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Holly & Berry Decorated Door Wreath eCourse

For you to create at Thanksgiving, Christmas or develop your own Winter Business to make extra cash!

There is nothing more beautiful than a fresh Holly Door Wreath to greet your family and friends hanging on your front door or garden gate. Imagine their big rosy smiles when they find out that YOU made it. I feel 100% certain you will be bursting with pride at your stunning Door Wreath.

In the 80's & 90's I was a Wedding Florist in Gretna Green meeting amazing humans worldwide. Around Autumn with the smell of the fresh, cooler air and amazing, rich colours, I excitedly began preparing for Christmas Wreath making. A fulfilling and therapeutic experience. It's a deeply soulful therapy working with Moss, Holly, Foliage and Berries. You can add anything you wish in there, free yourself up and express yourself!

If you are interested in developing your own little Winter Business side-line, you could realistically make quite a lot of money. Door Wreaths cost around £50 each - often more. They take around 2 hours to make a really nice one - you will get quicker as you practice. Do the numbers for a moment... if you sold 20 door wreaths to friends & colleagues you could easily make £1,000 with Very Little Outlay. Consider this, we could all do with a little extra cash around Christmas time.

Every year my Inner Child would burst out to play and create beautiful Wreaths with fragrant, rosy red apples, lemons, cinnamon sticks, Tartan Bows & Berries. Each Door Wreath is unique, handmade with love for my regular Yule Customers.

I haven't made my own Door Wreath for around 3 years now - so when good friend Boho Purple Haze announced she would like to branch out to add Christmas Door Wreaths to her already amazing repertoire of amazing Art I was delighted to teach her.

To get you started, I have suggested using small, lightweight, artificial berries, apples with real fir cones, cinnamon sticks and a big bow in the centre. Once you have a go at the artificial fruit and berries you can progress to real rosy apples and lemons for your next one. There are five gentle, step by step, easy to follow videos demonstrating how to create a beautiful Door Wreath. You may wish it to be your centre piece with big Church Candle in the middle to garnish your Christmas dining table. Stunning!

You will have a whole year's access to your course and may even give a Harvest Giving or Thanks Giving Wreath a go with pumpkins and bundles of wheat! Dry out Pomegranate Skins and spray them Gold... Add a huge Red Tartan Bow to finish off. Really once you start playing with this idea, you will have many other ideas for during the year and want to make lots!

This very simple, step by step video e-course is available to you for the Celebratory Price of £30 - Usual price £49

An entire year's access to this course where you can learn how to create your own Christmas Door Wreath as often as you wish for just £30

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As with any new activities, it is important to consider if you may be allergic to working with Stub Wire or Moss/Fir/Berries etc. When you purchase this ecourse you take responsibility for your health and wellbeing as well as purchasing materials required to make the wreath.

I suggest using a barrier cream such as E45 or other hand cream and/or latex gloves (if you are not allergic). I personally prefer Hemp handcream however this may not suit you. I recommend washing your hands regularly when you are using moss, holly, berries.

Legal Information

Moss is a protected species - some are very rare - and must not be uprooted, taken/stolen from its natural environment. There is plenty of info online regarding Moss and its protection. It is important that you find out if Moss is protected in your Country. You can buy Moss from wholesale florists, florists, farmers or you may have lots of Moss in your garden on a wall or below a tree or in your grass, on your own land.

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