The Patchwork Tree

The Patchwork Tree

Whether you are completely new to Collage, a wobbly beginner or someone who regularly enjoys creating using Mixed Media - Welcome! 

You Matter!  Your health and happiness is Vital for a good Life and my Mixed Media Expressive Art offers you greater Well Being and Self Care. 

All for just £29 !   Actual value is worth £49

As you create, you will learn how to really listen and notice your Self.  Tuning in to yourself brings about reduced stress & anxiety, lifts our mood and gradually lessens the years of conditioning you have experienced from a very young age. 


AND There's a Bonus... if you happen to be slightly Anxious, Stressed or a Perfectionist you may find the things I talk about as I create, beneficial.


When you discover how joyful it is to create Texture in this way, a little messy, uncontrolled, creased and definitely not matching - you may well find yourself loosening up from those controlling ways.


And yet another BONUS... you will find extra information about Stress, Anxiety, OCD, Beginnings, Being Unique, Suppressing or Denying our Feelings and Emotions... 

All for just £29 !   Actual value is worth £49


If you have participated in any of my Expressive Art experiences before, you will know I share my own Process moment by moment as I create which is rich in Teaching for you.  

I also share in a particular way, a Humanistic way...  a way which teaches you how to develop the relationship with yourself and this impacts on how you speak with Yourself and others too.  It deepens all of our relationships.

As we create, our life, our issues, tend to show up in our art making. As my 'stuff' shows up in my art I share, explore and discuss with you so you can then consider your 'stuff' - if you wish.  No pressure!

You may simply wish to collage your Patchwork Tree and that is OK.  You can create in any way you wish.



Choose from:

Craft papers, old wrapping paper,

greetings cards, music sheets 

PVA school glue or gel medium

acrylic paints and/or inks

brushes, a piece of hardboard or canvas board 


Just £29  (full value £49)

And Yet ANOTHER BONUS;  You have the option to experience a FREE 30 minute online Process Conversation with Kassi to explore anything which arose for you as you created.  This is worth £25 and it is A FREE GIFT just get in touch to arrange a suitable day and time for us to meet online.


Ready to get creative?  Sign up below and get immediate, life time access!  See you on the insi

Duration: Lifetime
Price: £29.00