Tree of Letting Go

Tree of Letting Go

How often do you say Yes when you really want to say No?  Or smile warmly when deep down you feel sad, or angry? 

I've been an unpaid taxi service, a Good Friend but treated very badly and so much more during my journey through life.

One thing I have learned deeply however, doing the opposite of what we truly want to do or say brings about great stress, anxiety and depression in our Life.

We are taught to Be Strong, Give and Care even when we are on the floor with exhaustion or fatigue.  We are taught 'you don't matter' and so we believe 'I don't matter' and we Give, Care and take Responsibility for everyone else - except ourselves!

What if we were to Let Go of this way of Being?  What if we decided to put ourselves first for once in our life?  What if we thought about what we want for our one precious life and let everyone else take care of their own Life?

Wow... think of that freedom and space just for you! 

I would be honoured if you would join me as I gently guide you through the process of creating your very own Tree of Letting Go.

At just £29 (actual value £129) what do you have to lose?


Here is what Susan said about her process of Letting Go

"I have completed a few of Kassi Martin’s e-courses and have thoroughly enjoyed them all. The Tree of Letting Go is no exception; the series of video clips is easy to follow, encourages self expression and is suitable for absolute beginners (which was good for me!).  It is exceptionally good value for money. 

I particularly enjoyed ‘tuning in’ to my body to decide what the Trunk & Branches should look like.  The strong, upright trunk gave me a feeling of strength, the wide open ‘arms’ of the branches spoke of the joy of being able to let go of the ‘baggage’ that they held.
On completion of the course I couldn’t believe the painting was my own work! I had painted my very own ‘Tree of Strength’.  I felt very proud of my painting, but I wanted the course to continue. Thankfully it can! I still enjoying seeing the posts continuing from the others in the group.  And I can paint more trees of letting go, to let go of more! The course lasts 12 months. I wonder what the next tree will be called...  Thank you Kassi for another excellent course."


During my ecourse, which is there for you online, 24/7 to access whenever you wish, whether you are an absolute beginner or not, you will become aware of all those things you would like to Let Go of and be invited to explore through my Prompts and Videos.  Creating art for self inquiry is an incredible and powerful doorway inside to your more authentic voice. 

It leads us to hidden, lost, forgotten, wounded, angry or sad Parts of our Self that need us to really hear them so they can be freed up and released to begin living and enjoying your life once more. 

You can connect with me, sharing your photos as your painting emerges with me in my free online community if you wish or you could send me a photo of your Tree via email - I feel so lucky that I receive lovely emails full of wonderful colour and texture as people journey through my art courses.

So if you are ready to Let Go of all that 'stuff' that holds you back - this experience will help you.


ABOUT what I offer to You:   I create Mixed Media Art for Well Being, Self Inquiry and Personal Growth.  I love to Seek out, Explore and Discover myself through vibrant colour and texture, documenting my creative journey through blogs, videos and reflective journaling.

I create Mixed Media Art Courses for others so they can 'meet' themselves similarly. I believe our Emotions and Personal Stories emerge in every mark we make, every doodle or painting offering us Potential to develop our self awareness.  As we discover and Accept more of our truest Selves through our art making, a deep relaxation fills our heart, releasing stress & anxiety and lifting mood.

Through the Self Acceptance we experience as we create, we release ourselves from years of Conditioning & Adaptation. A remarkable approach to living our one precious life. 

With my 20 year background as a Counsellor & Creative Therapist combined with my life time love of making Art, I offer my unique approach to You. 

Key element I offer include: Empathy, Compassion, Acceptance, Vulnerability, Congruence, Body Wisdom, Unconscious Process, Development of Self Awareness & Relationship with Self & Others.

Themes often address include: Beginnings, Inner Critic, Trust vs Mistrust, Loss & Grief, Perfection, Low Self Esteem & Confidence, Being Strong, Taking Responsibility 'over and above', Inability to Say No, Letting Go, Setting Boundaries, overly Giving and Caring, Listening to Oneself, Trauma & Stress, Endings and Burnout.

I believe we are all Unique.


Duration: 1 year
Price: £49.00