Let The Dark Be Seen

Let The Dark Be Seen

Let The Dark Be Seen

Exploring Our Shadow Side


In this Expressive Arts Experience I invite you to an exploration of your Shadow side.

I believe we all have a Shadow side.  The Shadow is the Part of us that 'holds' all that could be judged as 'bad' or 'wrong' or 'disapproved of' by an Authority figure such as a Parent, a Teacher, a Deity, or Government perhaps.

When we are very young we quickly figure out what is Ok and Not OK in our Family System that we are being raised in.  

We are usually taught to 'Do The Right Thing' not the wrong, 'Do The Good Thing' not the Bad.  Choose 'Light' over 'Dark' and choose 'Happy' over 'Sad'.  

If we do the 'right thing' we are approved of, liked or loved.  If we do the 'wrong' thing we might be punished, rejected, unwanted or unloved.

I believe we start to develop a sort of separating out between what is approved of and disapproved of and we learned what To Do and When To Do It in order to fit in, gain Approval and Belong.

Children tend to Conform and do the 'right' thing because we somehow know we need to Survive this Family System and therefore conforming and adapting is going to be the smartest way to get through this thing we have been born in to.

I talk about this in my first video which you will find below.

There are three comprehensive videos in all, each one leading you gently through a process where you are invited to work intuitively.  I share my own process fully so you can capture the potential of working in this way. 

What you create will probably be very unique and different to what I create.  You may wish to follow me quite closely or you could follow your instinct and stay Loose which will allow your truest and most authentic voice to emerge through paint, colour and markings.

You can't possibly get this 'wrong'.  There is no 'right' or 'wrong' here.  Just allow your Fingers and Intuition to lead the way and whatever comes out on the Paper or substrate will be exactly what is needed to be expressed.

I believe our Intuition is like our gut instinct, our sixth sense, something we can Sense but may be not be able to verbalise.  If we are in danger, we may sense what is best to do but we may not be able to rationalise what it is.  If we don't follow our Intuition, often times we will say something like "I knew that was going to happen!  Why didn't I listen to my self!"

Just hold loosely the concept that we are exploring our Shadow and watch what happens!  


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 About Kassi...

I'm a Psychotherapist inviting Spontaneous Self Expression through mixed media art, intuitive collage, creative writing and therapeutic, experiential groups.

I model my Abundance of Empathy, Love & Acceptance which rubs off on everyone I interact with

I LOVE how Creativity makes space for our Inner Child to be Seen & Heard,
raising Confidence & Self Esteem as we Share Our Stories through Art 

I Believe my never-ending Fountain of Creativity is my Gift to You and the World

No matter how wobbly you feel, You CAN make Art too 
and I can Teach you How in my Loving, Relaxed Style of Teaching

You can develop Self Acceptance, Inner Calm, ease Anxiety, Stress & activate your Innate Capacity to Self Heal

In 2008 I created What Kind of Tree Am I? an Inspirational Tree Painting process which was a catalyst for all of my other online Art courses which I am So Proud of!

I Teach How your Fingers, Intuition & Innate Body Wisdom has the capacity to Heal at a deep, Unconscious level Without The Need for Words

and How you can Relate with yourself, to transform Self Criticism, Doubt & Fear into Self Acceptance & Inner Calm 

My Values: Empathy, Accompaniment, Self Acceptance, Self Witnessing

I Encourage: Body Wisdom, Unconscious Process, development of Self Awareness & Relationship with Oneself to become our most Truest Self

Informed By: Carl Rogers, Client Centred Psychotherapy, Carl Jung, Relational Transactional Analysis, Somatic Experiencing & Psychodrama

I Celebrate everyone as Unique and Individual on their own Journey 


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Duration: Lifetime
Price: £49.00

About Me

Psychotherapist providing Self Expression for Change & Growth.

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