Releasing Feelings in Colour

Releasing Feelings in Colour

RELEASING FEELINGS...  a FREE mini ecourse

Many of us don't know how to Feel our Feelings or what to do with our Feelings when we have them.

We may have been taught to deny or ignore our Feelings as if they were 'bad' and to be avoided at all costs.

Research teaches us it is vital to Feel our Feelings and to find ways to express and accept them as this leads to a much more Regulated and Soothed feeling within.  It also reduces Stress, Anxiety and Lifts Mood.  It reduces Body Pain and all of this leads to greater Health. 


When I began creating this, I had had a very tough few days leading up to making this video. I wasn't sure how I felt, I couldn't find words to express my Feelings I just knew I didn't feel great and had had a really tough few days.

People had pushed my buttons from all angles and there was a moment where I could have slid back in to old ways of functioning - old, out dated, unhelpful ways - or I could stay true to me and push onward and upward which was the very best thing for me - for my Self Esteem and for my personal growth.


As you watch my video you will see what happens and how I find a way to express, self soothe, self regulate and find words all of which lead me to feel much better and more grounded.  Yay!  What a relief!

When you have watched the video you might like to give this a go, or you may like to connect with me in my free online community

Did I mention this mini workshop is FREE?

It's absolutely FREE to sign up and participate


Inside you will find lots of information about Feelings and the importance of Feeling and Expressing them.  Also there is a lovely Reflective Prompt for you.  You might write in your journal or join my free online community and share in there.

Duration: Lifetime
Price: Free