively....  simple yet a profound personal experience.

In The Words Of A Song is an exciting, creative personal development tool for Self Discovery through Intuitive Art-making.  Art & Music is a powerful combination offering us incredible ways to open the door to our inner world.

I have combined my love of Music, Intuitive Art and Reflective Writing as a way of creating a rich intuitive Mixed Media painting experience full of personal development and self discovery.  This is powerful!

Those who have already participated, myself included, have had incredible experiences, full of depth, journeying into our Inner World.  Offering great opportunity for personal growth.  Many new decisions have been made along the way, completing the 'jigsaw' of who we are and what we know about ourselves is not only satisfying but leads to a comforting Self Acceptance that we didn't have before.

Here is what Tracy said:

'In The Words Of A Song is a wonderful, rich combination of music, art and reflective writing which fits together beautifully. 

With Kassi’s gentle support and encouragement as a compassionate “witness”, and through the idea of taking a song, creating art intuitively, then writing about it, I was able to delve deeply into the memories, feelings and experiences of my past as they came alive in my art and writing. 

They were then ‘let go’ as I created a new layer on top ... moving forward with a different level of awareness and acceptance. 

There were challenges, resistance and tears along the way, but also smiles, amazing discoveries and acceptance. Through this process I have been introduced to new parts of my Self and seen old ‘forgotten’ parts develop in strength and resilience. 

This course offers total control and freedom, both through song choices and the depth of exploration. I feel very attached to my final ‘image’ as it seems to be a very powerful, accurate reflection of where I find myself now and yet is built on all the previous, sometimes ‘rocky’ layers of my memories and experiences. 

Working With Kassi:
Each course/experience has been illuminating and provided wonderful new awareness. I have been able to see and ‘interact’ with so many different parts of Self that previously I didn’t even know existed! I always learn something new.

Working with Kassi in such a creative, reflective way has allowed me to experience myself and connection with another from a new perspective. No matter the depths I have travelled, Kassi has been supportive, unwavering and totally accepting and her presence has been invaluable ...a very precious thing to be able to offer.' 

Music has been an enormous part of my life. Born into a musical family, around 8  years old I taught myself to play piano and read music with a little help from my grandmother and then learned to play the guitar influenced by my parents.

I clearly remember how music helped me get through a painful relationship breakup during my late 20’s. I knew I wasn’t feeling my emotions at the time so I put together a playlist of songs which helped to express what I knew in words and thoughts but could not feel. 

It was when I began to sing along to those songs that I then began to actually “feel” something.  This then allowed me to express my grief and loss. If I had not had music to help me back then I imagine that my loss may still be trapped inside of me.

I love how the Arts helps us to know ourselves more fully and therefore heal.

I have created a joyful process here which has the capacity to reach deep inside if this is what you want for your personal growth.

Choosing up to 14 songs is no easy feat. The list I first began was crossed out and rewritten many times and still have moments where I think “Oh no! I missed off “Africa” by Toto” and “oh my goodness.... what about Mike & The Mechanics?”

Every song I chose took me to deeply emotive places, rich in history and filled with memories, people and events.

I loved how the layers gradually built up with paint and papers and finally I had my finished Mixed Media.

I now realise that I can go back and add to it as time passes. This could be a lifelong project and with photos of each stage along with your reflective writing it would make a hugely rich keepsake of your life.

To participate you will need a few materials.

A piece of hardboard around 12” square. Go with you intuition and if you want to work on something bigger - or smaller - go with this.

Craft papers
Old magazines
Paper resources 
Craft supplies that appeal to you
Ribbons, Buttons, Beads
Pva school glue, Modge Podge or Pebeo Gel Medium
An old glue brush
Acrylic paints/inks 
old rag & jar of water

A journal & pen or notebook

Access to your favourite music (you tube, itunes, cd's)

Process In Brief: Choose Song, Create Art that 'speaks' of Song, Write Reflectively

I have 13 videos with Prompts for you to work through.  I invite you to choose a song, intuitively create how you feel in response to the song and then reflect upon this in your journal. You may wish to share with me in our Free Fb group.

Choosing a song is not always that straightforward I discovered. I wrote a list, listened to more songs, crossed off songs from list, added different songs to the list. Then I began a new list of songs! 

I spent a lot of time listening to songs and reminiscing which is very healing and therapeutic in itself.

Be kind and compassionate towards yourself as you work through this process.

Reach out to me in the group or via email if you need any support. I am rarely far away.

You may wish to include me in your experience and you can do this by adding Creative Process Conversations at any point during your course.  You can find the link on the Art Courses page.  If you would like a taste of having me on board, send me a free email to begin with and I will respond to you, fully, for free.  Then you can decide if you would like to include me.

I wish you an incredible experience and can’t wait to see what you create and hear about the songs you choose - if you decide to share these with me.

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