LoveHeART Inclusive

LoveHeART Inclusive

LoveHeART Inclusive

A FREE, Inclusive, Worldwide Art Project - Curated by Kassi Martin



I have created a wonderful new Loving, HeART-filled, Art Project for Everybody, Everywhere.


There is a series of Exciting, Inclusive, Colourful, Fun planned Projects beginning with

'LoveHeART Inclusive'


This, and future planned projects, will be Curated in different ways to make it as inclusive as possible for Everyone.

Please stay subscribed and stay tuned for more info as each project emerges.

They will be focused on Love, Human Connection, Being Human and will include Animals & Nature.


THIS ONE... the FIRST - is based on 'Love' using the Heart as a Symbol.  

I believe we all need more LOVE in the World.  Perhaps you would agree? 

Maybe you would like to be one of the first to participate in LoveHeART Inclusive?

It is SO simple and easy, inexpensive and EVERYBODY is welcome to take part.


Your Invitation is FREE to sign up to and FREE to participate in. 

You will be able to access all of the information as soon as you sign up.

If you sign up and decide you don't want to participate, that is ok, you won't be obligated, at all.

I really hope you sign up and DO want to participate. 

Thank you SO much for participating - I can't wait to see what you create!


Please tell your family, friends, colleagues and Everybody about this!

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About Kassi...

My background is in Psychotherapy & Coaching with a lifelong love of Art & Creativity

I am a prolific Therapeutic Course Creator with endless flow of ideas for more courses. 

I also Coach Successful Creatives to Shine Brightly and Be Grounded Like Me to enhance their own Biz 

My Coaching Program is full on, totally supportive because I want you to be Successful

and to release your Amazing Self & Passion into the World


I help those who feel emotionally 'messy' to show up and Be Authentically Grounded Like Me.

I Believe my never-ending Fountain of Creativity & Ideas is my Gift to You and to the World

No matter how wobbly you feel, You CAN make Art and

I can Teach you How in my Loving, Relaxed Style of Teaching through self paced courses

which not only teach you how to be arty but are full of Coaching & Therapeutic Tips for happier living!

You can develop Self Acceptance, Inner Calm, ease Anxiety, Stress & activate your Innate Capacity to Self Heal

I facilitate life change through Mixed Media Art & Intuitive Collage, Psycho-Ed/coaching tips, online Groups, Therapeutic Playshops and in person painting days in my studio in Scotland

I Teach How your Fingers, Intuition & Innate Body Wisdom has the capacity to Heal at a deep, Unconscious level with or without the need for words and How you can Relate with yourself, transform Self Criticism, Doubt & Fear into Self Acceptance & Inner Calm so you can feel wonderful too

I Celebrate everyone as Unique and Individual on their own Journey   

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Duration: Lifetime
Price: Free

About Me

Psychotherapist providing Self Expression for Change & Growth.

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T: 07876 222 790