What Kind of Tree Am I? ...and many other online Healing Art Experiences for you

Art brings us into the Present moment offering an Inner Calm & Joy, it reduces Anxiety & Stress, eases Pain & lifts Mood

Learn how your Fingers, Intuition & Innate Body Wisdom has the capacity to Heal at a deep, Unconscious level, Without The Need for Words

Learn how to relate with yourself, transforming self criticism, doubt & fear into Self Acceptance and Inner Calm

 Being Seen & Heard is a rare experience. We are taught to hide and stay small

Learn How To Really See & Hear yourself!

We all have a Shadow Side!

What's in Your's?

Learn how my Mini Therapeutic Arts Tool can Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Pain

All you need is Pen & Paper - there is an option to add colour!

Discover incredible Joy & Health Benefits

- a FREE Experiential 'Live' Group

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Learn How to say No and Mean It, without Guilt

15 Page, Downloadable, PDF Guide

a Therapeutic Art Journey gently guiding you through the 'wobbly' Process of expressing our Sexual Energy in Colour & Texture

Learn How To Let Go

with my FREE Mini Therapeutic Art Experience

Discover wonderful aspects of who YOU are through your Knobbly Tree!

Discover the Importance of Expressing your Amazing, Emotional Self

My FREE Gift to YOU!

Learn how to Heal your Stress & Pain, Listen & Attend to your Needs

You matter!  You are important too!

Incredible Hope & Healing awaits you as you soak up all your Tree has to offer you!

Did you grow up believing everyone else is more Important than you?

Are you ready to Change that Belief?!

Learn How to Restore Calm from the Chaos of everyday Life with colour and texture

Learn How to Express your Soul through an Intuitive Mixed Media Art Process

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