15 Minute First Aid

15 Minute First Aid


Imagine knowing that if things became tricky, you felt hemmed in and couldn’t find a way to move forward, a 15 minute First Aid chat was available to you.

For just £15

This could be a little nudge, or suggestion of how to ease out of a stuck place we find our self whether in art making or in everyday life.

It could be anything, a tricky conversation with best pal, teenager or The Boss at work. It could be the Angel you are painting is almost finished but you can’t work out what that final element is you need for her.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Run something past me, or click the link to pay and we can arrange when to chat. It could be there and then if I’m free, or within a couple of hours, or that evening when the kids are in bed.

I Love helping. I seem to have a knack at knowing what will help, what is needed, a little tweak here which loosens up a big knot there.