What Kind Of Tree Am I (2020) £350

What Kind Of Tree Am I (2020) £350

Welcome to my Brand New, Re-Launched


What Kind of Tree Am I?  was my first ever Therapeutic Art Course which I created in 2008. It has continued to grow since the 'in person, large group' days offered back then and available as an Online Course, Self Paced or you can choose my Accompaniment.

Creating our Mixed Media Tree is Intentional, Creative & Healing.  We allow our unconscious expression to emerge.  As our painting is birthed, we can Listen to and honour our Life Story.


Here I share what came out of my 'Mama Tree' Painting:

The Mama Tree speaks of My Life Journey. There are many layers underneath this image which share my story from the moment I was born… to date.

The Me who lacked Confidence in my younger years… a toxic relationship re-routed my whole life course...

The me who always did her best and tried hard 'to get it all right', for everyone, is in there…

The me who galloped fearlessly across beaches as a teenager on beautiful Horses. They taught me about the power of my legs, they invited my legs to Run... run from fearful moments... rather than standing still, frozen and filled with fear...

The Me who desperately wished to be an Artist but was told; "You have to go to secretarial college and get a Proper Job Kas". The Mama Tree gave me a voice so I could stand up for what I wanted and stop conforming to everyone else's needs and demands...

The me who married my first husband who wanted a Polite, 'Yes-Wife' that he could be proud of - and push around - is in there...  When I saw this younger me in the Painting, myself of today stood beside her, a solid companion and protector, showing her how different life is today... how strong I am and how assertive I can be.

The Tree that is uppermost that you see on my Painting, is me today.  My richly collaged Trunk, representing everything I bring to my work, life, relationships... I gazed in and felt proud. I stood tall and grateful at all that my Tree was teaching me.

My Branches symbolise the Therapist that I am. I hold many Tender Hearts with Love and great ability as a skilled Therapist & Human. It has taken me years and years to get to a place where I can rightfully describe my self and my work in honest, plain language which is true to myself.

The other key symbols of my Self as a Therapist are in the Branches - an Owl, quietly observing everything. A vigilant Fox who misses nothing. The pink Butterfly symbolising my gentle, loving touch.  The Trunk speaks of my grounded, strength.  Deeply rooted and can be strength to others.

I am Creative, Artistic and Stand proud owning the space that I take up on this glorious Planet...
This Is Who I Am.  That is the Kind of Tree That I Am.

I may have spent most of my Life meekly saying 'Yes', not feeling Good Enough around many people, not realising that I was just as good as the next person.

I am Bright, Brave, Kind – an Enthusiastic Encourager…
I Now know this to be true about my Self.

Everything that emerged through the creation of this Tree (and all my Tree paintings)

helped me to SEE me and my Life...

I can become more aware and tweak my Life if I wish through my new self awareness.

It is a wonderful process...


I Already Knew The Potency of Art for Healing & Growth

As a Child I used to sketch stark, wintery Trees. Each one was unique and beautifully knobbly, ‘speaking’ To and For me, of how life was back then. 

My accent didn’t 'fit', I was a 'Southerner up North'.  I wasn’t in the ‘popular group’ at School. I liked Art, sang songs to myself, was a Bookish Tomboy who loved Horses.  I was officially 'weird' not that I agreed - and I refused to change - as long as I had my art.

Many, many participants adventured through my day workshops.  What Kind of Tree Am I became a 4 week - then 6 week - in studio, Course. Determinedly I found a way to get my Course online where it could finally reach Many More.  It is more in depth, with all I have learned as a Therapist, an Artist who loves to support Humans through a Letting Go process of Past, Present and Focusing on our Hopes and Dreams. 

All I can say is  -  Come On In and DREAM BIG!
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Your Tree will be completely unique to you, your Tree won't look like mine or anyone else's

Your Uniqueness will flow out of your Fingers and your Tree will emerge

I will share all I know with you

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About Kassi Martin

I'm an Expressive Artist, Teacher & Psychotherapist

...underneath all that, I'm Just A Girl, who makes Art to Help others feel Happier and more Contented in Life.  I model my Abundance of Love & Acceptance which rubs off on others

I LOVE how Creativity makes space for our Inner Child to be Seen & Heard,
raising Confidence & Self Esteem as we Share Our Stories through Art 

I Believe my never-ending Fountain of Creativity is my Gift to You and the World

No matter how wobbly you feel, You CAN make Art too 
and I can Teach you How in my Loving, Relaxed Style of Teaching

You can develop Self Acceptance, Inner Calm, ease Anxiety, Stress & activate your Innate Capacity to Self Heal

In 2008 I created What Kind of Tree Am I? an Inspirational Tree Painting process which was a catalyst for all of my other online Art courses which I am So Proud of!

I Teach How your Fingers, Intuition & Innate Body Wisdom has the capacity to Heal at a deep, Unconscious level Without The Need for Words

and How you can Relate with yourself, to transform Self Criticism, Doubt & Fear into Self Acceptance & Inner Calm 

My Values: Empathy, Accompaniment, Self Acceptance, Self Witnessing

I Encourage: Body Wisdom, Unconscious Process, development of Self Awareness & Relationship with Oneself to become our most Truest Self

Informed By: Carl Rogers, Client Centred Psychotherapy, Carl Jung, Relational Transactional Analysis, Somatic Experiencing & Psychodrama

I Celebrate everyone as Unique and Individual on their own Journey 


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