Express Accept Release

Express Accept Release


Welcome to my Exciting, Brand New Expressive Arts 'Tool'


Simple, Effective 'doodle' Tool which alleviates

Stress & Anxiety, helps to Problem Solve and Lift Mood.


I created this during a flurry of Drama!

I calmed and the Stress melted away!


So... I began to do it every day.  Whether there was a Drama or not. 

I discovered just how much I was releasing and resolving daily through my simple, effective 'doodle' exercise - created spontaneously in a moment of Need.

Now I invite YOU to try this.  You only need a sketchbook and pen

I also show you how to use colours too in a second bonus Lesson.


I would not be without this super expressive Tool now and

I am sure you are going to Love how useful and transformational it is. 

I am sure your Stress & Pain will melt away as mine does.



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About Kassi...

My background is in Psychotherapy & Coaching with a lifelong love of Art & Creativity

I am a prolific Therapeutic Course Creator with endless flow of ideas for more courses. 

I also Coach Successful Creatives to Shine Brightly and Be Grounded Like Me to enhance their own Biz 

My Coaching Program is full on, totally supportive because I want you to be Successful

and to release your Amazing Self & Passion into the World


I help those who feel emotionally 'messy' to show up and Be Authentically Grounded Like Me.

I Believe my never-ending Fountain of Creativity & Ideas is my Gift to You and to the World

No matter how wobbly you feel, You CAN make Art and

I can Teach you How in my Loving, Relaxed Style of Teaching through self paced courses

which not only teach you how to be arty but are full of Coaching & Therapeutic Tips for happier living!

You can develop Self Acceptance, Inner Calm, ease Anxiety, Stress & activate your Innate Capacity to Self Heal

I facilitate life change through Mixed Media Art & Intuitive Collage, Psycho-Ed/coaching tips, online Groups, Therapeutic Playshops and in person painting days in my studio in Scotland

I Teach How your Fingers, Intuition & Innate Body Wisdom has the capacity to Heal at a deep, Unconscious level with or without the need for words and How you can Relate with yourself, transform Self Criticism, Doubt & Fear into Self Acceptance & Inner Calm so you can feel wonderful too

I Celebrate everyone as Unique and Individual on their own Journey   





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About Me

Raw & Gritty Art Coaching to Unleash Woman 

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