Letting Go

Letting Go

Release your need to plan or control your environment

What we begin with need not stay this way forever, we have choices in art ...and life.


When we create we can reach a deeply flowing, mindful state which reduces stress, anxiety & encourages self acceptance.


Tracy said: “Letting Go" has been a truly inspiring experience. I am in amazement at just how many of my life processes have emerged during this creative process and the learning and awareness that has opened up for me as a result ... what a journey. Kassi is warm, empathic and I've really valued her support and gentle encouragement."



Acrylic paper, canvas board or hardboard
Choose size / shape that 'feels' good to you

Around 5 or 6 small tubes of acrylic paint
if you love metalic and sparkles include glitter or metalic paint

Craft papers, wrapping papers, tissue paper, old greeting cards

Uni Posca Pens (two or three)

Gel Medium or PVA School Glue / glue brush

Plastic palette knife or old credit card, plastic cup of water, an old rag, paint brushes 

wear old clothes & use newspapers to protect where you working


My Videos:
9 gently paced videos guiding you through my Letting Go process. You are encouraged to trust your fingers to lead the way or follow me step by step
I share my process on video and offer 'prompts' for you to consider.


What You Will Gain:

...Create a unique Mixed Media which will remind you of all you learned

...Learn how we are all born Expressive, Intuitive & Creative.

...Through this process you will express how you feel through colour & texture

...Learn how when we let go we realise we can make change if we want to

...Experience how our stress levels reduce

...My sleep is free from troubled dreams when I create art 

...Experience how our mind feels untangled when we make art

...Art offers us huge benefits for our Mind, Body & Soul

...Learn to trust your Body Wisdom and all it has to share with you

...Trust your impulses and intuition

...Connect with me in my free online community & share photos & your experience


Jacqui says: "Kassi, your courses have helped me to rediscover my love of making art and are helping me to fight the negative voices that tell me I'm not an artist. They have also introduced me to an amazing tool for self reflection and self understanding. You are so gentle and affirming in your approach and I love that you continue to support us as we progress on our journey with this."


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Duration: 1 year
Price: £24.00