What Kind Of Tree Am I (2020) £350

What Kind Of Tree Am I (2020) £350

Welcome to my Brand New, Re-Launched


What Kind of Tree Am I?  was my first ever Healing Art Course which I created in 2008. It has continued to grow since the 'in person, large group' days offered back then.

Creating our Mixed Media Tree is Intentional, Creative & Healing which may ease pain, express & release uncomfortable Feelings, listen to oneself and honour our life story.

We can release negative fears and thoughts and begin to make sense of ourselves leading us through a process of Healing & Growth.

Back then, I worked one person at a time, 7 hourly sessions a day, driving 70 miles to work for years. I knew I made a difference, but knowing the huge Need Out There I had no idea 'How' I could reach more people.

One morning, as I drove to work crossing from Scotland into England, then across the Borders from Cumbria into Northumberland and finally into Newcastle an idea burst into my mind.

I knew I had just had a brilliant idea - my Body let me know!
Crossing all those Borders from one land to another, helped me hatch my idea.

I began to feel a tingling excitement and slowly the idea emerged bit by bit.

Instead of 'crossing borders', my Painting Process was in 7 Stages.  I gently but fearlessly lead large groups through it.  I took it out into Community.

I Already Knew The Potency of Art for Healing 

As a Child I used to sketch stark, wintery Trees. Each one was unique and beautifully knobbly, ‘speaking’ To and For me, of how life was back then. 

My accent didn’t 'fit', I was a 'Southerner up North'.  I wasn’t in the ‘popular group’ at School. I liked Art, sang songs to myself, was a Bookish Tomboy who loved Horses.  I was officially 'weird' not that I agreed - and I refused to change - as long as I had my art.

Many, many participants adventured through my day workshops.  What Kind of Tree Am I became a 4 week - then 6 week - in studio, Course. Determinedly I found a way to get my Course online where it could finally reach Many More.  It is more in depth, with all I have learned as a Therapist, an Artist who loves to support Humans through a Letting Go process of Past, Present and Focusing on our Hopes and Dreams. 

All I can say is  -  Come On In and DREAM BIG!
Sign up in the usual way for immediate 24/7 access, no rush, no pressure, but a beautiful, colourful experience waiting for you within.

Your Tree will be completely unique to you, your Tree won't look like mine or anyone else's

Your Uniqueness will flow out of your Fingers and your Tree will emerge

I will share all I know with you

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7 x £50 Monthly Payments - £350

Duration: 1 month
Price: £50.00