What Kind of Tree Am I? ...and many other online Healing Art Experiences for you

Art brings us into the Present moment offering an Inner Calm & Joy, it reduces Anxiety & Stress, eases Pain & lifts Mood

Learn how your Fingers, Intuition & Innate Body Wisdom has the capacity to Heal at a deep, Unconscious level, Without The Need for Words

Learn how to relate with yourself, transforming self criticism, doubt & fear into Self Acceptance and Inner Calm

A rich, deep Process to share your Life Stories,

Uncover the Messages in your Tree, so You can MOVE on with your Life!

Deeply meditative & healing for your Nervous System whilst Creating UNIQUE Mixed Media you will Cherish

Let Go, Feel Confident & manage your Inner Critic

My Free Gift to You - 2 FREE courses inside!

Why Creatives lose Inspiration & Creativity and What We Can Do About It!

Let's Welcome your Inner Child into the world, through my unique Intuitive Collage

Experience a FREE Process Conversation with Kassi

Learn How to create a Unique Tree painting

Intuitively express aspects of yourself through Symbol, Colour & Texture

Learn how to use my Soothing, Calming 'Go To' Art Tool
for Anxiety & Stress Reduction

Going Deeper Than Words.

Learn how to release yourself from discomfort & Pain held in our Body

Let Go of tension, anxiety, stress, of holding back and making yourself small!

Using Colour & Texture I teach you How to Release Yourself!


A Healing Therapeutic Art experience of Self Discovery & Transformation

for those who are no longer prepared to settle for second best!

Be inspired to Express Your Feelings and why it is Important for Well Being

Discover how Therapeutic Collage will Honour Your Stories,

develop Self Love & Acceptance allows your Self Esteem to grow

Honouring Your Story - a Process of Grief & Transformation

Anger is often frowned upon or disapproved of

yet it forms a vital part of our Survival Instinct!

Discover the Essence of Your Core Self, Soul or Spirit

including FREE eBook

I offer you a Potent, In-depth Therapeutic Tool for Counsellors

to integrate into their Practice

10 x Hours of CPD with Lifetime Access

Come On In & DREAM BIG!

Resolve wounds & hurts to free up space for JOY in your Life!


Create a rich process of Colour & Texture leading you to the Wisdom Within You

Follow me as closely or loosely as you wish!

Create an Inner Luscious Landscape which will be totally unique to You!

Brighten Your Art Journal Covers with Luscious Art for you or to Gift

 We're taught to hide and stay small...

Learn How To Really See & Hear yourself!

We all have a Shadow Side!

I wonder what's in Your's?

My speedy Therapeutic Tool Reduces Stress

All you need is Pen & Paper - or you can add colour!

Discover incredible Joy & Health Benefits

- a FREE Experiential 'Live' Group


Learn How to say No and Mean It, without Guilt

15 Page, Downloadable, PDF Guide

a Therapeutic Art Journey gently guiding you through the 'wobbly' Process of expressing your Sexual Energy

Learn How To Let Go

with my FREE Mini Therapeutic Art Experience

Discover wonderful aspects of who YOU are through your Knobbly-ness!

Discover the Importance of Expressing your Emotions

My FREE Gift to YOU!

Learn how to Heal your Stress & Pain, Listen to & Attend to your Needs

You are important too!

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Psychotherapist providing Self Expression for Change & Growth.

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