Beltane Blossoms

Welcome my creative online space where I will gently lead you through the creation of this beautiful mixed media TREE, step by step, through a series of my lovingly created videos. 

Please do not allow your Inner Critic to suggest you won't be able to create this...  It isn't true - You can do anything you wish!

I truly hope you enjoy painting, cutting out and gluing your very own Blossom Tree.  I made this one during the weekend of Beltane to celebrate this amazing time of year where Spring merges into Summer, buds and blossoms bursting forth everywhere, making our world luscious with amazing colour around the first bank holiday weekend of May.

Please feel free to create in colours that light up your Soul.

Discover how being creative relaxes you deeply and fills you with Bliss.

I have also included a Bonus video giving you a sneak preview into how I integrate Intutive Art with Personal Development.

At the Celebratory Price of just £10
with A Whole Year's Access - usual value £49

Whether you are a complete beginner, a little wobbly or very creative, you only need the willingness to embrace the process and give it a go.

A few favourite acrylic paints, one or two brushes, a canvas board or hardboard, a foam paddle, a rag and jar of water, remnant of wallpaper with butterflies and a small bird, you may have decoupage
paper with a bird stashed away. 
You don't need many art materials to create this painting.

Please feel free to email me an image of your very own Blossom Tree - I love to hear from you and share your joy.  I will respond!

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Create your Tree in colours that make your heart sing. I used a few acrylic paints, butterflies from old wallpaper, a pretty sheet of paper
that came from an art store, tear an image from a magazine. I use school glue and a pretty paper bag from a popular high
street store, a few paper roses from an art store, a tiny bird from a decoupage pack, a snippet of ribbon.

Watch and paint alongside me as I lead the way through a series of brief, step-by-step videos - making it so easy for
you to dip in and out AND you have a luxurious Year to access your painting ecourse. You could paint this many times in
a variety of colours with different aspects such as a Fox or Hare instead of the Bird.

Painting is such a relaxing way to spend time. It lifts our mood, relaxes us deeply and fills us with joy. Our everyday worries
dissolve into the background as we paint. Such great healing for our Mind, Body and Spirit!

You may be interested to know that I've made a Bonus video demonstrating how I use Art & Mixed Media for Personal Development which I offer as an indepth ecourse called What Kind of Tree Are YOU and also offer this in person, in small groups, here in my garden art studio in South West Scotland.

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Due to the nature of these video ecourses, all sales are final and no refunds will be given.

Health & Safety using creative materials & products:

As you will see from my videos I freely use art materials and products which I often get on my skin.

By purchasing this ecourse you are aware that it is Your responsibility to read and accept all the product information,
including any hazards or cautions given by the Manufacturers.

You agree that Kas Martin is not accountable nor responsible for any reactions or illness
caused from your use of any materials or products you choose to use to take part in this ecourse.

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