Paint The Tree of YOUR Life

Create The Tree of YOUR Life

In Create The Tree of YOUR life we cover how through the process of painting your Tree you can discover a brand new life full of creativity and connection.

Included inside you will experience

• the profound mirroring between art and self
• discovering the messages your Tree holds for you
• increased personal confidence
• health benefits of this mindful process including the release of stress and tension
• exploring the kind of Beginnings and Endings we have
• understanding the complex relationship we have with our Inner Critic
• and so much more...


I have learnt such a lot about myself. Boosted my confidence, made some massive life changes because of it. Changed job. Started singing lessons. Learnt how to ‘let go’. If you’re looking for answers and confidence or even just fun, look no further. I also have my lovely Tree painting which I have proudly hung on my wall. I had never painted before this Tree of Life course and never thought of myself as a creative. Kassi introduced me to creative me.’  Hazel

What’s the investment in YOUR Tree of life process?


That’s £129 for a whole year’s access.

Less than £2 a week to give yourself the gift of deeper self understanding and connection.
What a beautiful gift!

Why a whole year?

Well, many participants create more than one tree.

An abundant Forest of personal exploration to celebrate you!

Plus, I don’t want this to be just another course sat unused, I want you to have an unhurried and fully supported personal experience and transformative year.


Here's what Susan said about her Tree painting experience; 

I feel a little anxious at first; butterflies in my stomach. I’m drawn to a colour on the shelf, but I’m reluctant to start. Kassi notices my hands are behind my back and encourages me to open them out………. Immediately I grab the paint and go for it! Pat, pat, pat I create my background with a paintbrush. There’s no stopping me now! I’m drawn to striking tissue paper, wallpaper, ribbons and paints. I cut, rip, stick, dab and splatter onto to my background. Aspects within my creation evoke memories: A gentle eye - a precious friend from the past, Bones - family past and present Autumn leaves - old aspects of me falling away and nourishing new growth. Wavy oil pastels, roots form words, which are so pertinent to me.  Wow!  Bright spots – fruit pastels as a child Bold striking colours – 'feel too flamboyant', but that is me at my core. It has been hidden for a long time, but it’s still there, with nurturing it can grow again.  ‘My Tree of New Beginnings’ is finished… for now. And I absolutely love it!  I have a feeling there will be a lot of new growth to come! Thank you Kassi for an amazing experience at your studio. The day was chocked full of memories, interesting interpretations and aha moments. My friend and I enjoyed every minute. I’m booked onto another course already and I can’t wait!


Click the sign up button below and you’ll be taken to the register account page, enter your regular details and pay securely to access your 12 months Tree of YOUR life art course with self paced videos available on demand to guide you through your transformation.

If you are not completely satisfied with your 12 months course content just get in touch within 48 hours of your purchase for a no quibble guarantee!

Not only do you gain a whole year’s access to Tree of YOUR life art course, I’ve also included the following bonuses.

BONUS 1  -  12 months access to WILDflowers art course completely FREE! (Worth £49)

- discover the release in letting go
- lay to rest the need to Be Perfect
- free yourself and have fun


BONUS 2  -  Exclusive access to my online community group…

- connect with me and your fellow course participants
- share photos, your journal revelations and your experience in real time
- support one another on this journey in a safe, welcoming community waiting for you


BONUS 3  -  FREE 30 minute online conversation with Kassi at any time you feel ready during your experience.  Just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a suitable time and date.


So that’s a whole year’s access to Tree of YOUR life course AND Wild Flowers art course plus exclusive community membership with others embarking on their Tree of Life journey for just £129, all you have to do is click the sign up button below!

See you on the inside!

With excitement & joy for your Tree journey ahead, 


PS.  As an added bonus I would like to offer you a private Creative Process Conversation via email or Zoom (a free and secure online platform to chat in real time), to further explore your creative journey with me personally as your facilitator to this uplifting process.

So often we are stressed, overwhelmed and hold the need to over-deliver inside. 

As an Expressive Arts Facilitator I can support you in releasing the tension, unearthing what you really want and need on your path and I will actively listen to your inner messages as you move through the experience.

Just choose the option during the sign-up process.

Then, when you are ready and have begun your Tree, you are invited to contact me via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and we can book in your personal creative process conversation, as the roots emerge from your tree I urge you to reach out via your welcome email and I will respond promptly and book in your session at a time to suit you.

The benefits of this option include…

* a secure and safe enlightening session with myself 
* Kassi's compassionate wisdom to truly listen as you process 
* unearthing what you truly want and need as a result of the process

We will delve into your expressive art process together and uncover the healing and creative joy to further your self awareness and connection to this journey.

I'm So looking forward to this!

Duration: 1 year
Price: £129.00