Creative Discovery Conversations

Creative Discovery Conversation

Creative Discovery Conversation



I offer a very particular kind of Conversation to those who are passionate about their own personal growth. 

Embarking upon a Creative Discovery Conversation with Kassi offers you 90 minutes of my Accompaniment, Attunement, Insight, Inspiration, Intuition, Reflection, Challenge, Empathy and Resonance.

I will accompany You briefly, or for as long as you wish.  You may want one single Conversation or come back for others as and when you wish.  You are not pressured to buy into 'Long Term' or 'blocks of sessions', it is available one by one, as required.  

My Accompaniment is an Empowering and rich combination of EVERYTHING I have learned during 22 years as a Professional, Accredited Counsellor, Psychotherapist & Expressive Artist including my Life experience.  It is a rich process for those who invite me to be alongside them either during or after their Expressive Art experience.  

You don't have to participate in any of my Courses to book a Conversation with me.  You can bring a painting you have begun, wish to begin or have completed.  If you don't have any art, we can start with where you are right now with whatever is happening for you in Life or within your Body, Mind & Soul.  

We can 'meet' virtually on a secure, online platform - Zoom - which is a Free Download to your device.  Here we can discuss and explore at great depth via video link.  If you prefer not to meet on video link we can 'chat' back forth, by typing to each other in the zoom room, moment by moment.

I have made incredible Life Change through making and exploring my Art. Of course I love the unique image I end up with but the Process is what intrigues and enables me to develop my awareness and make Change that is meaningful and rich.

Each of my Paintings has a meaningful and rich Story about myself and my life which edges me closer to my most Authentic Self.

You too can discover, share and Honour your Stories of your Self through my Expressive Art Processes. 

90 Minute, Confidential Creative Process Conversation via Zoom is £175

I will fit you in at a time that suits you, day/eve/weekends, swiftly. I am very accommodating of time zones around the world.

If you have questions, simply email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

My Superpower is Love, Acceptance and Intuitive Insight.  I feel very excited about what we may discover together.

I am here any time you are ready. 




Testimonial:  "I've met with Kassi for two of the Creative Discovery Conversations and taken three of her online ecourses. I can honestly say that I've not ever met with such a high quality mix of expertise and compassionate kindness in any other teacher or counsellor.  Kassi clearly knows her stuff and can communicate and instill confidence in her student with ease and grace.  But it was when we were talking personally together that her gifts of active listening and deep, deep compassion came through so deeply.  She listened and watched me carefully, noticing my responses and emotions and inviting me with great kindness to talk about them, or not.  I felt completely free at all times to confide my deepest thoughts as well as free to just wait and keep quiet.  It was comfortable to be quiet with Kassi.  There was never any pressure to talk or to disclose anything, but an open invitation at all times to just truly be who I am in the moment.  She would often check in to see how I was feeling and was humble enough to offer her input and then ask if that seemed to resonate with me.  She was always deeply respectful.  Her suggestions for follow up were very helpful.  I never got the feeling that she was the one with the answers, but I did feel accompanied in some difficult emotions with such gentleness and kindness.  Kassi also joined with me when I was having happy insights and much joy.  I think Kassi is a treasure in this World and I sincerely hope that those who need a listening ear combined with guidance for next steps will find Kassi and work with her."

Cat Charissage, Writer, Artist and Educator - Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

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