Honouring My Inner Child

Honouring My Inner Child

Welcome to my expressive art course for those who wish to make art, relax deeply and learn about themselves.


She was a galaxy, not one planet.  

She was a forest, not one tree.

She was an ocean, not just one river.  

But the world had told her to close and be as small as could be.

But she woke up one day, longing for that little girl.

Who knew she was living in a small corner and not her entire inner world.

And so she slowly unlocked each door, deciding she wanted to play, live, go wild, no longer hide.

And that little girl was finally free,

the one who carried a dancing universe of galaxies, forests and oceans inside 

S C Lourie

When I created Honouring My Inner Child  I chose to connect with my Child through Expressive Art, a way of working intuitively, at depth, trusting fully that my painting would express what I didn't yet have words for.
Working Intuitively with Expressive Art brings about an incredible, touching, honest, experience.
Even if you haven't created since schooldays you can participate with ease and joy.  I will help you get back in touch with your Creativity and Intuition that we are born with but often 'lose' or 'deny' as we are growing up.

A photo(s) of yourself - any age you wish (optional)  
Acrylic Paper -  any size you wish
A Journal or Notebook & Pen(s)
Craft Papers, wrapping paper, old greetings cards
PVA school glue or Pebeo Gel Medium  &  a Glue brush
White acrylic paint
Paint brushes (assorted) 
Palette knife or an old credit card
Acrylic paints in colours that light up your Soul
Oil Pastels, Pastels, Crayons - any materials you enjoy using
I believe we are all creative. Art making is a deeply healing Medicine.  When we know ourselves more fully this enables us to heal and you can discover this for yourself.

I didn’t want to simply tell my Inner Child's story, I wanted to connect deeply with her.  I wanted to meet her with compassion and empathy and to acknowledge her journey.

I realised through my experience of Honouring My Inner Child that previously I knew her story in a cognitive, 'thinking' way.  I felt many things for her, but I hadn’t allowed myself to really connect and really know her.

On reflection, I had spent time judging my Inner child, viewing her with Critical and Cultural eyes, analysing her Theoretically, focusing on what society would call 'weaknesses'  but I had never truly met with her from my Heart.

Now you too have the opportunity to Honour Your Inner Child through my gentle, compassionate, creative process.

What You Will Gain:
...A series of Videos and Prompts to help guide and support you through this process. 
...You will be able to watch most of my own journey as I share my process moment by moment with you
...Through my sharing and prompts you can feel inspired to dive in and allow your innate creativity to flow

...Many say my videos replace my physical presence and they feel very connected to me even though they have never met me in person. They feel I am there alongside them. 
...Connect with me through my free online community group.  This is a gentle, compassionate and supportive group where we can meet, share our paintings as they emerge and share our experiences.

...Deeply rich, creative, expressive art helps deepen your awareness of Self to live a more satisfying, joyful life

...I bring my own powerful brand of stress & anxiety reduction through a deeply mindful, meditative process in a unique and truly amazing way
Are you ready to meet your Inner Child? 
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Duration: 1 year
Price: £75.00