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Paint The Tree of YOUR Life

Create The Tree of YOUR Life

My Unique & Inspirational Mixed Media Art Course is Soulful Journey rich in Texture, Colour & Meaning.  Discover the amazing messages your Tree has for You.


The Tree of YOUR Life evolved naturally all those years ago when I was searching for something meaningful and satisfying in my life and work.  I felt disillusioned and overly Responsible.  A painful place to be.

Making The Tree of My Life helped me create a brand new, creative life and business through my own Tree Painting process and now I offer this to You.

I believe our Art 'speaks' for - and to - us.  There is a mirroring which happens naturally between our Art and Self.  An unspoken dialogue which has the capacity to say 'everything' without words. 

We can experience an incredible connection within.  We learn much about who we are and deepen our self understanding.  What an incredible gift to give Yourself.


' I learnt such a lot about myself. Boosted my confidence. Made some massive life changes because of it. Changed job. Starting singing lessons.  Learnt how to ‘let go'.  If you’re looking for answers and confidence or even just fun, look no further.  I also have my lovely tree painting which I have proudly hung on my wall.  I had never painted before this Tree of Life course and never thought of myself as creative. Kassi introduced me to creative me.'  Hazel

I created this on Wallpaper lining - a plentiful, inexpensive resource

You could work on hardboard, a canvas board or Acrylic Paper 

Choose a size that feels just right for your Tree. This isn't a thinking thing, but a sensing thing.  Trust your gut

Choose Acrylic paints in colours of your choice

Paint brushes, a jar/plastic cup for water, an old rag


Craft papers, old wrapping or tissue paper, old greeting cards, inks, oil pastels/pastels,


What You Will Gain: 

...Plenty of time with a whole year to access the course material.  Many people create more than one tree! 

...Join my Free online community group to connect with me, share photos as your mixed media emerges.

...Develop your Self Awareness, gain insight and make changes

...Learn how to dialogue with your Painting and discover the amazing Messages your Tree has for you

...When we create, we express our stress, emotions and feelings and the tension and stress eases

...Learn how to create a Mixed Media painting and all the joy this brings us

...Learn to work in a richly layered way using craft papers, oil pastels, pastels, glitter, ink and paints

...Learn to explore with openness and curiosity in your journal.  I share my own creative process through my videos.  

...I am a gentle Facilitator leading you through my process which will enable you to create something totally unique that will speak in a meaningful way for You

...When we look into our art it is like looking in a mirror.  We see ourselves in there. Our lives. Our patterns.  It teaches us so much. It allows us to connect with our self and with others differently

...Making art offers you a way to express yourself without words. Sometimes we don't have the words to explain how we feel or what is going on for us.  Art is an incredible form of self expression

...Learn about collage with papers, gel medium, gathering materials and working intuitively. Include buttons, sparkling gems, ribbons, wording... anything you feel inspired to include can be. This will speak more powerfully of who you are

...Notice the stress and tension leave your Body and Mind as you create.  My Mind feels untangled when I paint

...Become aware of the stories which arise within as you create

...Experience this Mindful process where you will lose yourself in your creativity offering huge health benefits for nervous system & immune system

...possibilities arise within us, making life feel more manageable with colour and materials that you feel drawn to moment by moment, developing intuition and confidence

 ...Learn how to Trust your Intuition as opposed to Thinking & Planning which tends to involve our Inner Critic painfully impacting our Stress levels, Anxiety & Mood

...Learn how to manage your inner critic

...Expressive Art can lead us to a more Confident, Happier, Calmer Self Acceptance 

...Self paced videos available on demand


 If you have questions please ask;  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  I will never obligate you


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Duration: 1 year
Price: £99.99

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