In The Words Of A Song

In The Words Of A Song

Whether we sing, paint, drum, dance, write - the Arts has healed us always


In The Words Of A Song is an expressive art experience for relaxation, enjoyment & self exploration. 

I have combined my love of Music, Expressive Art and Reflective Journaling as a way of creating a rich expressive experience. 

Tracy said:

"In The Words Of A Song is a wonderful, rich combination of music, art and reflective writing which fits together beautifully. They were then ‘let go’ as I created a new layer on top ... moving forward with a different level of awareness and acceptance."


To participate you will need a few materials.

A piece of hardboard around 12” square. Go with you intuition and if you want to work on something bigger - or smaller - go with this.

Craft papers
Old magazines
Paper resources 
Craft supplies that appeal to you
Ribbons, Buttons, Beads
Pva school glue, Mod Podge or Pebeo Gel Medium
An old glue brush
Acrylic paints/inks 
old rag & jar of water

A journal & pen or notebook

Your favourite CD's, iTunes, You Tube to access 



What You Will Gain: 

...Plenty of time with a whole year to access the course material  

...Join my Free online community group to connect with me, share photos as your mixed media emerges

...Create an ongoing life long keepsake - add to this over the years or make a new one for each decade

...Develop your Self Awareness and gain insight

...Learn how to dialogue with your Painting and discover the amazing Messages your layers have  for you

...When we create, we express our stress, emotions, feelings and our tension & stress can ease

...Experience 'how' you Let Go as you work through your layers of each song choice

...Learn to work in a richly layered way using craft papers, oil pastels, pastels, glitter, ink and paints

...Learn to explore with openness and curiosity in your journal.  I share my own creative process through my videos


What are you favourite songs?  Mine are mostly from the 80's - Africa by Toto, Queen, Abba but I also love some opera and country too

Are you ready to start singing and creating? 

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Duration: 1 year
Price: £45.00