Honouring My Inner Child

Honouring My Inner Child

Welcome to my Creative & Therapeutic World of Expressive Art

I've created an Intuitive, Expressive Process which gently teaches you in an experiential way how to Connect with your Inner Child, who I believe is always present.  Experiential Learning means you learn by Experiencing, by doing & participating, by observing me.  As I model my Approach, I share generously throughout my Videos and Reflective Prompts. 


HOW WILL I BENEFIT?   Great question! In so many ways!  Do you ever feel stressed or in need of relaxation ?  Creating Art is a great distraction and a super way of reducing stress.

Perhaps you would like to be more assertive and confident?  You might wish to develop yourself in terms of inner peace, reducing stress, developing a nurturing relationship with YOU and just seeking comfort, joy and calm as you discover how colour and images soothe your Mind and Nervous System. 

What I have learned mostly over the years is, that through my Approach your fingers, your intuition, your impulses will work through whatever you most need at the time of creating.

I SHOW UP FOR YOUR LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT  as I always do, I share myself, my own life experiences and life stories on video.  My stories span many years demonstrating how our Inner Child is Present whether we are 8, 28 or 48.  Many participants have said I am very 'generous' in how I share openly and honestly through my creative process.

"She was a galaxy, not one planet. She was a forest, not one tree.

She was an ocean, not just one river.  

But the world had told her to close and be as small as could be.

But she woke up one day, longing for that little girl.

Who knew she was living in a small corner and not her entire inner world.

And so she slowly unlocked each door, deciding she wanted

to play, live, go wild, no longer hide. And that little girl was finally free,

the one who carried a dancing universe of galaxies, forests and oceans inside"

S C Lourie 


I work on Hardboard.  You may wish to work on mixed media paper, perspex or other Substrate

Papers - such as  Craft Papers, wrapping papers, tissue gift wrap, old greetings cards
adult colouring-in books, old childrens books, magazines, travel brochures, old wallpaper
PVA school glue or Pebeo Gel Medium & a Glue brush
A few Acrylic Paints & Paint brushes (that just 'felt right' to me)
Glitters,  Sequins (I used lots of pink hearts),  Ribbons,
A broken 'heart' from a necklace - how symbolic that was!
An old rag, a container for water

A Journal or Notebook & Pen(s) to reflect in (optional)

I believe we are all creative.  Art making is deeply healing Medicine. 
When we know ourselves more fully this enables us to Heal, become more Whole & Complete
In every adult there lurks a child - an eternal child, something that is always becoming, and calls for unceasing care, attention, and education. That is the part of the personality which wants to develop and become whole.   Carl Jung, Analytical Psychology

When I created my Inner Child Mixed Media I had no idea how my experience would unfold.

Over the last 22 years, I've “attended” to my Inner Child within personal Therapy and “workshopped” her - rather impersonal with hindsight.  However, this time I truly wanted to connect with my Inner Child AND I wanted to do this through Expressive Mixed Media Art - a powerful combination of Love, Intention & Creativity. 

Mixed Media simply means I use all sorts of craft materials and this could be anything - even polyfilla!  Craft Papers, wrapping papers, gift tissue, old greetings cards, ribbons, buttons, glitter, sequins, Paint, Inks, Oil Pastels... 

My Unique Approach to Expressive Art has an incredible healing & therapeutic capacity that happens at a deep level.  Working with my Approach brings about an incredible, beautiful, touching, honest experience.

I wanted to make a deep connection with my Inner Child.  I wanted to let my Inner Child surprise me with who she truly is.  I wanted to Honour her Stories and meet her with Love and Accompany her Journey as her stories emerged.

Her journey will continue throughout my lifetime.  I believe she is always there, somewhere within no matter what age I am.  My Inner Child is wise and true to who I was born to become and I want to See and Listen to her wisdom.

As I worked through this experience, I realised that I Knew her Story in a Cognitive, Thinking way.  I felt many things for her, but I had not allowed myself to really meet and connect with her. 

Most of all, at last, I felt ready to Love her.  This realisation sent tingles through my Heart 

On reflection, I have learned that I had spent time judging her, viewing her with Critical and Cultural eyes, analysing her Theoretically, but I had never truly met with her from my Heart & Soul.

I also realised that my Inner Child had not received all that she truly Needed to support her journey through childhood.  This is not a negative reflection of my Caregivers.  I believe that they did their very best for me with what they knew back then.  However today, through my learning and professional training, I know more and different and I want to offer my Inner Child all that I can give her, AND... as time passes and I learn more, I will also adapt and offer her that then, too.

I invite YOU to Honour YOUR Inner Child through my unique process, here. 


All for just £79.00    Full Value is £149 

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I will see you on the inside <3

What You Will Gain:
...A series of Videos and Prompts to help guide and support you through my process 
...You will be able to watch most of my own journey as I share my process moment by moment with you
...Through my sharing and prompts you will learn how you can adopt my approach to relating with yourself reducing stress, anxiety and lifting mood

...Many say my videos replace my physical presence and they feel very connected to me even though they have never met me in person. They feel I am there alongside them
...Connect with me through my free online community group.  This is a gentle, compassionate and supportive group where we can meet, share our paintings as they emerge and share our experiences

...Deeply rich, creative, expressive art helps deepen your awareness of Self to live a more satisfying, joyful life

...I bring my own powerful brand of stress & anxiety reduction through a deeply mindful, meditative process in a unique and truly amazing way
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All for just £79.00    Full Value £149 

If you are ready, simply sign up below in the usual way 

I will see you on the inside  <3

Duration: 1 year
Price: £79.00