Shine Brightly

Shine Brightly

Discover the joy of Expressive Art through colour & texture.  I take care of myself through art making and invite You to experience a sense of calm and well being.  

Follow me step by step or trust your fingers to lead the way.  Learn how when we express ourselves through colour & texture we can feel relaxed and happy.

Soothe your Mind and Body.  Let go of Thinking and Planning and trust your impulses & intuition.


Jacqui says:

"This course has been a journey for me both in learning to express myself through paint and colour and in my inner journey as Kassi gently guided and continues to guide me.  It's a wonderful course.  My art has really burst into life, after being very tentative. I have learnt to let go and trust my intuition.  It's also about having fun and I am really enjoying it!"



Canvas Board or Hardboard

Acrylic Paints in colours of your choice

Oil Pastel/Pastels alternatively sharpie or gel pen

Craft Paper or old wrapping paper

Glitter / glitter paste

PVA Glue & Glue Brush

Selection of Paint Brushes

Notebook/Journal & Pen (optional)


My Videos

9 calmly paced videos, with no pressure to perform or perfect.  I am very real and warm on video, relaxing you as you create.  I am aware how the stresses and strains of our every day living can impact us, leading to many unpleasant symptoms, aches & pains.


What You Will Gain:

...Learn to Trust your intuition and impulses

...Become more playful & spontaneous which may help you relax more in every day life

...Let go, Relax, develop Confidence

...Learn how to slow things down, reduce your stress levels and lift your mood

...Create meaningful art which 'speaks' for you

...Learn to tune inwards to your Body and notice what your Body is sharing with you

...Listen and Watch me as I process moment by moment as I create

...Feel inspired to be creative and take risks

...Connect with me in my free online community group, share photos and your experience


Tracy says:  'Kassi when you share your process, imagery and story it helps bring your whole process to life.  I've seen many of my own stories expressed in my Art and is very empowering. Having permission to own my stories and vulnerability with my art has allowed me to find the place where I am now, which is about giving myself permission to find out more about me and for this experience, I am really grateful.' 


Are you ready to begin? 

As soon as you sign up you will have immediate access to the course material.  Check your spam and junk folders in case my email drops in there! 


Duration: 1 year
Price: £25.00